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Friday 10:00 PM on Cinemax Premiered Jan 11, 2013 In Season



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  • WOW Awesome Show

    Never saw a show like this. It is OUTSTANDING, great actors, explicit language, violent action and drama, lots of blood and guts, raw sex. Much better than Breaking Bad or 24 and they were excellent. The writers are doing a great job on this show. I love it. KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!
  • Something for everyone!

    This show has an atmosphere about it thats independant, DIY feeling yet suberb acting and seriously intense visuals. The quality of that alone keeps me captivated. Fans of drama, romance, action and horror films and shows can all appreciate elements of this series. It feels so down to earth and real though at the same time.
  • BANSHEE knows no chancy...

    It's an action-drama and it delivers all that it promises! Violence, sex, complicated relationships, plotting, scheming, everything is there! Everything along with many "did that just happen?", "Is that possible?", "You gotta be kidding me!!!", etc

    It's plot driven and Starr (playing the anti-hero role model) serves it well! He, along with rest of the cast, make Banshee a unique show.

    Great scenario, strong acting, captivating camera work, exceptional show!

    Can't wait for the new season!

  • Awesome!

    A masterpiece.
  • Not for me

    Everyone their joy I would say And I see this show is wildly embraced by a lot of you but I am at episode 6 and I will lay it to rest I started watching it cause someone said about Ray Donovan that that series was a "Banshee light " Since I loved Ray Donovan I was full of anticipation but..... this is not good enough for me. The acting is rather bad Every episode must have one or two fight scenes He pulls through cause of memories of prison ( homeland ) Needless to say everyone wants to get laid No not for me
  • when is it comming back?

    Seriously when, i was [as Eliseer said in his comment] "jonesing" after seasons 2 i knew i had to wait, you can't rush perfection).

    (i write this at October first '14) iI can't wait anymore, I watched and re-watched the season "binge style" like you do.

    Can anyone tell me any information on dates of 3rd season. or if is any new content in "welcome to banshee" site [looked up

  • Couldn't even make it through the first season.

    It is probably one of the most pointless and shallow television shows I have ever attempted to watch.

    My only other experience with Cinemax was "Strike Back".

    As abysmal as the writing is on that show; it was mostly like a really long softcore call of duty cut scene -once I accepted what it was, I was able to not hate it.

    However with Banshee I can not find any redeeming qualities, it is like they gave up on even the pretense of quality and just decided to throw as much gun play, cars, boobs and general violence/aggressiveness at the camera as they could.

    As best as I can surmise Cinemax is Bravo for guys.
  • Damn, Cinemax

    Just finished rewatching both seasons. Mainlined that shiz and got it done in less than a week. Now I'm jonesing for more... Anyone that hasn't seen it is doing themselves a real disservice. I love all the major characters so much, but Job- oh, Job- has got to be one of the best characters ever. Hoon Lee, I love ya man!
  • Whose side are we supposed too be on?

    Thing about Banshee is that the good guys were bad guys and the bad guys are even worse that the good guys were when they were bad. But sometimes the good guys who were bad become bad again.

    We were also Dexter Fans and really miss that show!! Banshee doesn't replace Dexter, (No One Could),

    but Banshee gave us great suspense! It is very thrilling to watch and always made us look forward to the next week!
  • CAD 1

    Darn! Missed last episode of second season. Can you tell me if there was anymore of Amish people/family introduced into the last episode that were intriguing?
  • Hoon Lee fan

    Hoon Lee is the best actor on television today. Brilliant character week after week. Dame Maggie Smith on Downton Abbey is his only rival.

    This was the best episode, not that the other ones aren't. I'm now on pins and needles for season 3. When will you be showing those episodes? By the way from the beginning of the season 1, I was kind of lost as to what was going on, but this last episode explains a lot.
  • Shoot me now plz

    I love this show so much..... I'm going to miss it while I wait till January 15th for the next season. *tears* You will be missed, and I hope the 10 months go by quickly.
  • Yes sir/madame

    Love this show, Is it me? or Hoon Lee (jobs) is funny as hell. What White knuckle ride this show keeps you

    On the edge of your seat from start to finish
  • Can't ask more..

    Deep,dark,addictive,reflection of subconscious ,bold, cant ask more though i want more.
  • Best Show On TV NOW!!!!

    It's worth getting cinemax just to watch. Anthony Starr is the best. Proctor, Job, and the whole cast is amazing. There is sex, violence, romance, and just an amazing plot. I hope it stays on for years!
  • Bleeding Banshee

    I love how this show keeps me on my toes at every turn. I wish for something and it delivers but never in the way any other show might. No, no easy solutions unless its someone strangling someone during sex (not the good kind) I am always satisfied but always wanting more at the same time. Frustrated and sedated. Nervous but calm. This show has it and I think that as long as it keeps this up I will have to give up my day job to sit down and re watch it again and again
  • Kai Proctor is BOSS!

    last season was a beast. Carrie is going to tear her family up. Kai Proctor is Boss! I love Sugar and Job. They are But oh so fabulous!
  • Watch it till the end!

    For those of you who might not know it, each banshee episode has a few extra seconds after the final credits. Worth the watch!
  • Really Hooked

    Earlier this year I caught the second episode of Banshee and was instantly hooked.. I stopped watching and started recording each week. I then went to netflick and ordered all episodes so I could watch it and know what happened in the beginning. I am now up to date. What an Awesome

    I haven't been hooked like this on a series since 24.

    My DVR Recorder is programmed weeks ahead in case I .... Not likely..
  • Great show, too bad...

    ... it has so many nude and porn scenes. I'd give it a ten if it cleaned up a little, as it is it crosses my moral code.
  • Banshee simply the BEST!

    It is out of this world good! It has it all like everyone mentioned. I am do hooked that I had watched season 1 maybe 12 times and I am currently hooked on season 2 that I ditch all my Friday outings just not to miss it . It is the coolest HBO production ever.
  • Banshee-Hood

    There is no doubt that Banshee is one of the most entertaining series, easily it gets you addicted to it, strong characters with actions, unexpected twists although the story is not that complicated at all.

    Hood is a catchy character and Antony Starr is bonding with it, as well most of the other characters, Carrie, Job, Proctor.

    I definitely recommend it if you are looking for a combination of action, drama and comedy.

    I give it 9.5 because I believe they still can be even better.
  • 10/10

    Everyone should watch this show. Really, it's superb.

  • banshee

    This is the best show on tv now they out did the first season with a awesome second season amazing!
  • promising start

    A good episode interesting to see that their is new a foes for Lucas to deal with and also the FBI angle certainly not going away could of done with some more action but the trailer for next episode promises that!
  • It's ... meh ok

    The thing that it makes the show silly is that its rated for adults and they really feel the need to put a few nude scenes and at least 100 swear words in every episode. I have nothing against swearing and nudity it just feels very forced. Like a fat kid who's parents arnt home and he found the key to the food larder.
  • Banshee has it all. Sex, fists, drugs, guns, love and a dann good soundtrack

    At first I was sceptic... Small town, wanna be Sheriff, a love story... But then I saw the pilot and it even got better and better.

    And those fighting scrnes were the best ones I have ever seen on TV or in the cinema. Unlike other good shows like person of interest, the hero had to bite, scratch, pull, struggle... like in a real fight it was to the limit
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