Season 1 Episode 2

The Rave

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 18, 2013 on Cinemax

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  • The Rave

    A little bit dull at times, but this episode still is in the introductory point of the show and I understand they need hours like this to build these characters up.

    It is still a fast-moving show and it is still intriguing to see where things go week to week in Banshee, PA.
  • Trying too hard.

    I loved the pilot, but that episode was just bad tv trying to look like good tv, everything seemed fake and cliche, trying too hard to be different but with no core, no direction, no real story to tell, everything was said in the pilot, so what now ?

    The only thing i liked was the crossdresser. I will give it one more chance, because Alan Ball is capable of making perfect tv (Six Feet Under) but no so good too (True Blood) so, we'll see after episode 3.
  • Well, quiet a suprise....

    I watched this just because I at least have to try the most interesting "sounding" series. I've gotta say, I was pleasently suprised.

    Nice concept, acting decent, potential huge.

    Sex, crime and interesting characters. What more could you want? :P

    I enjoyed this one way more than " the following" or "deception".
  • Hidden Gem

    Having now watched 2 episodes, I am sincerely hooked and this show is pure greatness.

    The engaging storyline, how it all panned out, the characters, the acting, the slew of badassery and

    explicit scenes. It's just fantastic!

    This 2nd episode was even better than the pilot. Every scene was captivating and they are taking the

    stories from the town itself to a whole other level. The wow scenes are brilliant and come out of nowhere!

    This is going to one hell of a season! Can't wait for more...
  • Hmmm, Ok.

    Hopefully after another episode this will begin to make some kind of sense. This show makes me scratch my head. So far the only people who come off as believable are the cops and the crossdresser.

    Everyone else seems like fish out of water, including Anthony Starr.