Season 2 Episode 5

The Truth About Unicorns

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 07, 2014 on Cinemax

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  • The Truth About Unicorns

    I wish they had not killed off that character so quickly as you just lost one of the best actors in the business, but at least we got two episodes of him. This was not terrible, but more about filling an episode order count from Starz and setting the stage for a return to this couple at season's end than actually advancing the storyline.
  • No Logic!?

    Rabbit is most resourceful and yet he sends only one of his minions to kill FBI agent, Lucas and Ana. I would send at least 10 just to make sure. After killing the FBI agent the killer shoots bunch of rounds while running towards house in attempt to get Lucas and Ana. No hired gun would do that and most certainly no hired sniper would do that.

    Then, Lucas and Ana agree that Rabbit is actually after Lucas and not after Ana. Instead of leaving Banshee and thus making Rabbit chase him around USA while leaving Ana to try and make peace with her family, Lucas decides to stay in Banshee and endanger all of them even more. Really?!

    I really like this show and I understand that writers had to do something with the story line to make Lucas stay in Banshee. If he left, the show might as well end. But it was a very poor idea.
  • Nice photography, but nothing new. 1 of 10 episodes wasted.

    Were they giving the cast a day off? The episode had many nice features, but when you realize that the season has just 10 episodes, it is infuriating that they wasted one, 10% of the season! Damn it! You look forward for Friday to see how the characters progress, and find this. Ugh. The camera work was pretty, I give it that. My major complaint is that we really didn't learn anything new. We knew that Carrie rejected Lucas and wanted to be with Gordon and her kids. We knew that Rabbit was going after them. To me, Starr's acting was OK for the task, but he was just stony-faced the whole time; it was left to the audience to fill in the blanks as to how he felt.
  • OMG, what a super episode!!

    This was without a doubt a beautifull shot episode. The music and camarawork was sublime, even esotheric. And the story needed a Lucas & Ana moment.
  • No happy endings

    Looks like Lucas and Ana aren't meant to have a happy ending. The truth about unicorns is that it is just all a fantasy, it doesn't exist.
  • Really Bad Episode

    I love Banshee, but this episode was a real stinker. It was completely out of character with the show. Besides missing about half the cast, it was shot in a completely different manner than most episodes, with bizarre angles, strange POV shots, and an almost music-video-like look at times. The music was completely out of character as well. It seemed like the director had never seen an episode of the show. Besides that, it stretched about 20 minutes of plot into 45, was painfully slow for the first 30 minutes, and killed two characters, one a recurring guest, and the other a one-time guest, without getting much if any emotional impact out of either death. An odd, misguided episode.