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  • Season 4 Episode 5: A Little Late to Grow a Pair

  • It is unlikely a truck would tear a body in half if the chains are tied to the legs. The weaker joints in the legs (ankles, knees, hips) would come apart before tearing apart the more solid torso.

  • Season 1 Episode 10: A Mixture of Madness

  • Opening Credit Sequence Info

    Rus Blackwell: Gordon, a Gulf War veteran, reassembles his old M-16, a soldier in search of the truth.  With the awful truth fully assembled, he leaves it all behind.

    Ryann Shane: The photo of Deva's adoptive father, Gordon Hopewell, is left torn and alone while her true parents are seen sharing a lover's kiss.

    Ben Cross: Checkmate.  The black king is surrounded by the two white bishops at extremely close range.

  • Music
    Madonna by Jude Christodal (Montage)
    Monster by Meg Myers (End credits)

  • Season 1 Episode 9: Always a Cowboy

  • Opening Credit Sequence Info

    Ivana Milicevic: The house cat, domestic and sweet, possesses all the instincts of a killer.  Once safely shrouded in the shadows of a life she invented, Ana now stands completely exposed before her family.

    Ulrich Thomsen: A young Amish, her back turned,  has been shunned by her people.  The twin meat cleavers reveal she has a powerful and passionate protector.

  • Music
    Pale Light by Dusted (Lucas, Rabbit and Carrie montage)
    Why Me by Nils Lofgren (End credits)

  • Season 1 Episode 8: We Shall Live Forever

  • Opening Credit Sequence Info

    Frankie Faison: Sugar is nostalgic about his days as a champ in the ring.  Working with Lucas is his chance to get back in the ring and fight again.

    Ben Cross: A famous chess game played in 1852 by two masters.  Here, the black king has just been put into check by a white bishop.

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Behold a Pale Rider

  • Opening Credit Sequence Info

    Antony Starr & Ivana Milicevic: As a moth is forever drawn to that which will destroy it, Lucus is obsessively drawn to Ana.  It is Mr. Rabbit's greatest advantage in getting to him.

    Matt Servitto: Brock is acting sheriff in Lucas' absence and handles the hostage crisis with calm professionalism.  It will be his actions that will be questioned.

  • Music
    Flame of Desire by John Studebaker (Playing in the Forge with Sugar, Lucas and Proctor)
    The One You Really Love by Jude Christodal (End credits)

  • Season 1 Episode 6: Wicks

  • Opening Credit Sequence Info

    Antony Starr: The straight razor is the Albino's signature weapon, although it is actually wielded by the unseen hand of Mr. Rabbit.  The Albino suddenly comes to life and turns to look at us, an acknowledgement of his increased presence in Lucas' story.

    Ivana Milicevic: Reflecting her father's ability to toy with her loyalties, a photo of Ana as a toddler mixes nostalgia from childhood into the reality of the present day.

    Hoon Lee: Like the peacock, Job is a dazzling sight to behold with a surprisingly violent side.

  • During the opening credits, the photo of a young girl is displayed above Ivana Milicevic's name.  This is an actual photograph of Ivana as a child.

  • Music
    The Mark by Cold Specks (End credits)

  • Season 1 Episode 5: The Kindred

  • Opening Credit Sequence Info

    Ulrich Thomsen: Hanson's hand appears and then vanishes, as does the key evidence in the murder case against Proctor.

    Trieste Kelly Dunn: A man's hand snuffs out a single birthday candle, just as so many of Siobhan's best moments have been ruined at the hands of destructive men.  This time, it's the biker gang terrorizing her in her home on the eve of her birthday.

    Lili Simmons: A knife, once out of focus, is now crystal clear and stained with blood.  Now that Rebecca has drawn blood, she has shown that she is cut from the same cloth as her uncle, sealing her fate with her community.

  • Music
    Send Me A Friend by Anders Osborne (Opening)
    Spirit by Tony Walkingstick (The Spirit Festival parade)
    Black Tar by Anders Osborne (End credits)

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Half Deaf is Better Than ...

  • Opening Credit Sequence Info

    Ivana Milicevic: The locket in Ana's tiny shrine to the life she dreamed of sharing with Lucas. Although she's content with her new life, she still longs to dream again, to feel that passion that she once had with Lucas.

    Hoon Lee: At the diner, Job smashes a plate on a man's head when he attacks Job over his assumed sexuality. It not only shows his strength, but also his boiling point and perhaps a weakness when it comes to personal attacks.

    Demetrius Grosse: The convictions and symbolism of the neo-Nazi enclave threaten everything Emmett holds dear: his code, color, creed and authority as an officer.

  • Music
    Silvermine by Boo Boo Davis (Playing at the Forge with Lucas and Sugar)
    Ein Prosit (Sung by Kai Proctor - an old beer drinking song)
    Walk Through The Fire by Mary Gauthier (End credits)

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Meet the New Boss

  • Opening Credit Sequence Info

    Antony Starr: The Albino is Lucas' personal nightmare, a hulking symbol of the prison experiences that have left him emotionally and physically damaged. The meat cleaver is emblematic of Lucas' new brand of justice - the first real threat to Proctor's power.

    Ulrich Thomsen: After the casino fight falls through, Proctor is exposed as the man who holds the cards. The carving knife references both the meeting prior to Hanson's death as well as his realisation that his strategy with the new sheriff must be more surgical and precise.

  • Music
    Dynamite and Whiskey by Fred Eaglesmith (Playing as Rebecca dances)
    Hold On You by Ponderosa (Playing when Lucas gets hauled away by Sugar)
    Creatures by Feeding People (End credits)

  • Season 1 Episode 2: The Rave

  • Opening Credit Sequence Info

    Antony Starr & Ivana Milicevic: The two former lovers share a photo, their lives are now bound together. The man's hand gently overlaps the woman's - but his shadow binds her wrist to the bed linen.

    Ulrich Thomsen: The kobe steak wrapped for Proctor's first attempt at a bribe for Lucas - and his first rejection.

    Daniel Ross Owens: A tree bursting with lush green life - a symbol of hope, possibility and strength. The young Mayor has a new vision for Banshee, but can he make it a reality?

  • Music
    So So Fresh by Nico Vega (Playing in Reed's car)
    True Loves by Hooray for Earth (Playing in Hason's house when Deva arrives)
    Endless Summer of the Damned by Bauhaus (Playing in Hanson's place as Deva overhears a conversation)
    Turn It Up by Ja!den (Playing at rave as Dava enters)
    Psychotic by Alvin Risk (Playing at rave when Deva and Reed are dancing)
    The Terror by Designer Drugs (Playing at rave as Lucas searches for Hanson)
    Destroya by Eelz (Playing at rave when Reed collapses)
    Bully by MartyParty (Playing at Rave during chaos)
    We got to meet death one day by Luella and the Sun (End credits)

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

  • At the beginning, during the shoot-out on the city streets, the bus that slides on its side has an advertisement of TV show "Strike Back" on it.

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