Season 1 Episode 8

We Shall Live Forever

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 01, 2013 on Cinemax

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  • Take it in the tat

    I absolutely knew from a few episodes ago that Olek was going to take his final blow in the tattoo on his neck. Absolutely amazing fight scenes, and a great episode overall. I just kind of wished the 'father' half-jokingly (or not) offered his daughter a hit of the joint he was smoking. Excellent character development in this episode on pretty much all counts; you got to love Olek, you got to feel a slight amount of sympathy and righteous anger for Kai (until he threatened to take away the land, that is), and the desperation of the Hopewells. Of course, Carrie/Ana took the cake in terms of story-telling.
  • Great epi, until the end

    Why is he with a woman who scorned him for 15 years and sells him out more than once?

    he has so many other options. This show is realistic for the most part with a bit of over the top grit) but him still harboring feelings for someone who sells him short that deeply?

    No way....

    Just hope he'll ditch her for whoever else he wants or just on principle.
  • Episode 108

    Banshee continues to offer a unique, edgy, risky, action-packed and dramatic series that few others can match. It's never going to be the best acted or best written show, but as you saw here tonight, whether it was the lengthy and hectic battle to the death, or just the guessing about what these characters will do next, there is something special about Banshee. Another solid episode.
  • Best Frigging Death Scene on TV!!!!

    Oh my Frigging gawd, this episode was like several finales in one. I couldn't frigging keep up, the fight scene, the Chiefs death ,Hood's confrontation with the FBI guy, Kerry's husband loosing it at realising he's lost his wife. Phew.

    I was riveted I think they should sell this to the networks although cutting some of the visceral raw scenes might detract from the awesome nature of this show.

    I have been telling everyone I know about this show. Each week is a roller-coaster and you never know what to expect.

    OMG I frigging LUV IT!

  • This episode will make women proud:)

    The fight scene between Carrie and Olek is spectacularly choreographed. So visceral and brutal. Carrie has amazing heart and skill when it came to this epic battle. It will have you gripping your seat and have you jaw dropping. I thought the MMA style fight from an earlier episode was awesome but this fight was mind-blowing!
  • Family Guy does it better

    Highlight for me was seeing Proctor's human side in standing up for Rebecca, but that didn't offset the huge load of BS that was that cartoon fight. If I want to see something like that I'll watch Peter Griffin and that giant chicken
  • Live forever

    I knew Deva was Lukas'! She couldn't have been Gordon's.

    I've never seen so much blood in Banshee. Nice.