Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 15, 2013 on Cinemax

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  • Wicks

    This show always manages to find new ground to make less sensitized viewers squirm and reached yet another level with episode 6. This was a relatively quiet episode, but of the low-flame smouldering type that was nevertheless devastatingly effective when it needed to be.
  • Wicks

    Not exactly the best episode of Banshee ever, but the prison flashback scenes were entertaining in their own right, and can justify a pretty predictable ending.

    Just a little too boring at times for this show.
  • Wicks, the Albino and Dark Tricks........

    Loved this episode the scenes with the Albino were never wracking and the outcome brutally justifiable. I am becoming more and more annoyed with Carrie though. She has yet to choose one either stable hubby or stable baby daddy. And going back and forth between Rabbit and home, poor judgment. Can\t wait to see next weeks episode, this show gets better and more twisted each week.
  • nice mix

    Another special episode from Banshee. The current story was slow, but the flashbacks were thrilling. Carrie's story is becoming quite annoying, so does she herself.

    The ending was brillinat, I was hoping thew would do that and they did!