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Banzai became a cult TV classic when it originally aired on Channel 4 in Britain, is the ultimate comedic interactive betting show. BANZAI challenges the audience with a series of practical jokes, unpredictable stunts and hilarious gags and encourages viewers to bet each other on the final outcome.

The show is hosted by MR. BANZAI, a mysterious figure who is like an enigma wrapped within a conundrum. He oversees most of the bets on the show and is considered to be somewhat of a judge in all matters BANZAI. The show also features a wild cast of BANZAI characters who host the bizarre scenarios. These include: CHEEKY CHAPPY, the lovable rogue who dreams of one day creating the perfect Naked Lady Gamble; LADY ONE QUESTION, the intrepid interviewer who simply asks celebrities a question, then does absolutely nothing; and MR. SHAKE HANDS MAN, who has perfected the science of handshaking as he tries to see how long he can shake hands with celebrities before they pull away.

BANZAI contains footage previously aired in the UK version of the show. However, because it was feared Americans would not be able to recognize British celebrities, new segments were filmed in the USA featuring more-common American celebrities. Also, some of BANZAI's more outrageous skits, usually involving nudity and body parts, won't air on FOX.

BANZAI is a wild and irreverent romp that cuts through the wide sea of traditional television. Viewers at home can wager with friends and family to discover who can best predict the very unpredictable outcomes.

When the show aired on FOX, viewers are also able to bet on the outcomes of the segments on the official BANZAI website at or use their wireless text messaging systems. All players receive digital prizes such as screensavers, wallpapers, system sounds, icons, etc.

In late February 2004, Comedy Central bought the rights to the short-lived FOX series and planned on airing the show Thursdays at 10:30 pm beginning March 2004. The deal included the broadcast rights to all 10 produced installments (four of which never aired on FOX) as well as the option to produce new episodes. Though the show never did well in the ratings on FOX, Comedy Central executives were reportedly impressed by its performance in several key male demographics. The show ran for only five episodes on Comedy Central, until is was pulled for reruns of Insomniac with Dave Attell. The unaired episodes were never broadcast on Comedy Central.

Show Type: Interactive/Game Show

First Telecast: July 13, 2003 Last Telecast: August 17, 2003

Episodes: 10 Episodes (4 Unaired)

FOX Broadcast History July 2003 --- Sundays 8:30 pm August 2003 --- Sundays 7:30 pmmoreless
Burt Kwouk

Burt Kwouk

Voice of Narrator

Tadao Tomomatsu

Tadao Tomomatsu

Mr. Shake Hands Man

Masashi Fujimoto

Masashi Fujimoto

Mr. Banzai

Eiji Kusuhara

Eiji Kusuhara

Voice of Narrator

Jit Loi Chong

Jit Loi Chong

Cheeky Chappy

Shizuka Hata

Shizuka Hata

Lady One Question

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  • Place your bets NOW!

    A very Random show that has you bet (well, guess from multiple choices) on outcomes of stupid practical jokes or obscure tests. It can be very hit or miss but you are bound to laugh out loud at least once per show, mostly at the ongoing commentary by Burt Kwouk and some other Japanese guy. Regulars include Mr Shake Hands Man (how long can he shake hands with a celebrity before they pull away) and Lady One question (asks only one question to a celebrity and see how long it takes them to talk and walk away). Examples of Random games to bet on among others include: 'who will choose the spring loaded umbrella and shoot it in their face', 'Which man dressed as Freddie Mercury will hang the longest from a goal post', 'which set of breasts are fake', 'Will the psychic Lady Diana doll thrown from a 10 storey building by parachute land on yes or no in answer to a question' and 'will the black or the white knight win the trolley joust'. It also includes other random animated games that can't be played for real due to obvious pain reasons. Like hit the tied up gimp man in the nads with a tennis ball. These are actually really funny most of the time. If you like very random humour, over excited japanese men commentating and don't mind partial nudity now and again you should find this very funny.

    Place your bets NOW!

    P.S. I only watched the special DVD so all bets quoted can be found on there, well worth it, should only be a couple of quid by now.moreless
  • I liked it, but I think I could've used my time better...

    Banzai is a fun, interactive show where you'll be guessing what the outcome is going to be in some completely random situation. For example, I remember there were some common skits where a woman posing as a reporter would ask celebrity a question, and wouldn't say anything else. Even once the person stopped answering, she would just say nothing. And it was the viewer's to guess how long the celebrity would wait for the reporter to say something until walking away. There was also this other guy that would greet someone and start to shake hands until the other person finally let go. Banzai can be a fun show to watch (and play), but it does get to be a little bit too strange for me sometimes.moreless
  • This show is one of those shows that makes you want to grab the remote and DVR it. It\'s got everything a good show could ever need. They definately think things through about coming up with very, very original betting sequences.moreless

    This show is one of those shows that makes you want to grab the remote and DVR it. It\'s got everything a good show could ever need. They definately think things through about coming up with very, very original betting sequences. I was not aware that it was on British television before the USA, which is kind of. Then again, italways seems like Britain gets all the crazy weird shows first. I actually though, remember watching Banzai back in \'03 or \'04 when it was originally on FOX network. Being only on for a couple of episodes, I payed no attention to it. Maye because there was no interactivity on-line on the G4 website, where you can place your bets in a Flash version of the show.moreless
  • This was beyond funny

    I loved this show. It was hillarious. I loved how it made fun of everything. No onw was safe from this show. It seemed so popular too. Everyone was always talking about it. Then it disappeared. I have seen more epsidos as reruns on i think g4 but it should have been renewed. I loved how they had the one question girl with the movie stars. It showed how dumb most of the actors really are. That was the best part for me. Most of the other skits were very funny too. It really was a crude show though. IT had a lot of raunchy things on it like guess which boobs were real and things like that.moreless
  • To be a teenager in this day in age is hard enough yet alone trying to bring up our kids now.

    To be a teenager in this day in age is hard enough yet alone trying to bring up our kids now. Home and Away gives that sense of confidence to be able to cope and understand what can and could happen to any kids or adults in real life. I myself have had a few experiences like anyone else and too have this show in my life it is like a blessing.


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