Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jul 20, 2003 on FOX
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Episode 2
Men of Fire - War of Water
Two firefighters, Ken and Peter, will face-off in a firehose water duel. Both must fire their high powered water hoses at each other and try to knock the other down. The duel starts. Peter starts off strong with a stable stance and a steady aim. Ken can't keep his balance and sprays off target. Peter knocks Ken down and wins easily.

Mr. Shake Hands Man
How long will it take for Bill Murray to pull away from Mr. Shake Hands Man at the "Osmosis Jones" premiere? Will it be A: 0 - 30 seconds B: 31 - 60 seconds C: 61 - 90 seconds D: 91 - 120 seconds The shaking begins and so does the timer. Bill seems to be enjoying the shaking and answers questions and tells jokes. Another reporter even questions Bill, but Bill keeps shaking! They're still shaking past the 80 second mark, setting new records left and right! But, oh no, Bill pulls away at 89.2 seconds. The answer is C.

The Michael Jacksons Reverse Race Rendezvous
Three Michael Jackson impersonators from different Jacko eras will "moonwalk" in a race across an ice skating rink. Who will win? Will it be A: Military Michael B: Thriller Michael C: Bad Skin Michael The race begins and Military Michael gets off to an early jump, but quickly falls behind. It is down to Bad Skin Michael and Thriller Michael. It's down to the wire. Bad Skin Michael pulls ahead and wins the race. The answer is C.

The Man Dog Stick Question
Who will win in a race to a stick floating in a swimming pool? Will it be former child star Todd Bridges or Mojo, a dog? A cute lady tosses the stick in and both jump in. They both go fast and stay neck and neck, but Todd Bridges goes off course, making it easy for Mojo to nab the stick. Mojo wins.

Lady One Question
How long will it take Antonio Banderas to walk away from Lady One Question after she asks him one question at the "Spy Kids 2" premiere? Will it be A: 0 - 30 seconds B: 31 - 45 seconds C: 46 - 60 seconds D: 61 seconds and over Lady One Question asks Antonio the difference between this film and the first film. Antonio starts answering, but he doesn't keep his answer short. It's a long answer, making it easy for Lady One Question to stand her ground. His wife, Melanie Griffith, seems eager to pull Antonio away, but he keeps on talking! He finally stops blabbing and says he's done. He waits a bit and heads off. Stop the clock at 58.0 seconds. The answer is C.

Gone in 60 Seconds
A woman, Summer, sits in front of a table with 50 $1 bills. She will be able to keep as much money as she can stuff into her mouth in 60 seconds. How much can she cram in? Will it be A: 0 - 20 dollars B: 21 - 35 dollars C: 36 - 50 dollars The clock begins and she starts stuffing her face. She goes fast at first, but as time moves on and her mouth gets fuller, she slows down. She gets $10 in before 20 seconds. Now she slows down. 10 seconds left and she keeps stuffing. Time ends and she finished with $21 in her mouth. The answer is B.

A Very Tricky Dicky Diana Doll Decision
Princess Diana has returned from the grave as Diana, the Paranormal Plastic Doll of Justice. She is able to answer simple questions of truth. She must first be taken up in a hot air balloon. Next, she will be tossed over the side. As she falls, her psychic parachute of truth will open and she will land in one of two answer zones ("Yes" or "No"). Wherever she lands is the true answer. Now to put her to the test. She is asked the question, "That Mr. Harry Potter from the film, has he done it proper yet with a lady?" Will she say "Yes" or "No?" She's in position and she's tossed. Her chute opens and she floats down, drifting heavily to the "No" zone. But wait! The winds shifts and she takes a sharp turn to the "Yes" zone. It's a close call, but she lands very close to the dividing line in the "Yes" zone. So, it seems Mr. Harry Potter has done it proper with a lady.

The Vertically Challenged Vertical Challenge
Two men of small stature, Mark and Darren, must climb the man of a mountain, Jason Seaman, a basketball player. They must climb up him and plant their mini-flags in the green foam hat that Jason wears. Who will win? Will it be Mark with his blue flag or Darren with his red flag? The race begins and Mark gets a quick jump. Darren, however, can't seem to get going. Mark quickly works his way to the top and plants his flag, while Darren stays at the bottom, having never started. The winner is clearly Mark.moreless

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