Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 5

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Aug 10, 2003 on FOX
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Episode 5
The Dog Poo Stinky Shoe Showdown
Cheeky Chappy has filled one of six businessmen-type shoes with genuine dog droppings. Two real life business rivals, Jean-Paul and Fred, will take turns placing their left bare foot in a shoe and try to find the one with the poo. The showdown begins. Jean-Paul places his foot in shoe number one, but he pulls out a clean foot. Fred's turn now, and he chooses shoe number four, but his foot is also clean. Jean-Paul's turn again and he chooses shoe number two. It's clean. The pressure's on Fred now as he chooses shoe number six. However, he isn't happy as he pulls out his poo-covered foot. Fred "wins," more or less.

Mr. Shake Hands Man
How long will it take Jennifer Love Hewitt to pull away from Mr. Shake Hands Man at the "Rush Hour 2" premiere? Will it be A: 0 - 30 seconds B: 31 - 60 seconds C: 61 - 90 seconds D: 91 - 120 seconds E: 121 - 150 seconds The shaking begins and the timer starts ticking. He's really yacking up a storm with her and she keeps shaking. She's not letting up. She's past the one-minute mark and still going strong. He might be breaking all records. The people around her smile at the sight going on. She finally pulls away at 97.5 seconds. The answer is D.

The Great Supermarket Trolley Cake Jump
Mad Jack likes to live in the fast lane. His partner, Will, will push Mad Jack in a shopping cart and onto a ramp. Mad Jack will try to clear as many double-chocolate Gâteaux cakes as possible. Each cake is 15 cm in diameter and each cake is spaced 8 cm apart from another cake. He must clear each cake completely or else it won't count. Will he jump A: 2 B: 4 C: 6 D: 8 E: 10 Will pushes Mad Jack towards the ramp at a high speed. He lets go. Mad Jack sails through the air, successfully clearing 8 cakes. The answer is D.

The Little Chocolate Ball Blow Bet
Two supermodels, Jodie Kidd and Lisa B, cannot eat chocolate or else they will no longer be super. A single chocolate ball lays in the middle of a clear plastic tube. Each woman will put her mouth on one end of the tube and attempt to blow the chocolate sweet into the other's mouth. The winner is the woman who does not eat the chocolate. The contest begins and, at first, the chocolate ball doesn't move. Finally, it moves in Jodie's direction, but Jodie fights back. It keeps going back and forth but eventually it ends up in the mouth of Jodie. Lisa B is the winner.

Lady One Question
How long will it take Samuel L. Jackson to pull away from Lady One Question at the "XXX" premiere after she asks her one question? Will it be A: 0 - 30 seconds B: 31 - 45 seconds C: 46 - 60 seconds D: Over 61 seconds Lady One Question asks Samuel about his role in the film. He gives a really short answer, and as usual, is stumped by Lady One Question's silence. He gives a couple quick chuckles but soon heads off as the clock stops at a measly 24.5 seconds. The answer is A.

The Stupid Dog Sausage Challenge
A typical "stupid" dog wearing a plastic cone around his head is placed in front of a special device with four different openings in four different shapes (square, triangle, rectangle, and circle). Behind the device is a tasty plate of sausages. Because of his cone, the circle-shaped hole is the only hole that will allow him to pass through. How long will it take the dog to figure out which hole is the correct one to go through? Will it be A: 0 - 19 seconds B: 20 - 40 seconds C: 40 - 60 seconds The clock begins and the dog heads immediately to the triangle hole, but can't get through. He circles and goes back to the triangle hole, clearly trying to force his way through. He leaves and goes around back trying to find another entrance. He comes back to the front and goes for the circle hole. He hesitates but finally goes through at 48.0 seconds. The answer is C.

Backwards Chinese Detective
Two old rock punkers have been caught smoking in Banzai's non-smoking studio. The man for the case is the Backwards Chinese Detective. He has the power to reverse time in order to find the culprit to a crime. He "reverse" claps and time starts rewinding. The question is, who was the rock punker who lit his cigarette first. Was if former Sex Pistols guitarist Glen Matlock or former Stranglers vocalist Hugh Cornwell? Time continues going backwards and their cigarettes are getting longer. Finally, the Backwards Chinese Detective lights Glen's cigarette, which can only mean (since time is reversed) that Hugh was the first to light up.

A Fantastic Fast Fingering Flutter
Mike Lindup, the keyboardist for the pop group Level 42, plays the keyboard very fast. So does Rick Wakeman, former keyboardist for the band Yes. Both of them will compete against each other to see who can play all the notes on the keyboard the fastest. They will start from the bottom and go to the top. They must push a giant button to stop the clock. Which one is faster? Is it A: Mike Lindup B: Rick Wakeman Rick goes first and moves fast. He hits the button to stop the clock at 9.6 seconds. Mike goes next. He, too, goes very fast but he stops the clock at 9.1 seconds. Level 42 is the winner.moreless

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