Season 1 Episode 6

Episode 6

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Aug 17, 2003 on FOX
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Episode 6
The Miniature Mr. And Mrs. Interesting Offspring Option
Sue and George are a married couple of small stature. They have a child who is now all grown up. The question is, which one of the five men in a line-up is it? Is it man 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5? Man 1 steps forward, but it's not him. So, Man 5 stands forward. He's also of small stature, so it must be him. Wrong. Man 4 steps forward. He is the real son of the small parents.

Mr. Shake Hands Man
How long will it take Elliott Gould to pull away from Mr. Shake Hands Man? A: 0 - 30 seconds B: 31 - 60 seconds C: 61 - 90 seconds D: Over 91 seconds Start the clock as the shaking starts. It's a tough interview as Elliott gives quick, short answers. But Mr. Shake Hands Man keeps it going and Elliott keeps going too. But finally, Elliott pulls away. Stop the clock at 59.4 seconds. The answer is B.

A Painful Pickled Onion Puzzle
Two kids, Joshua and Sophie, have a weird task ahead of them. A bald-headed man named Tony has four skewers sticking out of his cheeks. The rules are simple. One of the skewers has a pickled onion attached to it. Each child will take turns pulling out one skewer at a time. The winner is the child who pulls out the skewer that releases the pickled onion. So, who will win, Joshua or Sophie? Kid A or Kid B? The contest begins. Joshua pulls out the first skewer, but alas, no onion. Sophie's turn now. She pulls one out. No onion again! Back to Joshua. He pulls it out slowly. Did it release the onion? Tony spits out the onion into a bowl. Joshua is the winner.

Lady One Question
How long will it take "Backstreet Boy" Nick Carter to pull away from Lady One Question after she asks her one question? Will it be A: 0 - 30 seconds B: 31 - 45 seconds C: 46 - 60 seconds D: Over 61 seconds Lady One Question asks Nick what recent projects he's been working on. He answers and promotes himself. He's done, and now is a little confused. So, he starts going back into all the great stuff he's doing and when his stuff will be released. Finally, he's done, thanks her, and walks away. Stop the clock at 57.0 seconds. The answer is C.

Men Of God Tongues Of Fire
Vicar Michael and Vicar Ian love their hot tea. So, Banzai has some for them at a temperature of 88.7 degrees Centigrade. The question is, which vicar can drink the super hot tea the fastest? The tea is poured and the drinking begins. They both start off by sipping and blowing on the tea. There are fast sipping and slurpings all about. Vicar Michael seems to be picking up the pace while Vicar Ian starts feeling the effects of the tea. Vicar Michael still going strong and finally finishes with a big gulp. Vicar Michael is the winner.

The Dog Toilet Torment Challenge


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