The Barbershop Series - Season 1

Showtime (ended 2005)


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  • Crimes of the Heart
    Crimes of the Heart
    Episode 10
    In the first season finale, Calvin is concerned he will lose the shop once Romadal jumps bail. Isaac and Teri finally consummate their relationship. Meanwhile, Yinka learns that Vivian is a not-so-innocent victim and Jimmy seeks Eddie's endorsement.
  • The Politics of Money
    Isaac's ego gets him fired from the barbershop; Jimmy tries to raise funds for his campaign; Calvin puts up his shop as collateral to get Romadal out of jail. Meanwhile,Yinka finds sanctuary at Jen's B&B with Vivian.
  • Debates and Dead People
    While Calvin enjoys spending time with his new family, the barbershop falls apart. Tensions rise after Isaac steals a famous client from Yinka. A ventriloquist and his dummy cause trouble for Jen at her bed and breakfast. Romadal is sent to jail for assault.
  • Family Business
    Family Business
    Episode 7
    Jen and Dana encounter problems developing their urban bed and breakfast on Chicago's South Side. Calvin spends time with his other family while neglecting the barbershop. Malcolm drops the lawsuit when Romadal attacks him. Terri continues her abusive relationship despite Isaac's concerns. Meanwhile, Jimmy's campaign manager starts to question whether Jimmy can win the election for alderman.moreless
  • A Black Man Invented the Stop Light
    Calvin confronts his mother and brother about keeping his father's second family a secret. Jimmy meets his new running opponent. As Terri and Yinka enter drug rehab, she starts a "physical" relationship with their drug counselor. While Eddie's friends question his new school deviant behavior, Malcolm hires an attorney in order to sue Calvin for invasion of privacy after he is caught on the surveillance cameras having sex in the back of the barbershop. Meanwhile, Jen and Dana plan to open up an urban bed and breakfast.moreless
  • What's Good for the Cos...
    Calvin discovers that his father had a second family. After putting up surveillance cameras in the shop, Calvin discovers his employees' drug habits. He then forces Terri and Yinka to enter drug rehab. Feeling marginalized because her husband makes more money than she does, Jen plans to open up an urban bed and breakfast with Dana; Isaac dates white girls to impress Terri; Eddie confronts his emotions regarding his new relationship. Meanwhile, Malcolm sues Calvin for invasion of privacy over the hidden cameras.moreless
  • Whose Pussy is That?
    Jen competes with her sister Jan in finding the perfect gift for Calvin's birthday. After Terri finds weed in Romadal's locker, everyone smokes it while neglecting their duties at the shop; Yinka tries new dirty talk on Jen's gynecologist. Meanwhile, Michelle and Michael unsuccessfully try to hide their flings with Terri and Isaac from their mother. Also, Jimmy decides to run for office, while Claire reveals a stunning secret to Eddie.moreless
  • Madonna is a Ho (And Dana's F***ing Blind)
    Calvin and Jen dine with a couple who express their feelings in an unusual manner; Michael breaks up with Terri, while Isaac hooks up with Michael's sister. Also, Eddie picks up a mysterious woman in a bar.
  • "N" Lovers
    "N" Lovers
    Episode 2

    A popular urban fashion chain store moves into the neighborhood to much acclaim...until the people find out it's owned by an Asian family, not a black family! Meanwhile, local entrepreneur Big Tricky asks Romadal to be a spokesman for his new hip hop record label.

  • This is My Bullsh*t...And You're Welcome to It (a.k.a. Get Your Hand Out of My Womb)
    Calvin hires the inexperienced distant cousin of his wife, whom has just been released from prison. Meanwhile, Yinka is taught by Calvin on the finer points of the booty call. Also, Terri is mistakenly targeted by pro-life and pro-choice advocates when she becomes a victim of identity theft.