Barefoot Contessa

Saturday 1:30 PM on Food Network Premiered Nov 30, 2002 In Season





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  • Not great

    The first ever episode I watched she said that the addition of Parmesan cheese would make the dish, "spicy". I think not. Everything she seems to do is either too time consuming or empties your pockets. I seem to have a strong hatred for her show. Her and her husband seem to be almost too fake in front of the camera. Her laugh is always nervous and forced. Everything she does is forced. I do not like her recipes either.
  • I love Ina

    Ina is an expert chef. She's travelled the world. She's a very accomplished, professional woman. I love her style.

    Some of her recipes are high calorie but that's the way she does it. Her pie crust is great and very easy to make. I've gotten many compliments on my fruit pies courtesy of Ina.

    Some of the comments here have nothing to do with the quality of Ina's work, which is unfortunate. When I make Ina recipes, my guests really appreciate the time, effort, and expense that I put into preparing the meal. I especially love her floral arrangements and linen service.

    Ina is a class act and I love her show.
  • You want to be fat like the barefoot contessa? Eat like she does.

    There's more to life than yummy food. if you cook like she does you'll end up looking like she does. That is, overweight and unhealthy.
  • Pretentious

    :Pretentious" may be the most-used word of the year, but this is perfect the word to describe every time I watch an episode of BareFoot Contessa.

    1. "How easy is that" her infamous catchphrase, you know, because everything is "easy". "Creme Brulee in 30 mins, how easy is that?! "A Souffle drizzled with goat milk caramel, and Mediterranean Sea Salt, how easy is that?" 5 star roasted Wagyu Roast beef adorned with duck confit, and mash potatoes, with a dash of french onion (only from, France of course,) how easy is that?!

    2. Only the "good" ingredients. People nowadays are aware of what they eat, and try to stick to organic fruits and vegetables. Reasonable enough, but we're not talking about the Whole Foods or the Fresh Market right across the street from "Walmart" (because that's where 'poor') people shop, nah we're gonna take a sweet road trip to the Farmer's Market 30 miles away, so forget about picking up your kids on time! Oh, a recipe calls for vanilla extract, therefore we shall fly to Madagascar for the finest vanilla. (How easy is that!")

    3. Unrealistic situations. Ina has all the sweet time in the world to host parties for her rich "friends". That is a problem with her show. She's lost touch with the 99 percent of the middle-class who watches her show. In any realistic scenario, she'd share a recipe about a homemade, wholesome meal that the whole family would enjoy, but nah, I assume that having children would have held her back.
  • How To Make a Roly-Poly

    "Barefoot Contessa" is beautifully produced, but two things bother me about Ina Garten:

    (1) Her laugh, a nervous constant whenever she interacts with other people.

    (2) Her food. Based on the high-caloric dishes she prepares and eats, and her resulting oversize figure, I'd be afraid to follow any recipe she doles out.

    Of course she gets top reviews!! Who wouldn't love potato salad with $60 of lobster in uses way to expensive is the real all of us are millionaires that live in the she should try to relate with us who live on a budget or is she above that...
  • boring...

    Barefoot Contessa is hosted by Ina Garten and is on the food network channel. Basically, it just consists of Ina cooking and being incredibly boring. She has a voice that just puts you to sleep. Every time I try to watch her I just fall asleep. Her food is nothing special and her ideas are average. Nothing about the show pops out. Her show is one of the ones I hate the most on the food network channel, in my opinion. Overall, the show has nothing special, nothing original, nothing interesting, a few helpful hints, but mainly pointless, waste - of - time entertainment.
  • I love to watch Ina Garten.

    I watched her here and there until I caught her Chefography on Food Network. She worked for President Ford and grew bored with it! Jeffrey and Ina have a story book romance straight from the pages of the best romance novels. I have made some of her recipes. Most I couldn't afford to make cos I am not rich enough to afford all the indgrediants. It would take one weeks worth of groceries just to buy one meal she prepares. I love her house in the Hamptons as well. When someone gives up a job working for a President to answer their call to cook you have someone special.
  • Ina Garten entertains at her beautiful New York Hamptons home and makes it fun, stylish, and most of all, delicious.

    The first episode of this show that I ever watched was when Ina threw a Fourth of July party for her friends and the dessert was a flag cake made with blueberries, raspberries, and whipped cream. I\\\\\\\'ve been hooked ever since. I think I like this show so much because Ina doesn\\\\\\\'t try to be overtly sexy, marketed and commmercially driven to make this show a success. Ina has a brain (she wrote energy papers for The White House), she\\\\\\\'s ultra classy, and brings back a sense of etiquette, style and good breeding that has long since been left behind. I think she\\\\\\\'s someone women everywhere can admire and young girls can look up to.
  • She is the only person I watch on the Food Network. The least annoying.

    Ina Garten is the least annoying of all the personalities on the Food Network (minus Marc Summers). I love the way she cooks and the great little parties she throws for all of her friends. I have never tried to make any of her dishes, but I plan on it. I especially would like to make the Lemon Drop, the brownies, the coconut cupcakes, and anything that has a ton of butter. She is the US version of Nigella Lawson.
  • This is a pretty good cooking show and she cooks things that aren't rocket science to cook and they mostly take just 30 mins to an hour. She does it in her own kitchen in her own house in the Hamptons, New York so she has money.

    Its a pretty good show if you want to learn to cook simple things and some big nice things for parties and all. She does it in her own kitchen in her house in New York so you see what having a food store is like. She shows alot of stuff that she cooked at her food store that she had for years.