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CMT - Country Music Television (ended 2005)


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  • I can't believe I actually enjoyed this!

    I can't believe I actually enjoyed this! It's like one of life's guilty pleasures. You know you're not supposed to enjoy it that much but you can't help enjoying it. I can't believe I'm typing this but long live Barely Famous. You have one more (secret) supporter here! I can't believe I actually enjoyed this!

  • I have been watching Home And Away since it started here in Norway in 1991, and it just gets better and better watching it every season.

    I have been watching Home And Away since it started here in Norway in 1991, and it just gets better and better watching it every season. It has really become my favorite TV show/soap and I now I hope to get my level up soon so I can watch it on here because I am working in the afternoon so I sometimes dont make it to be home in time so I can watch it.
  • I totally disagree with the previous review. I actually think that this show shows off who Brett and Brad really are.

    I love this show because they are not trying to hide anything. They are who they are, and I get a kick out of it. I mean, who else is stupid enough to ride a donkey? That episode was priceless, getting to watch them fall on their asses. That was pretty funny.

    I also loved to see them riding motorcycles with Keith, who just happens to be my favorite country artist of all time. They were just so comical about the whole 'nobody knows us' deal. And that's another reason, I love that they don't care what others think. No one has ever really cared for their music, but they've been around for years...Doing it cause they love it. That inspires me and make me admire them even more. They aren't quiters.

    Another thing that just really made me think, "Wow, these guys are great" was when they took their kids camping. For some reason knowing that they are both married with children, just makes my heart warm. I don't know, it just really made me apriciate them more. The one time that I really remember being a break through for me liking their music was when they were singing to their kids at the camp fire. I mean, that was so loving, and their voices were just so pure. It was beautiful, and it proved that even after their cussing and drinking and all the messed up stuff they do, they are still normal guys. Then when they were sitting at the campfire, they sang a beautiful song for their kids...And anyone who saw this or who has see them in concert, would know that they DO have talent. So many people only have good studio voices, then when you hear them live your like "How the hell did the get where they are?" but not The Warren Brothers. Brad and Brett have great voices...if only people would give them the chance they deserve. I mean, the radios NEVER play their songs...It's like they don't even exist in the country music world, but they do, and one day they will rise up and prove that they DO have talent and all those that did not believe in them will realize it. I have faith in them.

    I am thankful for this show, cause it gave me the chance to open my heart to the Warren Brothers. They are now my 3rd favorite artist in country music, and...I just love the pair to death. I cried when I saw them in concert last Thursday, I really will admit. It was a memorable moment, and I certainly will be tuning into their show this season AND going to their concerts whenever they come to town. They have nice live voices, unlike some that I've heard...If people would give them a chance, they would realize this as well.

    You guys totally aren't giving them the respect they deserve. I am kind of really disapointed right now when I look at how you are rating them. I mean, have you guys REALLY not been paying attention to the main picture here? You guys really are pathetic, and I am really disapointed. I wish you would just give them a chance.

    Go buy their CD and just listen to them, and you will see what I mean. Give them a chance.