Season 2 Episode 9

A Bite of the Apple

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 1975 on ABC
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A Bite of the Apple
When a dying hoodlum entrusts his girlfriend with a detailed record of all his underworld activities, she is sought by both the police and his former cronies seeking to protect themselves.

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      • Billy: You know Tony.
        Baretta: What?
        Billy: I think you found a new rehabilitation program.
        Baretta: Uh, oh, you do huh.
        Billy: I think you could do wonders for every deliquent girl on the street.
        Baretta: Well I think you're right, I tell ya what, you give me about a year, I'll clear the streets of all the juvie delinqs and you and me will wind up on a beach somewhere with this dumb turkey and a load of booze. And you'll have a new broad everyday, a new broad everyday (parrot voice). You dumb bird.

      • Baretta: It's the book Boss, that's Dave's book, she sent us a copy of it. And a tape recording.
        Holly: (tape recording) Dear Tony, if I ever loved anybody, it could have been you, but I'm no good. You had the guts to pull yourself out, I never could. The Dragon Lady was right all the time, don't ever stop listening to her. She's smarter than all of us. I wish I'd have listened to her. So I'll play my game out to the end, I bought myself some good times and I'll need them, cause when I leave it's gonna be tough. Don't feel bad Tony, I've conned alot smarter people than you. But none half as sweet. Like your old man always said, 'You can't win'em all'. Don't forgive me, just save the next one. Love Holly.

      • Rooster: Wait a minute, I got the information, I tell the dude.
        Baretta: What hold on a second, gettin' away from what.
        Fats: Ah its gonna be Rutherford Nichols man, he's gonna make the drop sometime.
        Rooster: Ain't this a trip man, I had this information first, I get the money man.
        Baretta: Hey listen guys, (Rooster and Fats bickering) STOP!, will you SHUT UP ALREADY ... SHUTUP. Now listen to me, I got a chick out there she's playing with fire and if I don't get to her, she's gonna get fried, you understand me. Now just cool it, alright.

      • Baretta: No, no ghetto for you. I need you on this one, okay. Them broads of yours flying in and out of Big Daddy Tucker's with an outfit like the Shadow. What I want you to do is work your way in there, I want you to get your ear up against his backside cuz I want to know every time ...
        Rooster: Yeah, yeah I hear you, say man I don't think money is a adequate compensation for that type of gear.
        Baretta: You don't huh, listen when you're in there watch your tootsies pal, those folks will kill you quick. These streets would be half as much fun, if I couldn't get inside your head once in awhile, see.

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