Season 3 Episode 11

Can't Win for Losin'

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 1976 on ABC



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    • Baretta: Get the butterflies outta your head! Talk some sense to your father!

    • Baretta: Guy couldn't kill nobody.
      Rooster: No man, Joey got his hands on a piece of iron, he'd have a heart attack.
      Baretta: Yeah, well I got you convinced, and you got me convinced. But what I gotta do is find somebody else that belongs to our club.
      Rooster: You're supposed to be a detective, ain't ya.
      Baretta: Yeah my man, but ah hold on for a second, I ain't a black man.
      Rooster: But you could of fooled me!
      Baretta: What I'm tryin' to say is that all them kitties in that neighborhood who coulda or did see somethin' ain't likely to talk to me.
      Rooster: Oh, so you figure they gonna talk to me.
      Baretta: Partner if I talk to you anybody will. This is kinda important do you want some scratch up front.
      Rooster: No, I don't want to see a brother get fried man. I find somethin' you hit me.
      Baretta: Your all heart partner, your all heart.
      Rooster: I got a wallet though too brother. I don't eat from my heart you know. Takes green, takes green baby.
      Baretta: City ain't got no green.
      Rooster: What's that!?!

    • Joey: We're supposed to be fruitful to each other, isn't that what the Bible says, but you are withering my fruit.

    • Baretta: Whatever you are Joey, you sure pulled my chestnuts outta the fire!

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