Season 3 Episode 21


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 1977 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Baretta: Charm we're very very heavy on charm in this place, one thing we are loaded with in this entire hotel is charm, beautiful smells and charm. Now look over there, see that chair, is that the most charming chair you ever saw in your whole entire life, you're right it's a dump. You heard her dummy it's a dump. What happened to the other room, the Bluebird Suite?
      Billy: The plumbing is temporarily distressed.
      Carla: It'll be fine, really.
      Baretta: You heard her, it's charming, it's beautiful. It'll be just fine. What are ya waitin' for a tip?
      Billy: Tip! The only tip I get around here is on some elderly three legged horse.
      Baretta: You sir are an elderly three legged horse.
      Billy: Yeah, I can still carry my weight.
      Baretta: Hit the road and take this guy with ya. And don't get him drunk! You see Billy is always gettin' the bird drunk, I'm tryin' to get the bird into AA, except if I do that then Billy will have nobody to drink with. And if he don't have nobody to drink with then he's gonna have a nervous breakdown. And if he has a nervous breakdown then I ain't gonna have nobody to talk too, and I don't even know what your name is yet.
      Carla: Carla, Carla Fisher.
      Baretta: Ah ha, that tells me that you have your husbands name on account of you're a spaghetti bender like I am. You know how I know, well aside from being a brilliant detective, and havin' incredible deductive powers, when a guy is walkin' down the street and is ready to blow his brains out cuz he don't know what he's doin' on this earth and he looks up and sees terrific Sicilian eyes lookin' at him, that's gotta mean spaghetti or maybe he gots the swine flu or somethin' like that. Not too funny, but I got a little smile outta ya, a little one, little one. That's good now we got that what else you need. Your Food, you wanna sleep what?

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