Season 3 Episode 8

Dear Tony

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 1976 on ABC



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    • Baretta: The answer has got to be here in this liquor store. Who killed Carl Harley, who killed Orville in that jailhouse john and tried to make me number three tonight? We gotta go thru it again.
      Billy: Yeah but I want to play a different part this time. He let me be Kessel, he was across the street and didn't hear anything till ...
      Baretta: Just stay cool my man. I'm tellin' ya the answer is here. Number one, Why did Carl Harley's gun wind up over there in the middle of the Thursday Night Special? Wake up three o'clock in the morning and it's burning a hole in my brain. The answer is in this joint and I'm gonna believe that until somebody makes me believe otherwise.
      Muncie: Liquor Store owner Excuse me, Are you a police officer?
      Billy: taking a chug of booze: Course I am.
      Baretta: Now just one more time let's go thru it again, from the top.
      Muncie: Lt. Harley came in that night he showed me his badge and sat over there, exactly there.
      Baretta: Yeah, I'm drawin' my gun with my left hand, Carl drew his gun with his right hand that's how it wound up over there in the Thursday Night Special. Carl never had a chance, he never got his gun out. That guy had his gun pointed at him the whole time.
      Muncie: to Billy You sure you're a police officer?
      Billy: Yes, Lieutenant, Lt. Foley. Tony tell me why is that important? Left hand, right hand.
      Baretta: Cuz it means this guy had his gun pointed at Carl the whole time. He was no stick up artist, he came here for one reason, he came here to kill Carl and he tipped him off to be here. How does a guy pull a job?
      Billy: Huh, oh for cryin' out loud. He pulls a gun when he close to the counter.
      Baretta: Because he's afraid that the guy behind the counter is gonna pull a gun out on him.
      Billy: But this guy came in already with a gun in his hand.
      Baretta: Whoever killed Orville in that jailhouse john, had to know every move I was makin'. He was ahead of me the whole time. He had to know about the homosexual thing or he wouldn't have left that note on the mirror. There was only a couple of people I told about that. That's what's been throwin' me. See it was a guy who killed Orville, and it was a guy who came in here masqueradin' as the Creeper. But it was a woman who was pullin' the strings.

    • Baretta: Well I ain't heard of nobody with an uncle complex.

    • Ann: Well we can't expect him to tell the truth about Carl's death.
      Baretta: My old man always used to say, 'The truth hurts but the lies will kill ya.'
      Ann: Carl used to say things like that. He was a good man.
      Baretta: I know. You got to start talkin' about him sooner or later. I know that you feel guilty cuz you and he wasn't gettin' along that well together.
      Ann: There was love but we weren't in love anymore. I didn't know how to fix it and he didn't either. We were at each other's throats when we should have been in each others arms. It's funny I think, he forgave me more than I did him. Good man.

    • Ann: I can't ask you to forgive me for what I'm doing. But you have been a good friend to me and Carl and behind your rough edges is a heart that I know understands human frailty. There are some things I have to tell you about how all this happened, to help you live with what I'm about to do. I've cried it all out, I still don't know how I'm going to live without Carl but I have to try. Which means I have to get back to work, be a cop again help me.
      Baretta: Sure we'll do just that.

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