Season 3 Episode 19

Everybody Pays the Fare

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 1977 on ABC



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    • Baretta: My old man always said, 'Don't shoot no pool unless you got somethin' to win.
      Billy: Yeah and he also said, 'That when you're down grab your stick and keep strokin'.
      Baretta: Watch out cuz the old whipper is gonna keep on strokin'. Let me in there to make a three ball combination. A deuce up in the corner. Close, close but that's only good in horseshoes.
      Mimi: Oh poor booby, I expected to find you moping in a corner somewhere crying in your beer. And here you are grabbing your stick and stroking.
      Baretta: I guess I don't feel that bad afterall. You remember we was talkin' about the big tough question about why. Well I ain't got all the whys and I know my old man wasn't around very long but I know him and me aren't gonna be any closer than we are now.
      Mimi: And you and I are never gonna be closer.
      Baretta: You got a lota class kid.
      Billy: Yeah talking about class your old man said, 'He wasn't gonna leave you very much', but what he did leave you was a good name, you better get outta here before you lose it.

    • Billy: If I were to make a list of all the different things he was, one thing wouldn't be on that list, he was not a vengeful man.
      Baretta: I know that Billy. I remember.
      Billy: Your dad's dead, he used to say, 'That it won't come back again.'
      Baretta: Yeah and he also used to say, 'You gotta pay the fare if you wanna take the ride.'
      Billy: Okay I'll drop the needle in the groove again. The Fishers were into black marketing, moving stolen goods.
      Baretta: I know you told me all about them. But I need to know somethin' about my old man that hooks him up there. Somethin' I don't know.
      Billy: You knew your old man had alot of girlfriends.
      Baretta: Yeah I knew that.
      Billy: Well what you didn't know was that there was one special one, Carol, her name was Carol Peters. He was seeing her when they got him.
      Baretta: Atta boy Billy. Thank you

    • Baretta: (to himself): Pop I remember what you said whenever you were in a tough spot, 'Don't let them see your hand shakin', don't let'em see your hand shakin'.'

    • Baretta: (to himself): There's an old Sicilian saying, 'Revenge tastes best cold'. I wonder if the Big Man Upstairs is gonna be on my side, when I rip Cramer's throat out. When I'm standin' over him and he's on his knees, I wonder if he's gonna spit in my eye or if he's gonna crawl like the punk that he is.

    • Mimi: Boss, if he ain't no good to me, then we better take him to the morgue.

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