Season 4 Episode 5

It's Hard But It's Fair

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 02, 1977 on ABC



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    • Rooster: Hey man, now I'm messin' with mathematics here, you see this thing here is a mathematical contraption and you can't be messin' with me when I'm on the board.

      Baretta: A skateboard, the likes of which I've never seen.

      Rooster: Yeah it's a gift from the girls. I think they're tryin' to kill me. And me ball bearin' action satisfaction, fine glide on the paved wave.

      Baretta: chuckling: Yeah and you're helpin' the energy crunch too.

      Rooster: That's right, no pain no stain no octane. And look at this it matches my Rooster bill.

      Baretta: Well I'd like to stand here and talk about it all day and take it home and sleep with it. I gotta ask you somethin' about a kitty named Nicky Moss.

      Rooster: Nicky Moss, big smack dealer, half a minute at the top and goodbye Nicky Moss.

      Baretta: It's a cruel world.

      Rooster: That it is.

      Baretta: Anyways you got any notions about who may have offed the chap.

      Rooster: TV trivia quiz, how many stories are there in the Naked City?

      Baretta: There are eight million stories in the Naked City.

      Rooster: There ya go, same number of potential suspects. This smack business is dangerous anybody could have offed the dude.

    • Billy: They've been doin' that since Kane slew you know who.

      Baretta: But they have no chance, they drag 'em in there to get their brains beat in, so them fat pigs can get their kicks.

      Billy: It's a lousy world Tony, but it's the only one we got.

      Baretta: Yeah, and it'll stay lousy too, as long as there's people like me around that don't do nothin' about it. I gotta get that guy and stop them kids from bein' beat up. Somebody outta kill him.

    • Baretta: I should have smacked him myself.

      Rudy: He's my father.

      Baretta: That don't make no difference.

      Rudy: He taught me everything I know about boxing. When I was a kid and I lost the fight, I mean I lost two fights, I got it again at home.

      Baretta: That ain't right either.

      Rudy: Man those fights in the garage, that was my education.

      Baretta: Yeah.

      Rudy: It worked for me, I became the champ.

      Baretta: Yeah, yeah, Hitler had a lot of ways of makin' champs too.

    • Brubaker: Alright how long is it gonna take?

      Baretta: Wait a minute Boss, you and me have been around alot of blocks, we seen too many kids die on heroin. We've gone to too many parents and told them to go down to the morgue and pick their kids up off a slab, now I'm tellin' ya, I'll get the job done.

      Brubaker: Tony, I know you'll get the job done, but if you can't show me some results and fast then the Feds are gonna come in here and they're gonna screw the thing up. I've had Nicky Moss in my craw now for two years, I want him and his heroin operation out of the 53rd precinct permanently. Okay.

      Baretta: I got your message. phone rings: Hi Rudy, Where are ya? Great just sit tight and I'll be there in five minutes.

      Brubaker: Listen you remember one thing, narcotics is a federal offense, you're not getting anything done, our narcs aren't getting anything done, and the Feds are gonna be in here.

      Baretta: Wait a minute, what do you mean I ain't gettin' anything done. What am I on the phone for, my health?! What am I punchin' this bag for, cuz I wanna get in shape?! I'll get the job done, just keep 'em off my back.

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