Season 4 Episode 9

Lyman P. Dokker, Fed

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 07, 1977 on ABC



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    • Stump: I gonna stick Lyman P. Dokker into the computer and have killed by a runaway milk truck in Nebraska. You think that I can't have my own office.

      Baretta & Billy: Yeah yeah, you solved the caper, good bye! The caper is solved would you mind gettin' outta here!

      Dr. Plethwaite: Oh you like beautiful things too.

      Baretta: Oh yes Dr. Plethwaite.

      Dr. Plethwaite: You know that's why I work in a museum. It is my theory that people need to see beautiful things.

      Baretta: Oh what a theory, you certainly need to see beautiful things.

      Dr. Plethwaite: And they're so well mounted.

      Baretta: Oh their so well mounted darlin'!

      Dr. Plethwaite: Why are your eyes so clear and mine are so watery.

      Baretta: Well you see that's the wine......

    • Baretta: He's lookin' at murder one and you're lookin' worse all the time, if you know what I mean.

      Sonia: Why me?

      Baretta: Hey remember that little guy you set up with your friend. He turned out to be a Fed, am I gettin' thru to ya.

      Sonia: Um listen I can explain that, you know, the guy mentioned that he would be at that hotel and that's all I knew.

      Baretta: Yeah I wouldn't try to convince the judge of that. How come he was there toots?

      Sonia: Well who knows.

      Baretta: Wrong, I said, How come he was there, you wanna talk here or downtown huh. How come he was there?

      Sonia: Well, um I just mentioned that um, Mitra might have some expensive jewelry on hand.

      Baretta: And you just happened to mention that.

      Sonia: Well I was just talking to Charlie and I mean ....

      Baretta: Atta girl, Charlie, now we're gettin' there, Charlie who?

      Sonia: I shouldn't have said that.

      Baretta: Come on where does he live.

      Sonia: 43 North High Street apartment 3C.

    • Baretta: That's a very elegant of ya Froggy, you in a cooperative mood today. Ya feelin' good are ya, here's a little nip-a-roonie.

    • Brubaker: One shot right thru the heart probably went out singin'.

      Baretta: Well if you gotta go it's nice to go out singin'.

      Brubaker: Will ya can the philosophy, thanks Doc that's all we need.

      Baretta: How would you like to take a trip to Rio, I got two tickets here and a passport.

      Brubaker: Let me see that passport. Oh that's a winner, that's an Algerian passport. Fala Boudje, that's some kind of name.

      Baretta: Wait a minute, what did you say that guy's name was?

      Brubaker: Names, Fala Boudje, why?

      Baretta: I got an AM over here.

      Brubaker: Passports a phony, we'll have to call Washington, I'll send the prints down to see what the Feds can get on the line.

      Baretta: Hey Boss, when you're thru with them underwear can I have'em.

      Brubaker: What do you have in mind?

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