Season 4 Episode 8

Make the Sun Shine

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 1977 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Baretta: You don't want to hear about that huh, well that's fine cuz I ain't in the mood to preach to ya either, but the fact is you did wrong, and you're in trouble, I know you're just a little man but, you did wrong and I'm the heat and somehow you and me gotta come to terms. You understand that. Now it ain't no good just lookin' out there, all you're lookin' at is your mom's face cryin'. Now tell me who sold you the dope. Hmm, don't be afraid little man, I ain't gonna ruff you up to get some information outta ya. I just wanna put you on some kind of program to help ya, ain't gonna be no bust for you or trouble for your family, I just wanna help you, so you can get yourself back together again and start livin'. You ain't even lived yet, your just a little guy, now don't that sound right. Who sold you the dope? Come on man please tell me. Alright your a tough guy huh, well go ahead and be tough, play it your way, but let me tell you somethin' to think about, if you mess up again, you're gonna die little man and they're gonna bury ya and that's gonna kill your mother. Yeah, they're gonna take her to the graveyard. I'm gonna be standin' there lookin' over your mother's grave. That's the way it's gonna go down, so you think about that.

      Joe: Mikey, his name is Mikey.

      Baretta: Okay listen Little Joe, I'm sorry I was so hard on you, but that's the hand that you drew. You just stay here and take it easy, me and your mom will get you out of this and you'll get a chance to live that life. I'll see ya later.