Season 4 Episode 8

Make the Sun Shine

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 1977 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Howell: Well Jo Jo what would you like to do now?

      Joe: We can play some poker.

      Howell: Ah poker ain't fun unless you play for money.

      Joe: That's what I always play for.

      Billy: Well I like to see some of the Master Chefs' work, let me taste that lasagne of yours.

      Doris: Papa, don't you go showing this young man bad habits.

      Billy: Master taster of the Master Chef.

      Baretta: Curl your lips around a little magic.

      Billy: No, no Tony, I told you the lasagne needs oregano. And when I say oregano, I mean oregano now put a little of that one there. You younger generation don't know how to do anything right.

      Baretta: You're right, when it comes to puttin' oregano on lasagne, the old master is the only one whose got the touch.

      Billy: And don't you forget it. You young timers would be lost without us oldtimers to keep you on the track.

      Baretta: Yes indeed. Mr. Howell allow me to philosophize for a moment. Maybe one of the reasons this old world has gone so bad, is that we take you old duffers and we stick you out on Sun City instead of keepin' you here, were you could play with the little ones and teach the big dummies.