Season 3 Episode 10

Nothin' for Nothin'

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 01, 1976 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • C.C.: Hey Rooster, do you want a coupla stocks for your girls? I'll give you a good price.
      Rooster: Get them in a bad habit, ain't no way brother. Hey come here C.C., what you doin' out here in the street man? Dude like yourself, an heir to great wealth, havin' to scrounge and scrape for the straight green. What it is?
      C.C.: Well it's like this Rooster, see I spot a coat for my Mum on Fifth.
      Rooster: The Thrift shop, seriously.
      C.C.: Yeah
      Rooster: Man your Mama is gonna be rollin' in mink and you're talkin' about buyin' from the thrift shop.
      C.C.: Mink what are ya talkin' about.
      Rooster: Heard your Mama's number hit, 652, it came thru, the God's smiled and boom.
      C.C.: What? Ma's number hit.
      Rooster: Yeah
      C.C.: Are you decking me?
      Rooster: I ain't deckin' you and I ain't jiving you. Lady is gonna pick up 47 hundred dollars. She's running all over the streets cryin' and singin' right now.
      C.C.: Can't be.
      Rooster: Now you callin' me a liar. It's okay man, now you get yourself on home, help your old lady count up all that green, and get to spendin' it like a rich little Rockefeller should. You dig.
      C.C.: I can't, what I mean is I can't believe ... I gotta go someplace to pick up somethin'.
      Rooster: You're a confused little brother, get on outta here. And get rid of them buds. Jive turkey.