Season 3 Episode 15

Open Season

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 26, 1977 on ABC
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Open Season
A doctor turned bounty hunter vies with Baretta to find the pusher responsible fo the death of a banker's addicted daughter.

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    • Baretta: Let me see your throat. He's sick Billy, he don't look good to me. And how's he look to you.
      Billy: He's the picture of health, the Joe Namath of Cockatoos.
      Baretta: Yeah, see that man, he's coughin' again. I'm tellin' ya he's sick.
      Billy: Tony, you always go to bat for the underdog, why?
      Baretta: On account of my old man always said, ' If you wanna bet on a winner, you gotta wait till ya get to heaven.' Come on dummy, see I tell ya the bird is sick, he won't even take his medicine now Billy.
      Billy: I wouldn't either if you poked that thing at me.
      Baretta: I gotta get some help for him, I gotta call a vet. I'll get in the yellow pages and I'll find a brand new vet. Somebody that can figure out what's wrong.
      Billy: Ah Tony, before you do that, let us just try an experiment in the interest of science.
      Baretta: You're conductin' experiments and I got a bird that's croakin' .
      Billy: Fred wouldn't want it any other way.
      Baretta: Hey wait a minute. That's real booze.
      Billy: Here you are you old fake. Oh it's mother's milk to him. He's a lush Tony, he's a conniving, double dealing, drink catching, whiskey soaked old lush.
      Baretta: Well if he is he takes after you. You made him that way.
      Billy: I only set him a bad example. The choice my friend was strictly his own.
      Baretta: Yeah I think maybe he's got one of them psychosomatic ailments.
      Billy: What's that?
      Baretta: He's a drunk.
      Billy: Well he's with friends.

    • Rooster: What's all this jazz on the floor man?
      Baretta: Fred lives back there.
      Rooster: Fred huh, well I know all this stuff ain't buried seed. I tell ya man, I been beat up and now I'm back here in this jazz. I'll be glad when you get this thing straightened out, so I can go back to livin' the normal life.
      Baretta: You don't like it, being hung up like that do ya?
      Rooster: It don't help my image none, no.
      Baretta: All that from roughin' ya up, alright tell me what ya got.
      Rooster: Well ah, I got some mentions on your boy Marsh.
      Baretta: Yeah what ya got.
      Rooster: Seems he's got this chick on Third Avenue her name is Pam, used to be in business, a foxy little thing.
      Baretta: Okay let's go there.

    • Baretta: What do we have here, a big knife, a complete lock pick set, jumper wires, tracing equipment.
      Doc: Did you find my private investigator's license?
      Baretta: Yeah
      Doc: And my permit to carry a concealed weapon in this fair city.
      Baretta: Yeah.
      Doc: Well then Mr. Baretta since you have no charges against me, and since my licenses are in order, I suggest you allow me to pick up my possessions and you don't detain me any longer.
      Baretta: I'll tell you what the charges are, nobody comes to my turf and starts roustin' people and bustin' heads and I don't care who they are or what licenses they got. Okay.
      Doc: Those junkies were holdin' dope, that's against the law. Are you sure you know what your job is?
      Baretta: Yeah I know what my job is. It's to keep the dope from gettin' to those junkies not to split their heads open. And what's your job? Who you workin' for anyway?
      Doc: And that's none of your business. And listen if you keep pushin' me, things are gonna get a little rough for you.
      Baretta: Larkin hired you didn't he, to go out and find his imaginary murderer for him. How much is the Boss there payin' ya to save his conscience?
      Doc: You let dopers go. I'm gonna catch me one.

    • Baretta: Mr. Larkin that's not what you want, what we want to do is get the rid of the dope. That's how you keep kids from killing themselves.
      Larkin: Don't temporize with me, I want her murderer arrested.
      Baretta: Alright who do I arrest. The pusher, two pushers, ten, a hundred, a thousand junkies. Do I arrest myself, for not workin' hard enough? When a junkie dies it's all of our faults. It ain't no legal problem it's a social problem. If I took it to the highest court in the land, they couldn't hold him. How can I prove who was holdin' the dope? Even if I can prove it, you can't arrest someone for dealin' dope, you can't send him to the death house. All I can prove is that he was dealin' dope. Ain't nobody in the world can prove he killed your daughter, cause the dope killed her.
      Larkin: Is he competent or not?
      Brubaker: Mr. Larkin, he's the best there is. But he's no hitman.
      Larkin: My daughter was no criminal she's just as dead.

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