Season 2 Episode 16

Pay or Die

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 28, 1976 on ABC



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    • Baretta in disguise as a Swami to Candy Lee
      Baretta: My dove you are more beautiful than a newborn goat.

    • Nopke: I don't know, I don't think I'm gonna get the hang of this damn game either Tony.
      Baretta: You'll learn the game or you won't make a good cop. Stick with me kid, I'll turn you into Sherlock Holmes. Hey your pretty good with that karate stuff there. Where'd you learn that?
      Nopke: Well you know, when you're a string bean like me, with a name like Nopke, ya gots ta learn somtin', yeah, that's an ancient art Tony, developed about four thousand years ago by Chinese.
      Baretta: Bet them Chinese never heard of a 38 eh.

    • Baretta: They don't have to knock. I saw your girlfriend Silkie, layin' in the garbage.
      Rooster: Yeah man, I heard about the Silk. Sure was a cold shock, but that's the way it be's. He was a righteous brother you know that. And had himself a harem of some of the finest ladies you ever did see. I'm talkin' about foxes brother.
      Baretta: Yeah. Who was at the top of his line?
      Rooster: Say what?
      Baretta: I say who was his good ladies, his top line?
      Rooster: I didn't quite hear you brother.
      Baretta: Say man I ain't payin' ya for this gig. They come lookin' for you, you gonna be sleepin' under my bed and glad I'm around.
      Rooster: Yeah I hear ya. I hear ya.
      Baretta: Who was it?
      Rooster: Candy Lee and Suzy Cummins. Hangin' up at the Governors Grill.
      Baretta: That's the wrong end of town man, whoever is playin' ain't playin' straight. How do you read this thing?
      Rooster: I'll tell ya how I read it, them suckers come out here messin' with the Rooster, they don't know they're messin' with one of the baddest cats in Chocolate City, I make'm wish they stayed in bed.
      Baretta: Yeah well, anyway bad cat, just keep your eyes and ears open and your head down, if they come lookin' for you, that parachute your wearin' ain't bulletproof.
      Rooster: That's alright, bullets can't turn corners.

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