Season 2 Episode 7

Photography by John Doe

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 22, 1975 on ABC
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Photography by John Doe
Persuaded by his grandson to reopen the case of a retired cop supposedly killed in a fall, Baretta discovers a judge on the take.

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      • Santos: Black and brown against the town.
        Baretta: More like black and brown are goin' down.

      • Baretta: It's a matter of sprinklin' a little bird seed and the bad guys come right to you. And sometimes like your grandpa, see he started out rattlin' those guys, all we had to do was pick up the ball. Sometimes bad folks are like rats in a cage, you just shake that cage and they start chewin' on each other. That's the difference between the good ones and the bad ones.

      • Rooster (to Baretta) You got Hector Santos, kingfish of the Barrio, the man is strong this side of town alright. He running it down too. Loan shark from his heart you hear that. He wheelin' and dealin', whether their numbers, matter of fact I remember once losin' a couple of my finest ladies to him.
        Baretta: Alright, you got me, I keep you on the streets. What's he got goin' for him? How come he's out?
        Rooster: Things brother man, this guys got some connections uptown, AC/DC direct connection , you get that.
        Baretta: You know what they are?
        Rooster: Hey man that's your job, I'm supposed to be on the people, you're supposed to be there up in city hall keepin' things straight. Whatcha want me to do your work for you?
        Baretta: No, no, I'm doing this fine. You stay on it and keep strokin'. Don't follow me now, I gotta even some things.
        Rooster: What about my money man! Say brother made me get me mean talkin' about my breen now you run off without my cash, playing with Rooster seeing how you got me outta this job, you ain't seen the end of this Turkey! Jive sissy, peanut butter and tortillas...Man.

      • Rigo: He wasn't no wino, he was workin' a case.
        Baretta: Aey boy, you're grandpa hadn't worked on a case in years, there ain't no record of him makin' a dime, since he retired.

      • Baretta: (to Rigo) My old man said, 'If you can't sleep, you got something to do', so that's what I'm doing kid.

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