Season 3 Episode 24

Playin' Police

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 04, 1977 on ABC
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Playin' Police
Two shakedown artists posing as plainclothes cops are making a bundle ripping off other crooks - victims who aren't likely to go to the police.

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    Charles Wagenheim

    Charles Wagenheim


    Guest Star

    Cal Haynes

    Cal Haynes

    Second Officer

    Guest Star

    Bruce M. Fischer

    Bruce M. Fischer

    Desk Clerk

    Guest Star

    Michael D. Roberts

    Michael D. Roberts


    Recurring Role

    Chino 'Fats' Williams

    Chino 'Fats' Williams


    Recurring Role

    Angelo Rossitto

    Angelo Rossitto

    Little Moe

    Recurring Role

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      • Baretta: If you want to go long in this world you got to admit when you're wrong. Listen you're sufferin' alot, your old you got alot of hurts, should I put you away, no pal as long as you got somebody to love ya in this world, you got to keep on livin', that's what it's all about and it don't make no difference if you're a dog or the master, you got a right to live, everybody's got a right to live. I just want to say that I learned that Eddie and I'm sorry.
        Eddie: You're a real friend Tony. Ain't ya got somethin' around the house for me to drink Tony?

      • Baretta: My old man always said, 'If you want to catch a pig, you got jump in the garbage.
        Billy: Yeah but you could eat first.
        Baretta: Amen to that.
        Billy: Have some pickles.

      • Brubaker: Did you guys go back ten years?
        Officer: Yes sir.
        Brubaker: Now you go out there and look at them mug books, cuz they learned that routine somewhere. And listen you guys, that walkie talkie, that's on you.
        Officers: Yes sir.
        Brubaker: What are you laughing at? Them dummies gave the walkie talkie to them people.
        Baretta: I ain't laughin' Boss, well I mean I'm laughin', but listen don't get tense relax them bones, them guys are in a tough place and one way or the other they'll fall. Just a tend to your geraniums.
        Brubaker: Thanks alot!

      • Rooster: I don't know, last thing they wanna do is see the police.
        Baretta: I know, you tell them I'm tryin' to stop things, before both sides get anymore tense and we start tradin' stiffs, you understand.
        Rooster: Yeah well, it's gonna take some leverage man, it would help the machinery if you would grease it with a little bit of that greenery.
        Baretta: Thirty, forty clams does that tell you I'm interested in nailin' them suckers now.
        Rooster: I guess you are, it's the first time I hit on you and it wasn't like pulling teeth.
        Baretta: Yeah well, you know your friend Foley, he already got shot in the bananas. I wanna stop things before we wind up with a stiff.
        Rooster: Yeah, I know what you mean man and one hates to see ones own kind go bad.

      • Baretta: You cats been hearin' fairy tales, cuz that's all she wrote.

      • Baretta: You're under arrest.

        Rooster: Look it man, I don't mind you hijackin' me in broad daylight but do you have to slam my door.

        Baretta: Fraid this old bucket of bolts will fall apart. Turn left up there when you get to Clams Street.

        Rooster: Must have got yourself a raise, huh. I see you got a chauffeur. I hope you don't think this is a freebie man.

        Baretta: chuckling: Ah, just drive ahead there James. And turn left up there on Clams Street, we're gonna see Fred.

        Rooster: Fred, I thought he's shacked with you.

        Baretta: Naw he's got the farfallones of the blow holes, so I got him over at the Bird Man's.

        Rooster: Farfallones, good, I hope the sucker dies. Whatcha takin' me along for, you know I don't like that old bird. I'd eat the sucker if I had the chance.

        Baretta: Yeah well I'll tell him to rip your lip off when he sees ya. I'm kinda ridin' with you on account a I figured you maybe got off your white horse and you heard somethin' with your ear to the streets there that I might wanna know bout.

        Rooster: Hold it Baretta, I don't wanna hear none of that Tonto kemo sabe stuff. I got the turn man, but I don't want none of that ear to the ground jazz that you been runnin' on me you dig. And another thing I want you to catch this clean and clear, in this cab the meter always reads ten dollars. So please pay as you pass.

        Baretta: Yes sir, yes sir James. I'll pay, pull up there at the Bird Man's.

        Rooster: Alright I see the Bird Man's, just don't forget the money is all.

        Baretta: No I won't forget.

        Rooster: I get too actin' funny if you don't pay my money.

        Baretta: We're here.

        Rooster: Where's the money man?

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