Season 3 Episode 4

Street Edition

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 1976 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Autralian is a rhyming slang then developed as a secret language of the London underworld from the 1850s, when villains used the coded speech to confuse police and eavesdroppers.

    • In the opening scene a snitch tells Baretta his name is Joey Brown Eyes. Later when Walker is in the hospital, he tells Baretta that Joey Blue Eyes told him about the job.

  • Quotes

    • Baretta: Bury the hatchet feast, the likes of which very few individuals on this planet have ever partaken thereof.
      Sandra: Well Mr. Baretta, I trust that with a lady of my caliber and breeding, you would come up with at least, Escargot Provencale.
      Baretta: Sounds like a foot disease, hahaha....
      Sandra: Hey how did you know? I've had meatball sandwiches every birthday in my life.
      Baretta: WHAT! Are you Autralian?
      Sandra: I'm half Italian.
      Baretta: Show me the Italian half.

    • Sandra: You know what my boss would like to see me work on, PREVERTS AND TOILETS. Oh God, I'm actually beginning to talk like you.
      Baretta: Haha!

    • Billy: You blew it, I'll tell you just like your father would tell you if he were here, You're supposed to do your job. What do you care about hmm? Taking something from that girl who is trying to do a good job, well be a good cop.
      Baretta: Billy my boy, I can't be a good cop, I ain't got no good way to go and I ain't got no leads.
      Billy: Oh yes you do, she just walked out the door, but your pride won't let you see it. I have never known you to admit when you're wrong and that's not a very exclusive club.
      Baretta: I did it again, didn't I.
      Billy: Yup.
      Baretta: Thanks pal.

    • Nopke: How come in a state of panic, you're here shooting pool?

      Baretta: I ain't shootin' pool, I'm thinkin'. When Sherlock Holmes wanted to think, he'd get his brain to smoking, he used to play the violin. Jack London used to talk to Eucalyptus trees and I shoot pool.

    • Brubaker: Look Mr. Commissioner, I'm not upset, I'm concerned, see I always get concerned when one of my people is accused of something.
      Commissioner: I told you Lt. Brubaker, this is only an inquiry. No charges have been filed, however that does not minimize the seriousness of the complaints. FACT: Officer Baretta roughed up a newspaperwoman who was pursuing a story. Officer Baretta went to a stakeout at the cemetary, without the proper support team. FACT: At a subsequent stakeout, a crime suspect was killed.
      Brubaker: Ah, Mr. Commissioner, now in this first incident, this woman reporter, this Miss Fleming, was interfering with a police officer in the lawful execution of his duty, that is the FACT, in the cemetary situation. Now the second situation, you got a prime suspect whose dead, a human life has been lost here, because the same woman reporter interferes with the same police officer in the same lawful execution of his duty, namely a stakeout in this case and that's the FACT.
      Commissioner: Let's keep the newspapers out of this.
      Brubaker: Newspapers put themselves into it.
      Commissioner: Now don't misunderstand me, I believe in freedom of the press.
      Brubaker: I believe in the freedom of the press too, when they are investigation corruption, Watergate, something like that. Is that what's going on here? Are we having an investigation into the police department? If there is you let me know about it, and my departments gonna cooperate, if there is no investigation going on here, then you get these people outta my department, because right they are costing me lives and I'm not gonna stand for it.
      Baretta: Boss, lighten up, you're holding lousy cards here.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Brubaker: I believe in the freedom of the press too, when they are investigation corruption, Watergate, something like that. Is that what's going on here?

      Referencing the Watergate political scandal during the presidency of Richard Nixon that began with five men being arrested after breaking and entering into the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate hotel complex in Washington, D.C. on June 17, 1972.