Season 4 Episode 18

The Appointment

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 1978 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Baretta: There's a cop in the hospital and that guy keeps his mouth shut, that makes him a hunk of garbage to me.

      Ellen: Hey, don't you call him a hunk of garbage.

      Baretta: Well he is.

      Ellen: He is not. He was scared, get out of my chair, git.

      Baretta: You the problem with you. You don't know nothin' about people, ever since you were a little girl, you act like your from Mars or somethin'. You just flit around and goin' around with anybody, doin' anything, you don't know nothin' bout people honey.

      Ellen: And you do huh.

      Baretta: Of course I do that's how I make my livin' by knowin' about people.

      Ellen: Well you know what Tony, it's twisted you up inside until there's only two kinds of people in your world, there are cops and there are suspects.

      Baretta: Fine, this is no longer a discussion about Tony Baretta and his neurotic outlook on the universe, it's a very simple matter, I wanna know what you know about a guy named Al. Is that too much to ask?

      Ellen: Nope

      Baretta: Fine

      Ellen: We're in love, we're gonna get married.

      Baretta: You ain't marryin' nobody. You understand.

      Ellen: You can't stop it this time Tony. I'm carrying his baby.

      Baretta: What?!

      Ellen: I told you we're in love.

      Baretta: God...... baby girl what am I gonna do with you. I promised your mother I'd take care of you.

      Ellen: I don't need any looking after. I know what I'm doing and it feels terrific.

      Baretta: You ain't marryin' nobody until I find out everything there is too know about him. And that's it case closed!

      Ellen: No case is not closed, you're gonna leave him alone, me alone and get the hell out of this place.

      Baretta: I'm not leavin' here!

      Ellen: Yes you are!

      Baretta: Darlin' now wait, I love you honey, I love you but there ain't no way in the world with a cop dyin' I ain't gonna ask why the man is keepin' his mouth shut. Why he ain't got no friends? Where'd he come from? Yesterday, today, tomorrow, he ain't got nothin' and how come there's two thousand dollars in the safe. No sir with you carrying his little whipper, I'm not only gonna dig, he's gonna get the best I got to offer and I'm gonna get to the bottom ain't nothin' you can do about it. Is that clear?! Are we clear sugar?!

      Ellen: Yeah

      Baretta: Fine

      Ellen: Tony

      Baretta: What?

      Ellen: I love him. I love him, don't destroy my life.

      Baretta: I'm sorry baby, I'm not tryin' to do that, with a little luck maybe we're gonna save your life.