Season 3 Episode 1

The Ninja

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 1976 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Baretta goes to the movies to see "High Plains Drifter", the 1973 Clint Eastwood film about a loner in the Wild West known only as the Stranger.

  • Quotes

    • Baretta: My dear if you get off my back, I'll show you how to turn this pain into pleasure.
      Nancy: Tony this is supposed to be a spiritual experience.
      Baretta: Babe with you cavin' in my ribcage and Fred pinchin' my rear end, all I'm experiencin' is hell on wheels.
      Billy: My dear there are all kinds of spiritual experiences in this world, personally I prefer black skirts and a bottle. You know Tony, it says here in this textbook of Japanese mythology that in deep meditation the souls shall triumph and you shall need no physical contact for the earthly desires.
      Baretta: Oh yeah, I heard about that mind over matter jazz, I guess it depends on what matter you mind is mullin' over huh sugar.
      Nancy: Just breathe out and all the tension will go.
      Baretta: I'll tell ya alright, where I want my tension to go.

    • Baretta: We'll have him poke ya, see if he can help ya with that memory problem of yours.
      Billy: What memory problem?
      Baretta: That one.
      Billy: Very funny, look Fred is his own acupuncturist.
      Baretta: How do you know?
      Billy: He's got pin feathers hasn't he.

    • Baretta: I remember when I was in the Merchant Marines, I could be down there with that black rum and those brown skinned girls enjoyin' myself.
      Billy: And nine hundred wives that look worse than me.
      Baretta: He shoots better than you do.
      Billy: Well he makes a shot and I'm half shot.

    • Rooster: Say what?!
      Baretta: Say what ya holding.
      Rooster: Yeah, well it ain't gospel brother, but take Delgado, he's crazy man, he's got his folks out after his own folks, ya dig. Like a dog chasing his tail. See when these two dudes snuffed Alice man
      Baretta: It cost him 10 g's and he's out lookin' for his own people now tell me somethin' I don't know.
      Rooster: Ah it was two dudes.
      Baretta: It ain't worth a dime.
      Rooster: I got a name, I know that's worth something.
      Baretta: Yeah, that's worth somethin'.
      Rooster: Yeah well let me see the green brother.
      Baretta: Somethings don't never change.
      Rooster: Right on. Greek Duarte.
      Baretta: Alright, now gimme an address and you hit a homerun.
      Rooster: Delgado don't know he's there yet either.
      Baretta: I didn't figure he did, or I 'd be lookin' for a stiff.
      Rooster: You know this cat be gettin' kinda grumpy lately, I mean we had to send him away to boy's camp for a couple of weeks, ya know. Get some fishin' , you know cat's got to be puttin' the worm on the hook to get the frustrations out, ya dig. Personally I don't dig nothin' that squirms unless its got two legs and long hair.

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