Season 4 Episode 4

The Sky Is Falling

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 26, 1977 on ABC



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    • Baretta: Foster homes ain't the worst thing in the world, it's a helluva alot more than most people have. I didn't have no home at all.

      Tommy: Yeah I guess your right.

      Baretta: See it all depends on how you look at things in this world. Some folks they look at a glass and say hey it's half empty, others look at it and say gee whiz it's half full. You get my meanin'.

      Tommy: Yeah, you know this head man I'm goin' to is kind of a freak.

      Baretta: What do you care, he's helpin' ya ain't he. I mean your feelin' better aren't ya.

      Tommy: Yeah, I'm feelin' alright.

      Baretta: Well who cares if he's a witch doctor, or a swami, or what the hell ever he is. Just ride with it for awhile.

      Tommy: Okay, I just wish I could stay with you and Billy.

      Baretta: Yeah, well, everythings gotta change pal. And it's time for you to move on and that's the name of that tune. Listen Billy ain't nothin' but an old drunk and me I'm a sex-crazed cop. But you got two of the best friends in this whole world whenever you need'em. Do me a favor will ya, put a glass of water next to your bed and look at it every night before you go to sleep. You'll be okay kid.

    • Baretta: That guy Scott, what's his name.

      Rooster: Scott Martin, he's got more contacts in this city, alot of creeps around here, I'm tellin' ya man. But he's tightest with a man named Harding. Somethin' like you know a rich uncle, set him up and put him through college. He might be the cat you're lookin' for.

      Baretta: Yeah he could be.

      Rooster: What is this, might be man, I mean how come you ain't nose to nose with this cat Scott Martin, seems to me the old Baretta message might not get the right answers.

      Baretta: Yeah could scare off the guy I'm lookin' for. The cat that killed this little boy Jeff. This guy, what's his name Harding, is he a chicken hawk.

      Rooster: He is, he ain't advertisin'.

      Baretta: He's got a first name.

      Rooster: William, William Harding.

      Baretta: Bill

      Rooster: He's with a company uptown called, Cole, Shipley and Harding.

      Baretta: Alright partner thanks.

      Rooster: Whatcha doin' man, I mean I got ethics and morals. I know I do my thing, but I ain't messin' with nobodys kids.

      Baretta: Solid, solid.

    • Baretta: Don't dump all that righteousness and holier than thou and all that poison on kids and then blame God when they don't turn out right. You killed your son! And you're gonna kill them two kids too. And if there is any law in this world, so help me God, I'd take'm away from ya.

    • Pulaski: You caught him with this stuff here, you spotted him so he split on ya right.

      Baretta: Yeah those pictures fell out of his jacket, guess I started yellin' at him a little bit.

      Pulaski: Ah, you bleed too easy, good thing you're not in juvenile.

      Baretta: You know how old that kid is.

      Pulaski: Yeah, he's the right age.

      Baretta: Yeah the right age for ah playin' stick ball or collectin' football cards or stealing hub caps, but this is .... the world's gone crazy man.

      Pulaski: Come on grow up, it's a new age Tony.

      Baretta: What are ya talkin' about a new day with stuff like this?

      Pulaski: Hey I been on this job for nine years, give me a break will ya.

      Baretta: Well then you outta get out. If you stop carin' about somethin' like this and it don't do nothin' to you outta get out and get some other job.

      Pulaski: Don't tell me I don't give a damn huh. Why don't you go down to the bus station and spend five days a week down there, you bust a pimp in the mornin' and their back on the street in the afternoon recruitin' the runaways. They're comin' in from Houston, from Atlanta, and from wherever else they're comin' in from. Don't tell me what I know. Why don't you go down to the Fourth Street Arcade, down there and you watch the chicken hawks circling, as soon as they spot me they cool it. As soon as I split, there back at it again.

      Baretta: You gotta walk away from it , this kid ain't worth it.

      Pulaski: Tony, that's one kid. I see three thousand of those kids every single year. They come into town, they get seduced, they're on the street to hustle and they take it back to the pimps. I see what's happenin' , well maybe when they're out doin' their little chicken porn stuff that you see anything that they can do to get three squares in their stomachs and maybe a roof over their head. Look, Tony, I see this happenin' and maybe I am cryin' in my beer, but there's nothin' I can do about it. I can't change it.

      Baretta: I could have, I had this kid in my hands and I blew it.

      Pulaski: resigned: Join the club man. Join the club.

    • Pulaski: Had to drop the case against Baxter insufficient evidence.

      Baretta: Your nuts we got two eye witnesses, the truck driver and the grocery store guy.

      Pulaski: Whaddya yellin' at me for, the kids said that nothin' happened.

      Brubaker: The conversation here, maybe nothin' did happen. Right.

      Baretta: That guy Baxter is a registered nut, he's gotta be hittin' on those two kids.

      Brubaker: Yeah but if the kids won't testify you got nothin', right.

      Baretta: Ah! Forget it! Alright.

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    • The title represents the child's tale of Chicken Little running around telling everyone that the Sky is Falling. In this episode the Chicken Hawk is the predator of the small chicks in reference to kids.