Season 4 Episode 17

The Stone Conspiracy

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 1978 on ABC



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    • Baretta: Where are ya Mike? Where'd ya go? Where's that guy that didn't give a damn about money? Remember you used to spend your last five bucks on stale bread and hand it out to the winos and how good that made you feel. You were always givin' stuff away. Get your guts back Michael. Get'em back and hold to 'em hear me.

      Mike: I can't go to jail Tony, I couldn't face it.

      Baretta: Member we always said, 'Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time', well you did it, you did it my friend and now you got to pay your dues. Maybe you're lucky and it's only a couple of years, you come out with a clean slate. You could look at the upside, maybe it's good you're goin' to the joint. You can find yourself, maybe you get back to that guy that both of us knew and loved. Throw that piece away, put these bracelets on like that man that I know you are.

    • Baretta: You sold out your badge, why Michael, why?

      Mike: I shoulda known better than to try and put you on a pad, man what was I thinkin' bout. I mean, I'm the last of the good guys.

      Baretta: Whatcha do it Michael? Whatcha do it?

      Mike: FOR THE MONEY! That's why. So I sold all my tomorrows, so what! I mean everybody standin' around havin' a good time, what am I doin', I'm out busting bookies. What for?! A piece of the action. I don't want you to give me any speeches, no speeches!

      Baretta: Fine. You ready to go before I get sick.

    • Baretta: His keys, the reason you miss him is cuz he never left the building cuz if he's goin' anyplace he'd of asked me for his keys.

      Johnson: So what you're saying is, the man who owns the biggest book in the city is one of us.

      Baretta: Here right here, that's what I'm sayin'.

      Johnson: Well then we have to move, you got to locate him.

      Baretta: Sounds great Captain. You got any ideas on how I should do that. In the first place, I'm not gettin' no meetin' with the Big Boss.

      Johnson: Well maybe it can be forced with Parks out of the way. They'll have to deal with you. I think I can arrange that.

    • Billy: And man oh man, your mood will change as fast as you can say Rin Tin Titty, how bout you pal you want any. I got some ketchup too, that'll make your eyes water. You'll need clear eyes and a clear head if you're gonna keep that meeting at midnight. That part of town is a good place to get ice stiffed.

      Baretta: You could've talked all night without sayin' that.

      Billy: Oh you can talk. Hmm reminds me about a nasty bit of business when I was wearing a badge.

      Baretta: I don't want to hear it Billy boy. I'm up to my chest in chasin' after and spyin' on my own kind. It makes me sick.

      Billy: Whadda you mean your own kind? Those are bad cops. They're not cops.

      Baretta: A guy like Mike Parks, all those years, I knew him inside out, just knew him. I knew he couldn't do nothin' wrong, just knew him and loved him and didn't know him at all. And he was gonna be the greatest cop that every came down the pike. How come he went one way and I went another?

      Billy: Well if you want to be a head shrinker, you should have gone to the police academy.

      Baretta: I outta just hit him with it, I should go out there and just say Michael, look me in the damn eyes and tell me why.

      Billy: You do that and you'll blow the whole thing. You got no choice. You gotta play along, see where it leads you. Here go in on this, the three of us will have a meal. How bout it chum?

    • Baretta: Mike Parks, my friend Mike Parks is juicin' me. I grew up with the guy. This assignment stinks. And you knew it could go down that way Boss, you set me up.

      Brubaker: I didn't set you up, the department set you up, it was a direct request for you. If you want a clean department then this is the price you have to pay.

      Baretta: Yeah well so far, I'm the only one whose payin'. Blowin' the whistle on people you know and love, it stinks, it's rotten.

      Brubaker: What stinks is Mike Parks, who else is in it, how many??

      Baretta: I don't know, maybe Captain Sims, or the Deputy Commissioner, or Trudy. How do you like that one? She's concerned about Mike's drinkin' what if she's concerned about him runnin' off of the mouth, I don't know, maybe all of them don't ask me.

      Brubaker: Tony, you get back to work, that's what we pay you for. Tony, you can't come back here again, if they think you're on the payroll they're watchin' you. Take the money with you. Spend it like you needed it.

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    • Baretta talks to Mike and says, 'You're making me feel like I'm with Spanky and Our Gang'. And reference to his early beginnings on the show where he started out on.