Season 3 Episode 20

Think Mink

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 1977 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Baretta: I gotta get a coupla things straight first. Now number one, I'm runnin' my bananas all over this town lookin' for fur thieves, and you guys are livin' right next door to me. And number two, you're makin' me feel guilty cuz I'm even suspectin' ya.
      Leo: Were sorry Tony, we didn't mean to get you involved.
      Baretta: Get me involved! You got me lookin' like a rat's back end. What am I supposed to tell the guys downtown? Huh?
      Sam: Just tell him it's one last hoorah Tony before they file us away for good.
      Baretta: Oh the poor old duffer, ain't that sad, I don't wanna hear no sad stories. You guys are hoods and I'm a cop and I gotta arrest ya and that's the name of that tune!
      Sam: Alright I confess.
      Baretta: I don't want no confession, I got the goods, that ain't what this conversation is about.
      Sam: What I mean Tony is, I done it all. Leo here he had no part of it. He's just an innocent victim.
      Leo: What innocent victim, and you take all the credit? Who was pushing that rack around until his legs almost fell off? And who was it I ask you who got Freddie the Weasel okay Freddie the Fox, who was it who hit Freddie whatever over the head with a baseball bat? HUH? And who Mister Wisenheimer got his little nephew boy whom he' s known since the day he was born to lend us that van, huh? Answer me that.
      Sam: Leo your gettin' senile. You ain't got a nephew named Gordie.
      Leo: What difference does that make?
      Sam: Don't listen to him Tony.
      Baretta: I ain't listenin' to either one of ya.
      Sam: Put the cuffs on, take me in.
      Leo: What are you talking about? Take me I'm the one whose dying.
      Sam: That's a lie.
      Leo: The hell it is, I know I'm dying and you know I'm dying. But now you know that I know that I'm dying.
      Sam: I only wanted just one big winner Leo, that's all.
      Baretta: I don't want to be a cop no more. If you live another twenty years how much more trouble can you get into, don't answer that. What am I gonna do puttin' a coupla old socks like you in the joint it would cost that taxpayers money anyway. The guy I want anyway is Turk Benedict. One big win huh, you want one big winner, I'm gonna give you a ride.