Season 1 Episode 3

Woman in the Harbor

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 1975 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Shockley: Virginia Marriott, you put her in the slammer once for selling.
      Baretta: I got it, yeah I remember.
      Shockley: You know a parole officer only gets a few winners in his life, she was one, when I got her she had been a junkie and a hooker for seven years, since she was fifteen. When I signed her off, she was clean, six months ago they fished her out of the harbor. She'd been dead for three days.
      Baretta: I remember that man, a suicide. It was the same girl.
      Shockley: Nah, nah I didn't believe that then and when I saw her in Mexico, I knew I was right.
      Baretta: You saw her in Mexico!
      Shockley: When they pulled the girls body out of the water, there was no ID on the body. So they sent a full set of her prints to Washington. They got back a positive make. That positive make was phony. I'd say mistaken, but Washington doesn't make mistakes with a full set of prints. Virginia Marriott is not dead. When I saw her in Mexico City she was this close to me, she almost answered me but she got scared and ran away and I couldn't catch her with this bad leg of mine.
      Baretta: Oiy. You know you're openin' a whole can of bananas with somethin' like this man, we talkin' bout the police department, you talkin' bout Schiller, you talkin' bout the Feds, Washington.
      Shockley: What are you trying to tell me?
      Baretta: All Im tryin' to tell ya dat, dats a whole house of rye man, I tryin' to tell ya dat ah ...... I'm gonna eat dis ham on rye and I'm gonna get to Schiller and find out whose dead and whose alive and whose fingerprints are whose.