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Weekdays 12:10 PM on BBC Premiered Mar 13, 2000 Between Seasons


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  • keep time, keep tim

    and for the sake of sanity get rid of the plastic wooden natasha raskin with the falsetto laugh. it's bad enough when she is one of the 'experts' but when is she is the actual presenter, i now switch over. she is truly awful. update 12-01-2018 natasha again, even more wooden than ever, and the BEEB are now resorting to an awful marriage proposal between two of the contestants, whats next, a bargain hunt in a brothel?lol....
  • Tim, please come back!

    None of the other 'experts' are as good as Tim but please stop Charlie Ross presenting the show - he's awful! He obviously is attempting to steal Tim's mantle and it is excruciating to watch. He seems to be affecting a new accent, something between Nicholas Parsons and Colonel Blimp and his forced jocularity is so obviously fake. Every time he pronounces 'pounds' in his pseudo posh accent his teeth whistle. When he receives an answer to a question from contestants he inevitably repeats their answer! He looks so pleased with himself; he can hardly believe his luck, and his attempts to sell himself as an entertainer are sickening.
  • adios21

    Get rid of Natasha Raskin

    She is us
  • What Bargains ???

    Would it not be more apt to call this show 'Cut Your Losses'?

    Am a new viewer and am quite puzzled by the premise of this show. It is neither exciting, interesting nor educational.

    Using BBC I-player, I have just watched 12 random shows in a row filmed between 2014-17. The chances of the contestants finding a real bargain and turning a profit, seem to be minuscule, about 5% or less. Those are the same terrible odds as roulette. Perhaps exciting if one is playing but not very exciting to watch.

    The professionals advising contestants don't seem to be of much help. One Bonus Buy, a pair of nondescript soup plates, lost the contestants a whooping 70 quid.

    In every show I viewed the only true expert was the auctioneer. He appears toward the end, after the items have been bought, and is the only participant capable of accurate assessments.

    Despite a huge inventory at each venue there just are not enough bargains to be found. IT WOULD ADD EXCITEMENT AND INTEREST TO SEED A FEW REAL BARGAINS OR UNUSUAL ITEMS and see if the players and their advisors are able to locate them. Let an auctioneer help select such items, as they seem to have the most valuable experience. There would be a slightly better chance of turning a profit. Also would provide a chance to introduce some really quirky and interesting items.

    Unlike many of the other comments posted here, I was not bothered by the way the the presenters dressed or behaved. They seem to be trying to make the best of a formula/script that badly needs a makeover.
  • Cackle Brigade

    Why do the so called experts on this program cackle after every comment, it drives me mad.

    the program is a disgrace, Ms Bliss always says 'A little look' about everything she does and combing he hair wouldn't go amiss.

    Charlie Hanson buys broken items and sulks when contestants won't buy what he wants and Johnathon Prat much the same.

    Anita Manning the 'cackelr' drives me mad with her emphasis exaggeration of every word.

    Ms Trevallion cackles like an old hen even Paul Laidlaw has started Cackling.

    David Harper just appears to join the teams but knows very little about antiques, Philip Serrel buys junk, Natasha Raskin appears to be on something that makes her 'high', Charlie Ross is over bearing. Catherine Southern and the the guy that likes tribal art (sorry ca't recall his name) are the best, they act liek adults and are serious about what they buy, the rest fo the tam need to retire.

    The program has lost its appeal mainly due to all the stupid cackling that appears to transfer over into other program around antiques.

    Please give us a break or gag the cacklers.

  • bring back tim

    sorry I can not watch the show anymore, so annoying with all the different presenters, none of them are as good as Tim, and where are you getting all the new experts from, they are awful
  • Dreadful - The show is getting worse! Bring back Tim W

    I was watching Bargain Hunt today 24/04/17 - it was terrible! who is that Scottish host who was presenting the show, she is so plastic! She is as funny as having a tooth pulled out! For Gods sake bring back Tim W. He is natural, witty and talks to the viewers as adults not as brain-dead individuals as this character did this morning as well as others the produces seem to drag out of the wood-work. Does the BBC not like having characters presenting their shows. Dont they realise they are popular with the viewers ! Get Tim back before this once good show dies away due to these typical, boring, artificial day time presenters run the show into the ground! Your presenters are either boring and depressing or individuals who seem to think that all BH viewers are Primary students. By the way can we get some interesting contestants on the show - not these lovie-dovies!
  • Bring back Tim!!!

    Trying to make nice people into great presenters has failed. As 'experts' these people bring their personalities and expertise to the programme but none have the charisma or gravitas that Tim Wonnacot brought to the show and was a major part of my enjoyment of the programme. Since he left I find my attention wandering when the programme is on, and often turn it off when I see that it is now without Tim hosting.

    I'm not sure what the issue was but someone needs to bit the bullet and bring Tim back before this well loved show is scrapped.
  • Bargain turn off

    First time I have ever turned BH off. Bring back Tom or at least put someone with a bit of knowledge in charge that doesn't interject all the time. I am afraid that the 'kids' don't do it for me.
  • Too Many Plants

    Bargain Hunt used to be a favourite program of mine. I can forgive the constant repeats, the irritating clips of what is going to happen at the start of the show, and even Tim Wonnacott's slightly narcissistic approach to the camera. What I cannot forgive is the fact that Thomas Plant has appeared in at least nine of the last twelve shows broadcast. He must be cheap otherwise I cannot conceive of any other reason for the arrogant, pompous, so called expert, to be on the show at all.

    Please can we have a few Plant free programs in future ?

  • Bargain Hunt - Newark episode 10 series 38

    Repeat shown on BBC1 today - what an interesting show at Hanson's Auctioneers - both teams made a profit of over a hundred pounds which very rarely happens. It would be churlish to suggest that the result may have been influenced by the enthusiastic bidding of Notty Hornblower (a member of Hanson's staff) who bought two of the lots and underbid a third.

    Never the less one must feel a little sympathy for the genuine bidders on the Bargain Hunt lots - if there were any
  • Get Tim off the show

    Tim Wonnacott is so annoying with his irritating commentary during the show and his stupid outfits and glasses The other thing that really annoys me is his use of the word AWF where in the dictionary is there a word like that. Christine Travanion fronted the show the other week and it was so much better. Get him awf the show and while they are at it find some better experts, that David Harper is absoluteley useless, there are only a few of them that actually help the contestants to make a profit Paul Laidlaw being the best. This programme needs a complete overhaul
  • how to do it

    For goodness sake you poms need to take note about buying watch the Australian show you do not bargain enough you pay to much make them an offer and walk away if not accepted.
  • Bring back Tim

    Watched Bargain Hunt Wednesday 21/01/15 and was horrified to see the awful little scotch woman presenting it's bad enough to have her as one of the experts please bring back Tim
  • Clever Tim ?????

    Give Tim 300 and and see if he can make a bigger profit than the teems, but he can only bye one item, and the profit goes to charity, chosen by the winning him something to see how clever he really
  • Sick to Death!

    I just can't watch Bargain Hunt show anymore, that Tim with his 'womanly' glasses in colours that don't suit him hanging off the tip of his nose and THAT stupid hat that doesn't fit him! Why doesn't he get a BIGGER hat to fit his swollen head?

    His cloths never match, never fit, he is so irritating to watch. I can't stand this show anymore. Tim needs a stylist badly!
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  • Tim Wonnacott over the top.

    I used to love watching the show but now find that Tim Wonnacotts voice gets on my nerves so much that I have stopped watching it, he thinks he is a film star the way he can't take his eyes off the camera and his much repeated sayings are crudd, sorry but I just turn over to something else, I think the show itself is very good apart from him
  • bargin hunters tops all

    by dave

    I live in Australia and watch this show every chance I get. bloody top show. wish it would come to australia
  • It shouldn't work but...

    Two teams look for bric-a-brac to resell at auction, the team that earns the biggest profit wins. That simple. Should be as exciting as taking your grandmother shopping but somehow David Dickinson, eccentric host of this slow paced Brit game show, keeps things interesting with his cynical asides casting doubt on competitors' choices and drawing out interesting trivia from the experts on hand guiding the teams on their thrifty spending sprees. And somehow the climactic auction at the end of each episode becomes edge-of-the-seat viewing as you either root for your favourites or wish failure on the team most annoying you. You can also enjoy the value-added experience at guessing what price the items up for auction will come in at - "What!?! No way could that broken vase be worth ninety pounds!!!" Ah yes, the joys of television at its most basic.
  • A drab twist on the antiques show genre

    Give the participants a few hundred British Pounds; let them loose in an estate sell or flea market; and let them bring the "bargains" they find to auction. The "winners" get to keep any profit they make on the auction.

    I've looked in on BBC America's broadcast of this show several times, but I haven't seen a winner yet. Every team always overpays for some piece of ceramic, wooden, or silver piece of junk and then finds themselves utterly stunned when they try to resell their bargain at an auction that usually gathers from 33 to 55 percent less than their purchase price.

    The lasting message from this show is that the people in flea markets unloading their junk on the general public know what they're doing and will never get the bad side of any haggling they do with their suckers, er, uh, customers.
  • Bargain Hunt blew past my expectations. At first, I had expected same old same old plot development but twist after turn of excitement and action just way exceeded my expectations.

    Bargain Hunt blew past my expectations. At first, I had expected same old same old plot development but twist after turn of excitement and action just way exceeded my expectations. Mind you, there were some problems (most discontinuity issues) that I don't have the time to mention but all in all, a solid 9.