Bargain Hunt

Weekdays 12:10 PM on BBC Premiered Mar 13, 2000 Between Seasons


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  • It shouldn't work but...

    Two teams look for bric-a-brac to resell at auction, the team that earns the biggest profit wins. That simple. Should be as exciting as taking your grandmother shopping but somehow David Dickinson, eccentric host of this slow paced Brit game show, keeps things interesting with his cynical asides casting doubt on competitors' choices and drawing out interesting trivia from the experts on hand guiding the teams on their thrifty spending sprees. And somehow the climactic auction at the end of each episode becomes edge-of-the-seat viewing as you either root for your favourites or wish failure on the team most annoying you. You can also enjoy the value-added experience at guessing what price the items up for auction will come in at - "What!?! No way could that broken vase be worth ninety pounds!!!" Ah yes, the joys of television at its most basic.