Bargain Hunt - Season 38

Weekdays 12:10 PM on BBC Premiered Mar 13, 2000 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Peterborough 32
    Peterborough 32
    Episode 32
    Antiques show. Tim Wonnacott heads to Peterborough where two teams go head-to-head around the East of England showground. The reds and blues are joined by experts David Harper and Kate Bliss. Meanwhile, Tim stumbles across a unique piece and Richard Winterton takes to the rostrum in the saleroom.
  • Hemswell 27
    Hemswell 27
    Episode 31
    Antiques show. The teams are searching for bargains at Hemswell Antiques Centres in Lincolnshire. They are aided and abetted by experts Philip Serrell and Charles Hanson who try to help them make profits at auction. The results are nail-bitingly close. Presenter Tim Wonnacott is reminded of his schooldays when he spots a French bottle carrier.moreless
  • Edinburgh 23
    Edinburgh 23
    Episode 23
    Antiques show. Bargain Hunt heads to Edinburgh as the red and blue teams scour an antique fair at the Royal Highland Centre for items to take to auction. Tim Wonnacott leads the way with help from experts Jonathan Pratt and Caroline Hawley. Tim also has a break from antiques and visits the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow to learn more about some French oil paintings.moreless
  • Lewes 7
    Lewes 7
    Episode 8
    A pair of policemen take on some self-named glamorous grannies. The teams are expertly assisted by Catherine Southon and Thomas Plant as they hunt for bargains in the antiques centres of Lewes.
  • Hungerford 2
    Hungerford 2
    Episode 7
    Tim Wonnacott and the teams descend on the Berkshire town of Hungerford. With so many antiques shops and arcades, the teams are spoilt for choice! The red and blue teams are joined by their two experts Kate Bateman and Nick Hall.
  • Lewes 8
    Lewes 8
    Episode 6
    Antiques experts Catherine Southon and Thomas Plant guide two teams around the antiques shops of Lewes in search of bargains. Later, Tim and Jonathan have to eat their words over at the auction when one lot takes them by surprise.
  • Ardingly 14
    Ardingly 14
    Episode 5
    The Bargain Hunt teams are in Sussex at the Ardingly Antiques and Collectors' Fair. Antique experts Anita Manning and Christina Trevanion are on hand to help and inspire, whilst presenter Tim Wonnacott dances a happy tune.
  • Hungerford 1
    Hungerford 1
    Episode 4
    The antiques shops and centres of Hungerford play host to this episode's intrepid bargain hunters. But with so much to choose from, will three hundred pounds and one hour be enough to get all three items?
  • Ardingly 15
    Ardingly 15
    Episode 3
    Presenter Tim Wonnacott is joined by experts Anita Manning and Christina Trevanion as they take on the might of the Ardingly antiques fair. With two teams in tow, they battle it out in search of three items to take to the saleroom.
  • Lewes 6
    Lewes 6
    Episode 1
    Antiques challenge. The teams scour the antique shops of Lewes in West Sussex for those all elusive bargains.
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