Bargain Hunters

ABC (ended 1987)


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Bargain Hunters

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During the mid-1980s, home-shopping networks began hocking their wares to viewers, offering everything from diamonds to food dehydrators. These channels began to pop up as part of cable and satellite TV services, and sometimes aired on local broadcast stations during overnight hours (instead of signing off as in the old days). As home-shopping networks grew in popularity, some game show producers had the bright idea of marrying elements of game shows to those of the then-new medium. One such show was Bargain Hunters. The object of Bargain Hunters (dubbed by some as a Price is Right ripoff) was - as the name might imply - to spot merchandise bargains to win prizes. Three games were played, with two assigned to each game. The games were as thus: * Bargain Quiz - A prize was described, and the contestants had to decide whether the price shown was a bargain or not. Three points determined the winner. * Bargain Trap - Five prizes were shown, and the contestants alternated in choosing prizes in an effort to avoid the overpriced item. If only the overpriced item remained, both contestants made one guess as to the amount of the markup, with the closest guess winning. * Bargain Busters - Three prices to a single item were shown, and the players chose the price they thought was correct. The first to guess three correctly won. The three winners of their respective games advanced to the "Super Savers Round." Here, the players were shown seven merchandise items and had to choose the three they though were the best bargains. The one choosing the prices representing the largest total bargain won all seven prizes. Not much of a gimmick so far, right? Not quite. Several of the prizes on each Bargain Hunters show were offered to the general public at special prizes. Viewers simply called a special 1-800 number to order the merchandise they saw. Apparently, few viewers were enticed away from The Price is Right juggernaut - the show against which Bargain Hunters competed in many markets - either by the prizes or the game (both of which were roundly panned critically). ABC put an end to the bargaining 45 episodes later.moreless