Barnaby Jones

CBS (ended 1980)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Requiem for a Son
      Barnaby Jones was retired from running a successful detective agency and had turned the business over to his son, Hal Jones. While working on a case Hal Jones is murdered so Barnaby comes out of retirement to find his son's killer along with help from fellow detective Frank Cannon (William Conrad).

      After the case is solved Barnaby realizes he missed the life of a private detective and so he comes out of retirement.moreless
    • To Catch a Dead Man
      Wealthy married Philip Carlyle persuades unwitting Mike Hartney to sail his cabin cruiser with a time bomb aboard. After the explosion Phil is believed to be dead and can begin a new life with his mistress Diane. Julie hires Barnaby to search for her friend Mike.
    • Sunday-Doomsday
      Episode 3
      Just released from prison Howard Lee plots revenge on Barnaby who he feels is responsible for him going to prison.
    • The Murdering Class
      Paul Thayer accidentally kills George Enright after he is caught stealing test answers. His friend Charles Lomax makes it look like a drunken George stole money and fell to death. Barnaby is hired to investigate and clear George's name.
    • Perchance to Kill
      Tony Bloom accuses his associate Steve Kingston of a theft and of having an affair with his wife. Steve kills Tony pretending an assault by two hippies. Barnaby is hired to find Christie and her hippy friend Eric who will be arrested under suspicion of murder.
    • The Loose Connection
      Barnaby travels to Baja California with Eleanor to find her father. Way back his car is damaged in an accident. Unwittingly he has been used as heroin courier. He calls Eleanor to account and they let themselves in for a dangerous gamble with the dope pushers.
    • Murder in the Doll's House
      While working on a revealing book Harry Doyle is killed. Looking for the missing writer and his manuscript Barnaby meets Harry's friend Nancy. Finally he spots the missing pages in the doll's house of Craig Woodridge's aunt. Does Craig have a shady past?
    • Sing a Song of Murder
      When rock music star Rick Michaels accidentally falls into his empty pool his girl friend April thinks he is dead. Rick's managers Rooney and Paige believe the same and fearing for their salary they feign a kidnapping. Barnaby searches for April, who disappeared.
    • See Some Evil, Do Some Evil
      Harry Warren is shot by Stanley Lambert, the seemingly blind pianist at "The Offside" club. Barnaby finds out that larger amounts from Warren's account did not go to his mistress Jenny. He tries to expose Stanley as a person with eyesight and a blackmailer.
    • Murder Go-Round
      Murder Go-Round
      Episode 10
      Nick Gorman, who tries in vain to meet Johnny Arthur, is killed in a hit-and-run accident. Barnaby poses as a man on a fishing trip to investigate. The townspeople Flory, Johnson, Spake and Rile draw lots on who should kill Barnaby. They all acquired sudden wealth.
    • To Denise, With Love and Murder
      Alex Chandler kills his mistress Denise during a quarrel, because she talked to his rich wife Hazel hoping to encourage a divorce. A disappointed Hazel leaves home and as she does not return her brother hires Barnaby to find out whether Alex murdered Hazel.
    • A Little Glory, a Little Death
      Gloria overhears aging movie star Jason Craig's involvement in drug smuggling. Her blackmail threat leads to her death and Jason pushes her car over a cliff. Her daughter Doris hires Barnaby, who is put out of action. Jones tells Doris to disguise as Gloria.
    • Twenty Million Alibis
      During a TV talk show presenting his memoirs former jewel thief Tony Neill plans to steal a diamond necklace unnoticed during a break. He succeeds, but kills the butler. Barnaby is hired by an insurance company to find jewelry and asks Neill for advice.
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