Barnaby Jones

Season 1 Episode 5

Perchance to Kill

Aired Unknown Mar 11, 1973 on CBS

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  • The new usual suspects.

    It appears that audiences can't be sufficiently entertained when Ockham's Razor (basically, the premise that the simplest explanation to a mystery is usually the right one) applies. That's understandable, since a script with twists and turns keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Barnaby Jones is one such show. In this episode, the suspects in the murder of a respectable citizen are at first a couple of hippies. However, Barnaby's investigation concludes (as the audience already sees) that the real culprit is in fact another respectable citizen. Of course, who else? Hippies, we are told, aren't normally bad people. Businessmen and such are the new "usual suspects". And this was barely three and a half years after the Manson murders, in which case the murderers were hippies, and the victims were businessmen and socialites.