Barnaby Jones

CBS (ended 1980)


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  • A television series that returned Buddy Ebson and teamed him with Miss America,1955

    Barnaby Jones was a 65 year old private detective based out of Los Angeles, California. He is lured out of retirement after his son Hal was murdered during a case.

    Armed with a gun and a big 1970's Ford Crown Victoria(Quinn Martin tie-in). He rides the trail getting involved in cases that involve foul play, and unusual circumstances. His office located in Downtown Los Angeles also has an extensive library and forensic lab.

    Assisting him is Lee Merriweather(Miss America 1955) as his daughter in-law Betty and later in the series. Mark Shera as Jedidiah Romano(JR)Jones, his cousin and a law student who also helps Barnaby and Betty.

    Guest stars include: Bradford Dillman, Roddy McDowell, William Conrad(As Frank Cannon), Jamie Farr, Mike Farrel, Leslie Nielson, Jaqueline Scott, and many others.