Barnaby Jones - Season 4

CBS (ended 1980)


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Episode Guide

  • The Stalking Horse
    The Stalking Horse
    Episode 24
    Stayley Kircher, a warehouse owner, hires Barnaby to find out who tried to kill him. Barnaby poses as long lost brother Harry Kircher with Betty as his Girl Friday. They discover that several employees of unwitting Stayley are involved in a munition contraband.
  • The Eyes of Terror
    The Eyes of Terror
    Episode 23
    A friend of Barnaby's, Dori Crandall, asks him to help Arlie Burke, a seemingly mentally retarded youth suspected of rape and murder. One victim shows traces of Arley's clay, but Barnaby also finds pipe tobacco and animal hairs, that lead him to the real murderer.
  • Wipeout
    Episode 22
    Handsome, irascible Taylor Chappell slays Donna and throws her into the sea. When Herbie Webster discovers Taylor is a woman hater due to an unnatural love to his sister Anna Lisa, he is also killed. Barnaby finds out that Taylor and Anna Lisa moved several times.
  • Dangerous Gambit
    Dangerous Gambit
    Episode 21
    While Frank Dunlap distracts the bank manager, clerk Joyce Elkins hides $250 000 in a false ledger and her colleague Angie locks it in a safe deposit box. Double crossed Jerry Kennedy pursues Joyce, who runs into a car. The driver asks Barnaby to find the witness.
  • Deadly Reunion
    Deadly Reunion
    Episode 20
    When the owner of a restaurant, Rick Lorenzo, is found drowned by the sea, Barnaby is hired to investigate. Betty hopes to prove the innocence of murder suspect Vince Bradford, Lorenzo's successor, as Vince once was her boy friend before he married wealthy Nora.
  • Shadow of Guilt
    Shadow of Guilt
    Episode 19
    Lyle Harrison discovers the affair between his wife Ginny and Rod Cursey and gets furious. In a quarrel he is thrown from his horse and Cursey lets the horse stamp on him. Cursey diverts suspicion to Carlos Rojas, a supposed witness, who is feeling guilty himself.
  • Silent Vendetta
    Silent Vendetta
    Episode 18
    When writing the revealing memoirs of ex-crime boss Al Felix his ghostwriter Gideon is killed. Felix escapes and hides at the home of his friends Karl and Lottie to continue writing and wondering who betrayed him. Barnaby locates Felix, so does mob head Redmon.
  • Hostage
    Episode 17
    Betty is abducted by Corey Doyle. He demands Barnaby to prove the innocence of his brother Joe, who was sentenced for having murdered his wife, a case Barnaby rejected before. Jones, fearing for Betty's life, is given only 48 hours to find the real murderer.
  • The Lonely Victims
    The Lonely Victims
    Episode 16
    At a rendezvous with Ann marriage impostor Frank is recognized by his former victim Laura and pushes her from a roof. Sheila, a victim trying to blackmail him, is also killed. Barnaby finds out that the companies where Sheila and Laura worked were robbed.
  • Dead Heat
    Dead Heat
    Episode 15
    Ray Dixon exchanges the hay fever medicine of swimmer Andy Cavanaugh, a competitor of his son Norm, for amphetamines. Andy dies of an allergic shock and Barnaby is hired to clear his name. Ray puts the blame on Coach Sid and kills Gwen who gave him the drugs.
  • Portrait of Evil
    Portrait of Evil
    Episode 14
    Abby Reinhart and her lover, restorer Tony Barrer, plan to cheat her older, wealthy husband Gutherie with an art forgery. When Gutherie overhears the plot, he dies from a heart attack. Abby and Tony try to conceal the death until the paint of the fake is dried.
  • Final Burial
    Final Burial
    Episode 13
    Barnaby is hired by Evelyn to find bigamist husband Harold Murphy. Lisa, the second wife, romances Todd Ballinger. Harold discovers them, is killed by Todd in a scuffle and they get rid of the corpse. But the faked death is part of a scheme to blackmail Todd.
  • A Taste for Murder
    A Taste for Murder
    Episode 12
    On her 21th birthday Allison Clark gets an emerald necklace, that is stolen. Barnaby investigates for the insurance company. The accomplice of the thief is Kathy Cooper, Allison's friend from the Riding Academy, who romances Alison's wealthy widowed father.
  • Blood Relations
    Blood Relations
    Episode 11
    Kelly Anderson, an adopted young heiress, hired Marvin Kates to search for her real mother. When Kates is killed Barnaby takes over. He traces the mother Mary Willson. But there is also her sister Anita, who tries to prevent Mary from meeting Kelly.
  • Beware the Dog
    Beware the Dog
    Episode 10
    Joe Beecher is killed by the white Alsatian of his stepson Colin. Barnaby investigates for California Meridian Insurance as Beecher had a life insurance with double indemnity. Did Joe's wife Laura train the dog, as he had an affair with his ex-secretary Claudia?
  • Fatal Witness
    Fatal Witness
    Episode 9
    Impaired by a skiing accident young Kathy watches Dr. Melford quarreling with neighbor Mrs. Rickers, then killing her. Barnaby is hired by Melford's lawyer. Kathy's credibility is doubted as after her accident she has been suffering from hallucinations.
  • Double Vengeance
    Double Vengeance
    Episode 8
    Brina Douglas kills her older husband in a buggy accident at Dryers Canyon as revenge for her father's death, whom he ruined. Barnaby investigates for the insurance company. Brina also wants to get rid of Ray Greenwald. Gil, a third associate, fakes Ray's murder.
  • Flight to Danger
    Flight to Danger
    Episode 7
    When stewardess Rachel discovers she has been unwittingly used by her boy friend Mark to smuggle heroin from Hong Kong, she is killed by a drug overdose. Barnaby, hired to clear Rachel's name, traces Mark Seagert and Ken Morley, who make an attempt on his life.
  • The Alpha-Bravo War
    Two teams Alpha and Bravo compete in the development of missile designs. When a man of the Bravo team is killed by a misdirected missile, Barnaby is hired to find out whether it was an accident or sabotage. Or is it a jealous husband who kills Alpha marksman?
  • Honeymoon with Death
    On a fishing trip Barnaby is hired by Dwight Kincaid, whose bride Vickie disappeared just after being married. Barnaby discovers that she is held captive in the house of wealthy Stu Fannon. She once was his secretary and Stu thinks she hides a financial ledger.
  • The Price of Terror
    Arlene James hires Barnaby to investigate the 'accidental' death of her fiance Larry in a lumberyard. Barnaby traces Tally Morgan, a karate expert who killed three people trying to uncover a black market business with heavy equipment salvaged in Vietnam.
  • The Orchid Killer
    The Orchid Killer
    Episode 3
    Wealthy Tim Landis spent two years at a hospital for the criminally insane but cannot remember the murder he was accused of. After another person is killed he hires Barnaby to find out his guilt or innocence. The murderer always leaves an orchid with the victim.
  • Theater of Fear
    Theater of Fear
    Episode 2
    Shirley Evans, a former theater star, had to stop her career due to blows of fate, a fatal car accident and alcoholism. Now she plans a comeback, but is harassed by telephone calls and pursued by a prowler. Is it Lloyd Kilgore, who is found dead in Shirley's pool?
  • The Deadly Conspiracy (Part 2)
    Cannon and Jones try in vain to convince Lt. Biddle that Bud McKenna's death was murder. Betty occupies Gordon's secretary Alice Parks, while Cannon searches her apartment. The detectives uncover an international conspiracy and escape two attempts on their lives.