Barnaby Jones - Season 5

CBS (ended 1980)


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Episode Guide

  • Run Away to Terror
    Run Away to Terror
    Episode 24
    Barnaby is hired by wealthy Mr Enright to find his daughter Julie who ran away from home. While waiting outside a parking garage for her boyfriend Steve, Julie hits a man coming out of the garage and not knowing her boyfriend had shot the man, Julie thinks she has killed the man. With the help of her friend, Gloria, Julie tries to hide out and find peace at the "Garden of Elyseum". Things are not what they seem at the garden and the leaders hold Julie hostage and demand ransom for her. It is up to Barnaby and J.R. to find and rescue Julie.moreless
  • The Inside Man
    The Inside Man
    Episode 23
    When Ralph Alcott foils an armored car robbery he is celebrated as a hero and befriends Chris, the daughter of his boss. Barnaby is hired to find a possible inside man, who turns out to be Ralph. As Alcott kills one of his accomplices, the other one abducts Chris.
  • Duet for Danger
    Duet for Danger
    Episode 22
    The singing sisters Ruby and Pearl Connors from the episode "Duet for Dying" join a prison escape and seek Lester Gibson's help to travel to Nashville. His bride Mary Beth asks Barnaby to find Lester. When Ruby and Pearl try to cheat club owner De Marco he forces them to distract gambler Kingston. Eventually Barnaby and J.R. must come to the rescue of Lester and the duo.moreless
  • The Deadly Valentine
    The "Valentine Murderer" already has killed three women after sending them letters and candy. When Betty, who has just moved into a new apartment, also receives a Valentine gift everyone assumes she is next on the killer's list. While Barnaby and J.R. search for the killer, Betty is assigned a police body guard whom she dated briefly. Barnaby and J.R. find the killer but Betty turns out to still be in danger.moreless
  • The Killer on Campus
    Barnaby has to investigate the apparent suicide of instructor Kemper from Rutledge University. Barnaby and J.R. discover that Kemper and Doris Carson were former members of an underground revolutionary cell, and planned to write a revealing book.
  • Anatomy of Fear
    Anatomy of Fear
    Episode 19
    Three young men from a carpet cleaning company, Tony, Vic and Casey, intrude in the house of Betty's friend Sharon and she is raped by Tony. Barnaby and J.R. manage to capture Casey, but Tony abducts Betty and demands to receive Sharon in exchange.
  • Circle of Treachery
    Circle of Treachery
    Episode 18
    After an attempt on his life Fritz Simon is reluctant to testify against Monte Kovell in a race track robbery. J.R. falls in love with pretty Laura and even gets her a job at the detective agency, not knowing she is spying for Kovell's accomplice Stroop.
  • Duet for Dying
    Duet for Dying
    Episode 17
    The singing sisters Pearl and Ruby - prettier than talented - accidentally kill Harry Dunbar and Pearl steals his rare coin collection. Dunbar's widow hired Barnaby to find out if Dunbar did really drown or if he was murdered. While checking out clubs that Dunbar frequented, Barnaby is told that Dunbar left the club with the sisters and when they try to fence the coins it puts Barnaby and J.R. on their trail. After killing Pearl's boyfriend, Harley and framing his co-worker, Lester for the murder, J.R. poses as a friend of Harley and Lester's to trick the sister into confessing their involvement in the frame and murders.moreless
  • The Marathon Murders
    During a Marathon Group Therapy weekend Ken Scanlan talks about his wife Ruth from whom he is separated. Lorraine, with whom he had a brief affair, slays Ruth to help Ken. As Ruth's life insurance policy had a double-indemnity clause, Barnaby and J.R. investigate hoping to stop any further murders.
  • A Simple Case of Terror
    Since Vietnam Peggy Landry cares for her husband Tom as he suffers from a weakness of memory. Lee Wallace stabs Stevens and makes his friend Tom believe that he is the murderer. Barnaby is hired anonymously by Peggy when Stevens doesn't show up for work and she fears Tom may have something to do with it. J.R. goes undercover as a worker at the warehouse where the anonymous letter came from in an attempt to find out the facts leading to Stevens death.moreless
  • Copy-Cat Killing
    Copy-Cat Killing
    Episode 14
    Sheriff Bradden kills the lover of his young unfaithful wife Kitty by copying the ‘Colverton Hangman'. To clear the victim's name, his sister hires Barnaby, who is an old acquaintance of Rolly Bradden. Barnaby finds inconsistencies between this murder and the other murders and he and J.R. investigate to uncover the truth.moreless
  • Testament of Power
    Testament of Power
    Episode 13
    Matthews and Ryan want to get access to an altered last will of billionaire R.C. Bradley. While holding Margaret Jason against her will, she escapes and falls to her death. Her daughter Linda doubts a suicide and asks Barnaby for help. J.R. becomes infatuated with Linda and he and Barnaby try to find out the connection between Mrs. Jason and Mr. Bradley.moreless
  • The Deadly Charade
    The Deadly Charade
    Episode 12
    Paul Nugent kills his rich cousin Sandra, hurts himself and fakes a jewel burglary. Sandra had a life insurance policy and Barnaby is called in to investigate for the insurance company since there is suspicion that Harris Lassister, her husband from whom she was separated might have killed her. Meanwhile Betty is charmed and starts dating Paul. Barnaby and J.R. must come to the rescue when Betty finds herself in danger.moreless
  • Sister of Death
    Sister of Death
    Episode 11
    Marie Holcomb is clinging to life when someone pulls the plug on her life support. Her sister, Terry who is a nun was the last one with Marie before the plug was pulled. Her Mother Superior hires Barnaby to prove that Terry is innocent and during their investigation Barnaby and J.R. find that Marie was involved in prostitution and blackmail.moreless
  • Fraternity of Thieves
    Roger, Al and Lester, three former college fraternity brothers want to solve their financial problems by stealing diamonds. During their preparations Lester is shot by a guard. Barnaby is hired by Lester's wife to try and find the missing man. During the investigation, Barnaby and J.R. uncover and foil the plans that Roger and Al have continued with after Lester's death.moreless
  • Renegade's Child
    Renegade's Child
    Episode 9
    Wayne Lockwood and his girlfriend Julie robbed a super market and she was caught and sent to prison. After her release Barnaby is hired to find her six-year old son Jody who has been living with Wayne and who he has been taking on his trips to sell guns to arms dealers.moreless
  • The Bounty Hunter
    The Bounty Hunter
    Episode 8
    During an attempt to escape from prison, Hopper gets away, two people are killed and Watson is caught and facing a murder charge. Hired to clear Watson, Barnaby tries to find Hopper who is looking for money from a robbery that he committed before going to prison. Bounty hunter Kilgore is also hired to find Watson and get rid of him.moreless
  • Voice in the Night
    Voice in the Night
    Episode 7
    Barnaby investigates the murder of three people, a medic, a judge and the owner of a lodge. Shortly before their death they received phone calls from Cynthia, who after being raped was confined to a mental institution and was supposed to have drowned a year ago.
  • Band of Evil
    Band of Evil
    Episode 6
    During a fishing vacation Barnaby and J.R. are hired by rancher Tim Carter to investigate a conversation overheard by Carter's daughter,Cassie, on her CB radio. Cassie believes that a hired hand, was the victim of foul play on his way out of town. J.R. uses his knowledge of the lingo used on CB radios to help Barnaby figure out that the disappearance is tied to a drug smuggling operation.moreless
  • Final Ransom
    Final Ransom
    Episode 5
    Doyle Egan and his girlfriend Angie kidnap Cathy Ann Bentley from her wealthy parents. Before he can collect the ransom money Doyle is arrested for robbery and sent to prison. In the meantime Angie raises Cathy Ann as her own daughter. Years later Doyle is released and calls the Bentleys again to try and get the money for their daughter. Barnaby is hired to try and find out if the girl is still alive.moreless
  • The Fatal Dive
    The Fatal Dive
    Episode 4
    The members of Trident Diving School hire Barnaby to investigate the death of their colleague. Barnaby meets Carl Everett and his assistant Alice Caldwell who claim to be searching for a sunken treasure. J.R. who is certified in scuba makes dives and searches for clues underwater while Barnaby and Betty do the same on land.moreless
  • Sins of Thy Father
    Sins of Thy Father
    Episode 3
    In order to get the same recognition as his older brother, Danny Reeves robs laundered gambling money from his father, a syndicate man, and is responsible for the death of a pilot. Barnaby and J.R. investigate for the pilot's wife to find out what really happened to her husband since she does not believe it was an accident.moreless
  • Deadline for Dying
    Deadline for Dying
    Episode 2
    Ben Ross is pushed to his death off a cliff after telling reporter Larry Christopher about an ecological association that is a fraud. Barnaby and J.R. investigate for Ross' wife to find out what really happened to him and uncover the misdealings along the way.
  • Blood Vengeance
    Blood Vengeance
    Episode 1
    Barnaby's cousin, Monroe Jones, a Chicago police sergeant, gets a tip from an informant (Tony Ritter) that the man (Walter Cahill) who murdered his partner six years ago is living in Los Angeles. When Sgt.Jones arrives in L.A. to meet up with Ritter, he is murdered at the airport by the same killer. Monroe's son, Jedediah Romano (J.R.) Jones, arrives in L.A. to track down his father's killer and to avenge his father's death. J.R. goes to Barnaby for help in finding Tony Ritter hoping that Ritter can lead him to Monroe's killer. Barnaby and J.R. follow various leads but it is a phone call that is made while Barnaby is out of the office that leads J.R. to a confrontation alone with his father's killer. Unfortunately for J.R., Cahill is well skilled in karate and easily knocks J.R. out. Just as he is about to kill J.R., Barnaby shows up and shoots Cahill, wounding him so that he can not harm J.R. After everything is resolved, J.R. decides that he would like to stay in L.A., and asks Barnaby to hire him to work part time while he studies for the California Bar.moreless