Barnaby Jones - Season 6

CBS (ended 1980)


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  • The Coronado Triangle
    Barnaby and Betty go to San Diego to help Glen Wilcox who suspects that several yachts that disappeared in the "Coronado Triangle" were hijacked. Dawn, the only survivor of a recent disaster, claims to have seen a giant whirlpool. She covers for Lloyd, one of the highjackers. J.R. goes undercover as a rich playboy to try and be the next victim of the hijackers.moreless
  • Terror on a Quiet Afternoon
    Amy Vickers is harassed by rejected admirer Mitchell Grady II. She comes to Barnaby looking for help and since Barnaby is busy with another case, J.R. takes the case. Amy needs to take some medical records to her father who is in an out of town hospital so J.R. drives her there. The two of them are followed by Mitch and two of his lackeys and they are forced to seek refuge in a cabin. While at the cabin they are terrorized by Mitch and his friends.moreless
  • Uninvited Peril
    Uninvited Peril
    Episode 20
    A desperate mother, Verna Davis, requests Betty's help to find her missing son, Duane. Betty does not know that he is an escaped criminally insane killer. She locates Duane, who is seriously injured by a bullet. Verna abducts a doctor and forces him to help.
  • Final Judgment (Part 2)
    Feeling guilty, Barnaby tries to locate a witness for the defense but when the girl Hayley is murdered Barnaby is shattered. He finds out that Gates, a former police detective, covered up for the kidnappers. During a shooting Gates is seriously injured by Barnaby, but his current boss Kingman doesn't show much efforts to help him.moreless
  • Final Judgment (Part 1)
    Shortly before leaving for a fishing trip Barnaby gets a telephone call from a desperate Jennifer Rhodes, whose husband was convicted of kidnapping the Sayers's child eleven years ago due to Barnaby's testimony. Barnaby can rescue her from an attempted suicide. Feeling guilty, he tries to locate a witness for the defense but when the girl Hayley is murdered Barnaby is shattered.moreless
  • Prime Target
    Prime Target
    Episode 17
    Working under cover J.R. tries to befriend Maggie Revell, a young woman just released from prison. Barnaby and J.R. hope she will lead them to her boy friend Jack and to $400 000 from a robbery. But Jack's betrayed accomplice is also looking for the money.
  • A Ransom in Diamonds
    Warren Christie, manager of a jewelry store, steals several diamonds to ransom his abducted wife but when Stan Donaldson tries to deliver the gems they are robbed. Barnaby investigates for the insurance company and offers his help for a second delivery.
  • The Scapegoat
    The Scapegoat
    Episode 15
    When discovered while robbing a coin collection Dewey Lassiter, a cocaine addict, kills June. Prime suspect is J.R.'s law school class mate Walt, June's boy friend. To protect his guilty son, famous attorney Gordon Lassiter offers to defend Walt, but frames him instead, leaving it up to J.R. to help Walt prove his innocence.moreless
  • Child of Danger
    Child of Danger
    Episode 14
    Don Hopkins, a friend from college, invites Betty for lunch and then suddenly disappears, leaving his son Charlie in her custody. Two ex-fellow prisoners, Jim and Nick, force Don to join them in robbing a coin exchange.
  • Deadly Homecoming
    Deadly Homecoming
    Episode 13
    Barnaby and J.R. go to San Leone to help out an old friend of Barnaby's, Carmine Sandell. Carmine asks Barnaby to find out why his son Joe was killed. When Joe's brother Nick is killed a few days later, Tomás Aguilar becomes the prime suspect. His sister Linda, who has just returned to town, was once drugged and raped by the young Sandells and has spent the last 3 years in a sanitarium because of it.moreless
  • Prisoner of Deceit
    Prisoner of Deceit
    Episode 12
    Barnaby is hired solve the death of Jack Crandall who had an affair with Tracy Wilder. Barnaby finds out that Jack suspected Tracy's considerably older husband Godfrey to be involved in the death of Tracy's wealthy father during a fire twelve years ago. Tracy has a habit of convincing men to feel sorry for her and then they end up dead, she tries to make J.R. her latest victim.moreless
  • The Devil's Handmaiden
    Barnaby investigates the fatal accident of an insurant with double indemnity clause and meets twelve-year-old Julie Tyler, who predicted the death. When Julie tells Barnaby that missing Ferris is also dead, her mother suspects she is in league with the devil.
  • Shadow of Fear
    Shadow of Fear
    Episode 10
    While repairing the small cottage inherited from her aunt Betty is injured. She is treated by sympathetic doctor Paul Tierney. Paul is pursued by three men who seek revenge because he abandoned them in Vietnam. Betty becomes fond of him and tries to repay the help.
  • The Reincarnation
    The Reincarnation
    Episode 9
    Barnaby and J.R go to Lake Crystabol to investigate the death of Dr. Welker for the insurance company. Dr. Welker was killed by a dropping flower pot while outside at Diane Magnus' party. Diane thinks that David, the boy friend of her niece Gwen, is the reincarnation of her husband Thomas, murdered 20 years ago.moreless
  • The Captives
    The Captives
    Episode 8
    Attempting to locate Gloria, a runaway wife, Barnaby goes to the small town of Las Mesas, which is deserted due to the fair at Colverton. Earl, Ritchie and Tom plan to rob an armored car transport. They hold Gloria, the remaining townspeople and Barnaby as captives. It is up to J.R. to rescue Barnaby and the others when he can't convince the local authorities that something is wrong in Las Mesas.moreless
  • Daughter of Evil
    Daughter of Evil
    Episode 7
    While call girl Felice dines with André LeClair her boss,Harry burglarizes LeClair's home and shoots and kills a security guard. Barnaby and J.R.investigate for the insurance company and it turns out Harry and his partner Lorette Gray, run an answering service that is a front for a call girl service. While the girls are out with the clients, Harry rips them off.moreless
  • Gang War
    Gang War
    Episode 6
    J.R. is abducted by members of the street gang "The Scorpions" and forced to solve the murder of their co-leader Marco within 2 days to prevent a gang war with the rivaling "Hawks". Barnaby wants J.R. released but J.R. decides that he wants to try and help "The Scorpions"
  • The Damocles Gun
    The Damocles Gun
    Episode 5
    When Peggy Giroux meets her brother Neal at a restaurant he mysteriously vanishes after being injured by a hit-and-run driver. Peggy hires Barnaby to locate Neal and he and J.R. find out that Neal is a professional killer who hides a gun proving his boss murdered a man years ago.
  • Yesterday's Terror
    Yesterday's Terror
    Episode 4
    Frances Dunslay, married to a successful husband, is confronted with her past as a call girl when Cal Green blackmails her. She steals bonds from her husband's company and even hires Rudy Markham to kill Green. Barnaby and J.R. investigate to find the missing bonds.
  • The Wife Beater
    The Wife Beater
    Episode 3
    Pat Halston seeks the help of her friend Betty as she is repeatedly beaten by her drunken husband Glenn, who is reluctant to consult a psychologist. When Pat's boss David Conrad is slain suspicion falls on the jealous Glenn, who protests his innocence.
  • The Mercenaries
    The Mercenaries
    Episode 2
    In his first big undercover assignment J.R. Jones tries to locate his friend Danny Corman, who joined a private army of mercenaries in order to pay the doctor for his ill wife.J.R. joins the same group of mercenaries and with the help of "Lobo," J.R. and Danny foil a plot to assassinate a Near East dictator.moreless
  • Death Beat
    Death Beat
    Episode 1
    When Jim Anders jumps from a bridge a priest is dragged along and killed. Jim's girl friend Wendy, watching the event on Devitt Robinson's TV report, hires Barnaby as she doubts a suicide. Barnaby finds out that Robinson works with manufactured news.
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