Barnaby Jones - Season 7

CBS (ended 1980)


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  • Temptation
    Episode 25
    To convict Rick Garrett of murder, Lt. Biddle tried to develop Rick's ex girl friend nurse Julie into a secret witness and fell in love with her. When a second witness is killed, J.R. investigates, finding clues that point to Biddle. Barnaby and J.R. try to help the framed one.
  • Target for a Wedding
    Barnaby visits his god-daughter Laurie for her wedding with Lester, but the murder of Laurie's uncle Tully, a prospector, casts a shadow on the event. Laurie falls for Blue Simpson, not knowing that he killed Tully and wants to marry her as she will inherit a gold mine.
  • Child of Love, Child of Vengeance (Part 2)
    During the course of their investigations Barnaby gets his license revoked due to a false accusation, and J.R. joins the "Center" to find Diana, who turns out to be the illegitimate child of Mimi Nettleson Chiles of Nettleson Corp. and the leader of the religious cult, Garrison, rejected by Mimi's family.moreless
  • Child of Love, Child of Vengeance (Part 1)
    Shortly after lawyer Adams of Nettleson Corporation withdraws a commission from Barnaby, he is killed. In trying to solve the case, Barnaby and J.R. are assisted by Stephanie Capello, a young colleague of Adams, who tells he was searching for Diana Scott. Diana went to the "Center for Spiritual Enlightenment".
  • A Short Happy Life
    A Short Happy Life
    Episode 21
    Buoyant Foxey comes to visit her cousin Betty, and is dated by fellow passenger Arnie. She doesn't know that he hid the key to a locker in one of her pinching sandals, now sent to a shoe repair. Foxey is pursued by two men, who try to get the key after killing Arnie.moreless
  • Master of Deception
    Master of Deception
    Episode 20
    Darryl Enders copies secret files from Veretex Electronics, where his wife Pauline works. She discovers the photos and is killed. Barnaby finds out that Darryl is a bigamist with another wife, Linda, secretary at a company cooperating on the same secret project.
  • Fatal Overture
    Fatal Overture
    Episode 19
    Betty witnesses the quarrel of a neighbor with two women. On the next day one of them is dead and the man, Peter Kirkland, asks Betty to investigate the apparent suicide. He fears his jealous, unbalanced wife Virginia might have committed a crime.
  • The Protectors
    The Protectors
    Episode 18
    Two masked men threaten wealthy business man Charles Abbott. Once he escapes, he hires a highly modern security team called "Counterforce". Barnaby is investigating for the insurance company and the head of Counterforce asks Barnaby to help in solving the case.
  • Dance with Death
    Dance with Death
    Episode 17
    When staying with her ex-roommate, disco dancer Penny, Felicia Norris is shot. Penny believes the attempt was meant for her, and fearing for her life she asks Barnaby for help. Barnaby turns the case over to J.R. While investigating, J.R. finds out that in fact Felicia's husband hired Penny's dancing partner Gary to get rid of his wife.moreless
  • The Enslaved
    The Enslaved
    Episode 16
    Investigating a fatal accident at an institution for addicts, Betty gets back in touch with her friend Peggy, now turned into an alcoholic. Betty poses as an addict and discovers that the "vitamins" wealthy patients receive are drugs to make them suffer a relapse.
  • Echo of a Distant Battle (Part 2)
    When an eager D.A. threatens with a charge of negligent homicide a shattered Barnaby wants to give up the case, but Dorothy asks him to continue. Barnaby uncovers that several soldiers robbed gold in Vietnam and then deserted. Barnaby and J.R. try to figure out how Colby Warner fits into that picture or if he does at all.moreless
  • Echo of a Distant Battle (Part 1)
    Barnaby is hired by Dorothy Warner to find out whether her missing husband Colby really was a deserter in Vietnam. Trying to locate Warner's war comrade Lee Henderson, Barnaby gets involved in a shooting and a ricochet shot from his gun kills a seemingly innocent bystander. Barnaby and J.R. continue to try and under cover exactly what happened to Colby Warner.moreless
  • The Medium
    The Medium
    Episode 13
    Father Donovan hires Barnaby and J.R. to find his missing sister and requests the help of the young psychic Cleo da Vinci. J.R. befriends Cleo, but at first she is reluctant to use her clairvoyant talent.
  • Academy of Evil
    Academy of Evil
    Episode 12
    When several teachers of Westhaven Academy for Girls are afflicted by mysterious accidents, Betty goes undercover and finds out about a secret society that punishes not only strict teachers but also disloyal members. Her life is endangered when Olivia, the leader, discovers her identity.
  • The Picture Pirates
    The Picture Pirates
    Episode 11
    To pay the debts of his girl friend Rita, Jimmy Collier gives brand new motion pictures to film pirates. Editor Ken discovers him, but is killed by Jimmy's accomplices. J.R. arranges a meeting with Francesca and Barnaby poses as a black market film buyer.
  • Memory of a Nightmare
    When driving her boyfriend Larry Reed to the airport, Betty is forced off the road by a car. Larry is killed and Betty loses her memory about the accident. While Betty recovers, Barnaby and J.R. investigate to find out who might have killed Larry.
  • Victim of Love
    Victim of Love
    Episode 9
    Julia Schumacher, a girlfriend of J.R.'s from high school, divorced her violent husband Floyd recently. She travels from Chicago to L.A. to find a job and to withhold their son Danny from Floyd. J.R. tries to mediate when Floyd threatens Julia to force her to come back.
  • Stages of Fear
    Stages of Fear
    Episode 8
    Laura Harding, Betty's acting teacher from college, asks for help when Sybil Crawford, leading lady of a musical, is haunted by a series of threats. Betty poses as an actress to investigate. Sybil's boy friend is killed and the solution seems to lie in the girl's past.
  • A Frame for Murder
    A Frame for Murder
    Episode 7
    During a restaurant date with Drew Barber, the daughter of Barnaby's client, J.R.'s coffee is drugged, and he passes out on the drive home. He awakes in a strange room and is arrested with accusation of rape. Released on bail, he searches for the man who drugged him, but his attempts to speak with his accuser gets his bail revoked, and he finds himself on the run. Barnaby investigates Barber's past and links him to a murder in Cleveland and the reason for the frame of J.R.moreless
  • Death of a Friendship
    Jeff McKnight is kidnapped and his wealthy father Dan asks Barnaby to assist Paul Craig with the ransom payoff. When his friend Paul is killed after the delivery Barnaby feels guilty. He doesn't know that Paul faked his death to escape with the money and Ellie, Jeff's girl friend.
  • Nest of Scorpions
    Nest of Scorpions
    Episode 5
    Frank Leeds, a real estate developer, mysteriously disappears while staying at the Big Cedar Lodge. In search of Frank, J.R. encounters Emily and her nieces Melissa and Sarah, who kill any intruder and J.R. will be their next target.
  • Hitch-hike to Terror
    When young Shelly hitch-hikes to L.A. the driver vanishes after an accident, leaving her with drugs in the car. As Shelly is arrested she claims that Barnaby is her father. Jones visits her at the hospital and tries to clear the girl, whose mother he knew years ago.
  • Deadly Sanctuary
    Deadly Sanctuary
    Episode 3
    During her vacation Betty visits her friend Phyllis. When a young woman whom she denied help is raped, Betty feels guilty and starts to investigate on her own. Once Barnaby and J.R. realize the danger Betty is putting herself in, J.R. goes out to help Betty. Together they question the previous victims and Betty then decides to pose as bait for the rapist to catch him.moreless
  • A Dangerous Affair
    A Dangerous Affair
    Episode 2
    While investigating for the insurance company whether Frank Auburn's death was an accident, J.R. falls in love with beautiful Scotty, who works for Vic Chambers as a model. She takes care of lonely customers and a hidden camera films it so Vic can blackmail the men.
  • Blind Jeopardy
    Blind Jeopardy
    Episode 1
    Mrs. Russell hires Barnaby to locate Jenny Hastings, who witnessed a murder that Mrs.Russell's husband is about to go on trial for. Barnaby thinks he has located Jenny in a motel a few miles outside of Colverton and while Barnaby is on the phone having Betty check out the license number, Jenny is abducted by men who are working for Curt Phillips. Phillips wants to make sure that Jenny is not around to testify at the trial. While following them into a forest area Barnaby is wounded by a bullet and left blinded. Escaped Jenny discovers him and both try to flee on foot, pursued by the men. Back at the office J.R. has become concerned since he can't reach Barnaby and he sets out to look for him. J.R. arrives in just the nick of time to rescue Barnaby.moreless
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