Barney and Friends

Season 1 Episode 26

Doctor Barney is Here!

Aired Sunday 10:00 AM May 11, 1992 on PBS

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  • This is a good eposiode if you'r afraid to go to the doctor. This eposide made me not be afraid of not going to the doctor. Clasic Song's like " Apples &Bannas and many other classic song's

    This eposide is good for teaching children who are affraid to go to the doctor. I think this eposide is one of my favorite eposides. Because I could relate to Kathy. Being afraid of the doctor . This eposide has a lot classic song's for example :
    1. " Boom Ain't It Great To Be Crazy?"
    2. " The Doctor Is A Friend Of Mine"
    3."This Is The Way We Take a Bath"
    5." The Exercise Song"
    6. " The Sleep Song"
    * The same cast of " Be A Friend" apper's in this eposide that though me not and how to be afraid of the doctor.