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  • No wonder everyone hates Barney.

    The fat purple dinosaur sucks. It sucked on--April Fool's Day too, and it sucks still today. Is it even on anymore? I used to tear off one of the eyes on a plush Barney doll I had...I must have unconsciously voiced my opinion about him. The big purple-chemical colored bozo has cheerfully brainwashed our children for years about stuff they could have learned on their own. I felt 1 degree dumber than I should have, watching this piece of garbage. The songs are annoying, the morals reek of parental control, and the children look way too happy to be around a fat purple Tyrannosaurus Rex--don't they eat meat? Perhaps that's why the kids disappear every season... other words: watch something else. Between the Lions, maybe?
  • I can't see why this show has been running this long.

    This is one of the worst preschool shows ever. I'm not saying that because I'm not in the target audience, it's just not something for small children to take to heart.

    The morals are awful. A stranger is a friend you haven't met yet? It's okay to touch dangerous stinging insects? It's okay to put a plastic bag over your head? No! In fact, I remember one episode where this girl is sad because her cat died or something. How does Barney tell her to cope? By singing happily with everyone else. Terrible. Here's another one. One kid wants to sing and dance, one kid wants to color, and the other one wants to read a story. Now, do the kids go off and do what they wanted by themselves? No. They have to all take turns. Oy vey...

    What do we learn? That everyone in the world is happy and that no one is mean on this planet. *shakes head*

    1 out of 10. This is a terrible example of children's television.
  • This show is good for teaching you manner's , repect and how to sing songs . And how to imagion or pretend . Do you know that Barney has a FaceBook and his own websight that is

    This show is a classic show that should personaly stay on the air for gorations and I love watching this show on my youtbe acount. And I like to sing along to the song's which are easy and toally cool and amazing and fun to do . Alot of youtuber's have acount's dedicated to Barney, Or many Barney characters . I have one dedicated to "BabyBop" I think this show should win an award for best T.V. show catrigorey for best learning show and for kid's with special need's and how to care and aprocate life as a child.
  • barney's put on weight!!! no way!!

    ok i will try to be a nice guy on this review but i might get a little grumpy

    OK, after this show first premired on PBS on April 6, 1992, the network started to lose it's educational value when they air kids shows. I mean seriously, what the heck does this show teach kids, absolutly NOTHING, i mean like seriously, even barney the man/dinosaure himself is gettin fat and old and losing his unique dinosaruic touch

    on a more positive note, i would like to say that my favorite characters are Barney, Baby Bop, B.J., Riff, Michael, Amy, Luci, Adam, Derek, Jason, and they really get me goin on a hard day
  • "Barney and Friends" might entertain kids but, not educate them.

    "Barney and Friends" is the popular PBS preschooler show about the adventures of Barney and his friends.

    The tile character Barney is a purple dinosaur that seems to have undergone botox and always seem to smile all the time. Barney educates these somewhat lifeless children about the lessons of life. Throughout the show, Barney would usually dance and sing with the children as part of the lesson. The lesson is usually told with a problem being resolved by a story that Barney likes to tell. At the end, Barney hugs and kisses and says good bye to the kids and at the end becomes a toy again.

    "Barney" is a show that sounds educational but, it isn't. This show's basic problem is that the kids are too perfect, because in Sesame Street the kids are not perfect. The kids in Sesame Street are more realistic like in one episode there was a deaf girl and in another episode there was a kid in a wheelchair. Another problem, Barney is a weird choice for these kids' mentor because dinosaurs seem too scary for little kids. In "Sesame Street" the Muppets were not scary and were nice mentors. Also, it's kind of creepy to see kids that age could have an imaginary friend. Another creepy thing is that Barney is hugging and kissing these kids and I felt that a dinosaur hugging a group of children was too creepy.

    "Barney" is a very flawed show, I think at best this might entertain very little kids maybe one and under. "Barney" does deserve a place in my list of the worst shows I've ever seen.
  • Who thought of this show for kids.

    This review was written by an autistic Boy who has severe communications difficulties. As such we are removing the review but leaving his rating as is. We will be moderating all his posts from this point forward as an effort to avoid any confusion and hurt feelings. This blanking of what he has written will happen to all the "Reviews" he has made at this time, and should any be made in the future they will be done on a case by case basis. Please do not take offence at our sons words or reviews as he is struggling to communicate with a world that he has trouble reasoning with.
  • I used to watch this when I was younger.

    I remember when i was on the bus and they would make up songs out of this show. Instead of "i love you, you love me" they would say something like "i hate barney, you do to, lets kill him..". I know it was kidish and had no point but to teach little kids matters. I don't know why everyone hates this show so much so. The one thing I really do have against this show is that on the news: the dude in the suite took advantage of little kids. Which is really sad that happen. Though this show is past its prime, people should show this show more respect.
  • Such a baby show

    I hate this show. Only watched it once. My brother taugh me a poen about barney that I used to sing everytime barney came on. Here it is... I hate you. You hate me. Let's get together and kill Barney. With a fork and a knife and two by four. No more purple dinosuar. The End
    My cousins are 4 and 6 and they think barney's a babie show.
    they always have. Here is another poem
    I hate you, you hate me,
    We're a disfunctional family.
    Then a shot rang out and Barney hit the floor,
    No more purple dinosaur The End Here is another one
    I hate you
    You hate me
    We're a dysfunctional family
    With a punch and a kick Barney's on the floor
    No more purple dinosaur\ The End here is another one
    I hate you
    You hate me
    Lets get togther and kill Bareny...
    With a great big slap
    and A shot from me to you
    wont you say you help me too The End Here is another one....
    I hate you You hate me Let's all plot to kill Barney When he slips on the wax and falls to the floor, No more purple dinosaur! The End

    So as you can see I Hate Barney
  • I'm sorry but I personally do not like Barney.

    Ugh , okay , I think this show interests kids a lot , but I would not like my children watching Barney , Barney doesn't teach any realities of life , i know that kids are too young to know about "real life" but Barney makes it seems like life is " peachy keen".

    Barney does teach children positive things like for example,, sharing, friendliness , and caring but barney is way too annoying!

    "Clean up , clean up everybody everywhere. Clean up, clean up everybody do your
    share." I mean come on , cleaning is good but that song just get stuck in my head! He is brainwashing me , Barney has to go!
  • I really dislike this show because....

    ....I dislike it because of the big mistake that Barney made when he stubbed his toe and swore on tv. I think thats what happened to him. But even if thats not what happened I still don't like it. Who ever heard of a purple dinosaur anyway? Plus his voice is really way to creepy. I wish that the show was never produced in the first place. I don't have much more to say about this creepy show so I'm telling you this to get passed one hundred words. I'm at eighty nine. Ninety three. Now ninety five. Now i'm passed it. Goodbye.
  • While it was good when it started, it went downhill after the third movie.

    Ok, who was gulity of watching this when a little squirt and ATUCALLY LIKING IT?

    Well, I'm not that sure about you, but I'll admit I am.

    And, to be honest, I don't find it bad.

    Sure, I prefead other Y-rated cartoons liked Sesame street and Author, but this show I found got a lot mork flack to it then it desvered.

    Sure, I admit the seasons after 'Barney's great adventure', I felt the show didn't go all the great.

    But dispite that, I say it didn't desvered as much bashing as it's given

    Mainly because it's part of childhood

    It you want to bash your hearts out on something, do it to Al Kahn, because he desverbs it.
  • this show is so stupid, I am surprised it isn`t cancelled.

    I got a question. Why is this show still on? It has been running since 1992, and almost everyone here absolutely hates Barney. I find the show boring, insufficient, and an insult to the name of t.v. Staring at a blank television screen is more entertaining than this. I used to like this show. Boy, I was a big idiot (I was also only ages 1-4). If I ever see Barney in person, I am going to smack him in the face. Hard! Super hard! With a metal baseball bat! I think Barney is a terrible show. If you hate the show too, press the green thumbs up at the bottom right hand corner. If you disagree, press the red thumbs down right next to it. I hate this show so much! I hate it when barney sings. He sings in every episode! All of the songs are annoying. Especially his "I love you, you love me". Here is a fun song for barney!!!! " I hate you, you hate me, lets all plot to kill barney. With a giant machine gun and blood on the floor, no more purple dinosaur" Like it? That is a song I like. Anyway, Avoid this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Die barney!!!!
  • This is sugar-coated garbage.

    I don't know why I watched this when I was a kid. Honestly, what was wrong with me? Looking at this show now, it just as gotten even worse, if that is at all possible. I have to say this show isn't at all educational and the basics of the show doesn't really have any educational value to kids. It may be decent entertainment for kids with the colorful dinosaurs, but other than that, there isn't much else to be entertained with. I have to say they have come up with new songs that are worse than the older ones. Overall, I can't stand this show. Thank you.
  • Very terrible.

    This show is one of the terrible shows that were ever made.The dinosars that are really dudes in suits are disturbing and it's was just not a good idea to make this show.This show is just worse than Sid The Science Kid or Oobi.Oh yeah,I got something to say about this show:The movie was a terrible thing to make than Troll 2.I would say that it's very terrible and I give this show a F because the dinosaurs were disturibing and this show is just terrible than Go Diego Go and Wow Wow Wubbzy and this is one of the worst shows ever.
  • ..........................

    This show is stupid even when I was a kid. I watch when I was a child although I was autistic (today I'm half autistic and half regular) in my childhood. I watch Television, then I stare that show until the it's over. When I am 7-9 years, I realized this show stinks.

    Ok, its all about that toy purple no-go dinosaur, who came to life(wtheck), the other Dino-characters and kids were quite ok, but Barney he's so annoying.

    The music was ok.

    Ok, but Baraney he's so annoying.

    Educational Value:
    Ok there's something educational in this show. It teaches kids to be friendly. That's it.


    Overall: Fair
    Ok music, ok characters not Barney, ok educational value and fair performance. It's fine for little kids, but teenagers stay away from the show. I'm 12 years old now.
  • I don't agree with anyone who says this show sucks.

    Barney & Friends, you know stars the famous purple dino himself and his friends BJ and BabyBop. What? I was just stating the obvious. Even though Barney first appeared in the Barney and the Backyard Gang videos, B&F is what made Barney so popular in 1993 and on. Even when younger kids liked the show, there were people who dispise it, who are called "Barney Haters." I personally hate those people. Anyway, Barney(the character, not this show) has survived about 18 years now and is not slowing down. The show has been around 13 years and people still watch it. Also, the show has made people make websited for the dino and friends, such as my message board Barney HQ. Barney rules forever!
  • i hate this show now, but i used to like it when i was 5.

    i think this is a great show for kids starting school. it entertained me, but over the years i experienced bigger and better shows, like \"The Suite life of Zack & Cody\". i grew out of the show (Barney) and now i think it is cheesy. (very cheesy). this show is very old. i think it is time they put it to an end, even if people still enjoy watching it. there is always something more to watch the just Barney. besides barney is now lame, they don\'t need it on TV.

    it\'s great for kids, but not me. now that kids know it is lame to watch barney they don\'t watch it. It\'s Time They Put It To An End!!!!!!!!! it\'s lame.

  • ?????????????????????

    I just d \'ont get it ! I just d\\\'ont get it ! Even though I hate this show , You gotta feel sorry for the guy who dress \'s up as a purple dinosaur , dances around a bit , and is known as the worst living creature ever to millions . Still , as I classified it , who thought of this ? It was cute at first , but for petes sake , How the heck has this show lasted 14 years ? I liked it at 4 , but by now , boo ! boo ! boo !
  • Make it stop!!

    Yes I admit i went thru a barney stage and i loved it alot. But now that i am ** I hate it! its g8 4 babbies or toddlers.the song; look thru the window and who do u see micheal silly micheal looking at me, is over annoying! Yea it still is running and its time that they let that show go and find another not annoying show. I mean dude find something that will not drive people insane! Its like a tape that will not stop going! I cant stand it. Dj? Babbie bop? Barney the purple dinasor? it just doesnt go!
  • AHHHHH! My eys just bursted out of my head!

    This is why kids aged 2-5 are so much like whinny little brats. Yes, I liked this show when I was a kid, but Im a tennager now. The first person who played barney died for smoking(I think), 2nd went to jail for drinking ON THE SHOW! Yep, sounds like those guys really liked there job! As for the kids, I heard there now on drugs and are inmature idiots who will probally be working at mcdonalds 1 day. But to the point here. To much singing(I hate songs on movies and tv shows),the coustems are OBVIOUSLY fake, and when I was 5, I remember them all trying to be funny, I didnt laugh once.
  • Bad series!

    I think I know why most people hate Barney. It is because Barney does not really teach kids anything it just has singing and dancing. None of the kids even get upset! I agree with the others that Barney is a bad TV show which should be taken off the air!
  • When I was a little Barney and friends worst show of all time Danny Phantom wins by a longshot.

    That show makes me sick and tired I hope barney dies and goes down in heck Song ilove you hold on let me tweak i hate you you hate me I will grab a gun and shoot me If undergrowth was there please i'm begging you control barney i'm sick and tired of barney.
  • Whoever thought of thought must be drunk!

    This show is stupid! How old are these kids 11? They should be cool like us not some dumb kid who dances and sings. Barney is a retard who sings real bad. Barney is too kind. He\\\'s an adult he should go to the bar and be drunk. I feel sad whoever has to wear the suit. How long can he keep up with the corny smile and goofy accent. I would rather do my homework, eat a bumblebee alive, and put myself on fire than watch this retarded show. I\\\'m only writing this to express my hate,fire,and pity for this show.
  • Public television was ruined! And this is the reason why!

    Remember the good old days of public television? There were lots of interesting and informative programs on public TV. It was a great place to be... until April 6, 1992 (DUM-DUM-DUMMMMMMMM!), when public television was changed forever when Barney & Friends made its debut! It was one of the worst pieces of trash ever shown on television! It all starts with the dumb dino himself, who looks hideous in the first place. His voice is one of the most annoying in all of television. The dino is a selfish son of a--gun. And about that rip that he's trying to teach the kids around him? Didn't it ever occur to him that the kids were old enough to have learned all that stuff for several years?!!!!!!!!

    When Barney comes to life, it's bad enough. When Baby Bop comes in, it gets even worse. When B.J. comes in, you have yourself a complete and utter mess; in other words, it's a total television nightmare. And what was worse, when Barney first aired, it marked the beginning of the end of public television as we knew it, and we saw more and more shows in the Barney vein (heck, even "Sesame Street" went younger!) and less and less of the more interesting and informational programs that were on public TV like in the 70s and 80s. Heaven knows how it's still on TV today, it deserves to be canceled. And WHEN it's canceled, though millions of people will feel better, a huge dent will have been made in the annals of television history. That dent would be literally the size of Texas; the show was produced in Dallas, and for whatever reason, its run was longer than that of "Dallas", whereas some public TV shows didn't outlast that show.

    More than anywhere else, I would rather see Barney on Jerry Springer's show someday, though I don't watch that show either, and for good reason.

    If you want a good, educational and informational program for your child to enjoy as much as you do, Avoid Barney At All Costs. There are better choices. Much better choices.
  • Yuk this show is annoying!

    Since 1992 Barney, Baby Bop, and B.J. have brought smiles to our faces with their non-stop adventures, stories, games, friends and, of course, the Barney Bag. Normally focusing on younger audiences, Barney teaches respect, courtesy, manners and many other essentials in life. Most children in the age group normally consisting of 2-8 watch Barney. Many of us have grown out of Barney but there are generations still to come who will enjoy Barney.
  • There Is normally 4 to 5 kids and then theres Barney, Baby Bop, and BJ. Are the three main characters in the show.

    Barney is a big purple dinosaur he talks and at he beginning of the show he is small and doesn't talk the all of a sudden a big barney shows up. Then at the end he goes back to being small. BJ is baby bop older brother.During the show normally they start out wanting to do somthing then barney pops up and he helps them find something to do and during the time that he is hlping them they normally have another conflict. oh and barney has what he calls his magic play bag i think wher there is things from little dots to 2by2 foot paper
  • I hope this show never airs a single episode again. I watch this show a little bit when I was younger but this show is so boring and mediocre. And from my observations it's always "Make believe" this "Make believe" that when it comes to this show.

    So I have one question why is this show still on air when 89.9% of the American population dislikes this show including my self. (No offense). So if anyone dislikes this show please be my guest and contact me VIA email senders. So this show is to weird for me.
  • I'm not into shows like this anymore

    Firstly, I used to love watching Barney when I was a little kid, it was what you would call "Daily Fix". But I'm 16 years old now and this show does not entertain me anymore (obviously). Barney and his friends play together with some children in the playground, yeah, it's for little kids, not teenagers. If I had written this review when I was still into it I would've given it a 10, as many children do, but now it means absolutely nothing to me. Every time I watch shows like this I'll automatically skip the channels. Honestly, I can't stand Barney & Friends so I pass on seeing it. Although it may be educational, teaching and fun, It's for children 6 years and under so yeah, this show is long out of the picture and makes me ill just watching it.
    When I grow up and become a father, surely I will show my children how brilliant Barney is, for them, I think I'll just keep away, I hate shows like this..

    Somebody has already disagreed with this review..? well Barney is a good cartoon for young kids and it's highly educational..
  • Used to love it

    I grew up with Barney and I think that it's a great programme for little kids to watch.

    It gives out a good message in a fun way. It teaches kids to be good and has a great influence on them. But it does it in a way that children are going to remember. Songs, games, and fun are Barney all over.

    Barney is great for children to watch because there are so many rubbish programmes on TV at the moment that these kids are watching with inappropriate content or just patronising unbelievable stuff that is closing their imaginations, which is a big problem.

    Great show for small children and it cheers me up when I'm ill!!!
  • can a kid learn from this?

    ok i will try to be a nice guy on this review but i might get a little grumpy
    how does a kid learn things from this its like high school musical with little kids dinos and no high school its just singing and dancing with a purple dino and other dinos there are alot of other good learning shows i bet (boo bah is not learning because its just strange sounds and strange ball things)like sesame street (even if it is mostly elmo now)so if you want to find a good show for you kids to learn from.....then you might not want to try this
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