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Sunday 10:00 AM on PBS Premiered Apr 06, 1992 Between Seasons


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  • can a kid learn from this?

    ok i will try to be a nice guy on this review but i might get a little grumpy
    how does a kid learn things from this its like high school musical with little kids dinos and no high school its just singing and dancing with a purple dino and other dinos there are alot of other good learning shows i bet (boo bah is not learning because its just strange sounds and strange ball things)like sesame street (even if it is mostly elmo now)so if you want to find a good show for you kids to learn from.....then you might not want to try this
  • End it NOW!!!

    OK, after this show first premired on PBS on April 6, 1992, the network started to lose it's educational value when they air kids shows. I mean seriously, what the heck does this show teach kids, absolutly NOTHING, this show seems like it'll make kids more dumber than smarter. I can't believe this show is still on the air, I would hope that it would be cancelled in like 1998 or sometime before now. But now it's 2007 and they're STILL making this show. This show needs to be abolished off the air forever, if you ever have a kid, don't ever make him watch this show. If you think this would be an educational show that makes kids smarter, it makes them dumber instead. CANCEL IT NOW!!!
  • barney,bg baby bop and friends help learn

    wheni was younger i love this show i bought every cd of this cause it makes me laugh so hard. i realized it was so cute this years and i love it. it's cute and i like the character of baby bop cause it is just like me because i am the baby in my family. my sister and i always take time for each other just like bj and baby bop. i mean with all their friends it become better. it's cute with everyone their. the barney and friends was there all the time. it's cute and you can learn a lot.
  • There is no reason why anyone should hate this show...

    It's about a purple dinosaur that comes to life if you use your imagination. I mostly liked him until these new episodes came, which were not as good as the first three seasons. Anyway, back in the 90s, I thought the kids were great, but there were some "scary" elements I couldn't see (mostly in the 1st season). Currently, I only have one Barney videotape left, as though all the others were sold away to other little kids. And if I could, I'd probably be on TV with Barney myself. That would be a great choice. But either way, keep Barney on the air and never ever remove it off PBS!
  • This was my favorite show when I was a kid, I still watch it even now sometimes.

    I have and always will love this show. My favorites are Barney, Baby Bop, B.J., Riff, Michael, Amy, Luci, Adam, Derek, Jason(from Backyard Gang series), Tina, Min, Tosha, Kathy, Shawn, Jason, David, Julie, Carlos, Kenneth, and Juan. I only named the older cast, because they rocked. Not that today's kids aren't good, I just like the older ones better. I can't even name a quarter of those kids. The 4 dinos are great as well, even though Riff was only there since 2006. I grew up watching this television show. This is also the first show I would ever sit still and watch. All in all, a wonderful show.
  • Barney And Friends Is A Show That Teaches Young Kids ABC's 123's And Other Basic Learning Skills. This Is An Excellent Show For Young Children.

    Barney And Friends Is A Great Learning Experience And Teaches Children Social Skills Too. I Would Definitely Not Watch This Show For Myself But I Do Recommend It To Young Children. I Think That Instead Of Talking Trash About Barney People Need To Wise Up And Just Not Say Anything At All. My Younger Siblings And Younger Cousins Absolutely Love Watching Barney Because It Gives Them A Sense Of Security And Keeps Them Happy. Plus When They Are Watching Barney They Aren't Bothering Me Like They Normally Would. So I'm In Some Ways Actually Quite Thankful For The Television Show Barney And Friends.
  • Barney & Friends has been around for many many years. Its a children's show that has songs, dances, activities, and fun things to keep children entertained FOR HOURS.

    I cannot help but say, this show has saved my rear on many occassions. When you have a fussy 2 year old who is constantly holding onto your leg, Barney comes to the rescue every time. Anytime I need to get dinner started, and my daughter wants to know what I am doing, I put Barney on, and I am free for at least an hour. Besides the convenience of having free time, she's learned a lot of things from the show. This show and a few other's has helped my 2 year old preemie daughter learn her alphabet, count to 20, her shapes, colors, and hold full conversations with grown adults. I cannot thank PBS Sprout enough for keeping this show around as long as it has.
  • LOL! Its Barney :]

    Barney. I've met him in florida, Universal studios. Also at pontins. I know he's not actually real! I used to watch this ALL the time when I was little, I even had a talking Barney toy. I cant really remember what happened in it as I havnt watched it in ages but I know as much as i liked it! :] I dont see why alot of people hate it, They probably dont have a reason! But it is a kids programme so its not somthing they'd be watching now! If its as good as what it used to be then id give it a good score :]
  • When I was little I liked this show. Thoday I dont really care much for it.

    When I was little I use to watch this show all of the time. This show had Barney, Baby Bop, and B.J. When I was little I would watch this show every day before I went to school. Later I started to think that this show was for babies and kids were making fun of me at school because I liked barney. I one day decided not to watch barney anymore. I still kindof like Barney but not as much as I did when I was five years old. Barney is still good even though I dont watch it anymore. I use to have alot of VHS tapes of this show. I later gave them away because I diddn't really care that much anymore as I got older.
  • Barney & Friends is a children's television show produced in the United States, mainly aimed at preschoolers. Barney conveys learning through jumping around singing children's songs with a friendly, optimistic attitude.

    Barney and friends contains a great deal of age-appropriate educational material and its also what a model of what preschool television should be.

    character info Barney T. Dinosaur (or simply just Barney) is a two hundred million year old purple tyrannosaurus rex, who comes to life through a child's imagination. He is best known for his friendly, optimistic (and even generous) personality and his positive attitude. His theme song is the "Barney Theme Song" (or "Barney is a Dinosaur"). His other well known song is "I Love You," which has been parodied by many people. Barney likes most kinds of food, but his favorite is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, assumingly with Pumpernickel bread, which is his favorite bread. According to Barney's Campfire Sing-Along, veggies are also a favorite of his.


    BARNEY & FRIENDS is a well-loved veteran in children's television.

    Younger children will love Barney's colorful musical world. Every episode is filled with song and dance, and Barney really encourages little ones to get up and boogie along. Barney and his friends also love crafting and will likely inspire your child's creative side. Among all the fun, each episode is based on a pro-social theme such as respect, teamwork, and courtesy for others.
  • In my personal opinion, Barney is a very fun, educational show for young children.

    When I was very small, I would watch Barney every day, until I was 7. It teaches sharing, manners, and teaches young children to love. Before my mother passed away, which was when I was 1, she would rock me to sleep singing Barney's 'I love you, you love me' song. I have great memories of this show. I hate seeing good ol' Barney being flamed by some immature people. The reason they sing is because little kids are entertained by it. If you choose to flame a perfectly innocent little childrens show, then you are a rude, immature person. I just get so sensitive on this subject because my mother loved it, and she is well, gone. Thank you to everyone who reads this...without flaming me.
  • I actually liked this show when I was little!

    Wow! I can't believe I actually liked this show when I was little. Ha ha I gave it a 7.5 because I loved it when I was growing up back in the late 90's. I would have given it less than a 5 if I didn't like it then. It's so dumb now cuz I'm older. My little brother watches it a lot and the I Love You song gets stuck in my head and it's such a dumb song. I liked the old Barney with Lucy, Tina, Michael, and the others. The new one isn't very good at all actually.
  • Stupid

    ...... ........ ......... .......This show scared me when I was 3!! Barney is kind of a weird show. Their is no main plot or central idea which I don't like. Also, the quality of the camera is bad. At least for most of the episodes. I hate when they sing! It gets so annoying. My 4 year old brother threw a pillow at the t.v when Barney started singing. HE's 4! I am not afraid to say "Joy to the world Barney's dead. we barbequed his head! Don't worry about the body, we flushed it down the potty. Joy to the world Barney's DEAD!"
  • Considering this show is for children.....

    This is good good show. Its made for children not for you people. Of course your not gonna like this show, of course your gonna think this is boring. It isnt freakin made for you. If you want to get the ratings low, cancell all the kids shows so the kids will have nothing joyfull to watch is cruel. Cut this show some slack give it a break, and most importantly; let the kids have some joy. I admit personally I wouldn't like this show, but however, I'm taking this from a kids perspective. Several kids enjoy this show and desereves to give kids joy.
  • this show is one of the most impressing learning experience for children. open their imagination. give them fun but at the same time teach basics and keep them intertained.

    great show i am surprised that it scored only 4.0 seems many young people do not know it well, but iam sure that they have some experience with it. all its episodes were very objectives, giving a new experience for children and keep them thinking and open their imagination. my children used to love it and think of Barney as one of their friends who they loved for years. gave them many stories and songs would have been forgotten if it was not for this show. will be a suitable show for all times and all children around the world .
  • Under appreciated!!! Definitely!

    I actually disagree with all the negative feedback this show has gotten. I never really watched this show as a kid because I was a bit too old, but I remember the kid my grandma was babysitting at the time. HE LOVED this show! This show has a positive message for kids, even though now, teens wouldn't be caught dead watching something as simple and innocent as this show, but I can remember when they were kids smiling and laughing along with the purple friend! If you like this show, I recommend blues clues, the doodlebops and or dora the explorer along with mickey and friends! How about rollie pollie ollie?

    ...Everone thinks they are funny writing bad reviews about this show, but this actually made them laugh and entertained them as children!
  • Ugh.

    Yay. We all live in a happy land where everyone shares and dinosaurs are not only alive but help children develope manners and ways to live! I Love Everyone happy happy happy happy! No kids. That's not how the world works. Quite honestly this show really is completely unrealistic and sets children up for dissappointment later on in life when they find out that the world is cruel and harsh. I don't know why they chose a dinosaur to be the one teaching children. I would be terrified! If that was real all that would be left of the children on that show would be bones. 3 dinosaurs would rip those kids apart! I gave this show a 3.3 because I guess it's alright. I mean it gives kids false hope about the real world but it does teach manners and all that stuff. Maybe if the spokesperson wasn't a purple freaking dinosaur this show would have gotten a higher rating.
  • Please, read my topic saying Warning: this was made for fun as a part of the title. Please check and give feedback, that was part one. It sets a trend to kill!

    It had no educantiol value, dinosaurs and other creatures run around sing songs that make you want to commit suicide and I heard this show even gets lots of anti- media, such as something called jihad aganist barney,and Newgrounds movies. It even had real media cristism! This show is on it's last leg with no educationl value and hear this! I heard they show barney starting fires and using stoves! please ban this show.
  • My eyes worst nightmare!!!!!!!

    I can`t beileve that this show was created and most of all, I can`t beileve that I liked the show before when I was little. This show is a complete disaster and why this show lasted for almost 14 years? Its just about kids singing like idiots and a guy in a dinosaur suit making a fool of himself. This show can wipe the human mind of a child quickly. All they do is share and stuff that I dont even want to see. I thought this show would be cancel a long time ago. Now my fear lives on. Please lord help me!
  • sucks show be cancelled

    This show is so childish the theme song is just like Yankee Doodel. Since 1992 Barney, Baby Bop, and B.J. have brought smiles to our faces with their non-stop adventures, stories, games, friends and, of course, the Barney Bag. Normally focusing on younger audiences, Barney teaches respect, courtesy, manners and many other essentials in life. Most children in the age group normally consisting of 2-8 watch Barney. Many of us have grown out of Barney but there are generations still to come who will enjoy Barney.
  • Once there was a children's show that went well but later on, it went down and dirty.

    I once watched the show when I was young and loved it. Everything including the Barney Bag,the funny moments and Baby Bop & BJ making an appearance every time you hear her voice or his whistle.

    Years later, it gets better. New kids, new surprises, new adventures and new stories.But when it comes to the new millenium, it gets lower than Gary Barlow bunjee-jumping on his 29th birthday.It's not the producers' fault. It's the stupid writers.One minute they sing a tune one or two minutes later, they sing another song! And to top it off, the scripts are almost they have been writen by a four-year-old.

    Early episodes are brilliant but when the show passes the year 2000 mark, this is an unreccomended show for young ones
  • one simple word.....BORING!

    Ok why did I even bother watching this show? Why is even it still on? This show is getting too old.It would also give mixed messages to the people who are watching the show.An purple dinosaur doing many imagination stuff and things.Ya know what more boring the songs as well.I think this show should cancel.I used to watch Barney when I was liked 8 years old.Now I had grown out of it.It is ok for preschoolers to liked it.But still I think it is boring and something that waste my time watching on tv.When I could watch something more better.I hate to be in anyone shoes who are older and is still watching this show.
  • The worse kids show next to teletubbies.

    I mean for crying out loud its about a dinosaur teaching little kids! I\'m wondering how much the guy is paid to wear that suit(if there is a guy). I mean really there are other shows better than this like Arthur or Sesame Street. I\'m wondering when they are going to cancel this because the show makes me sick. Whoever created this must be broke now for paying the kids 100 dollars to go on. I\'d like to see them get an actual adult who\'s willing to sing and dance in front of a lot of people. There are good kid shows out there but this isn\'t it
  • A great show for children

    I think Barney is a great show! My two year old Cousin just loves it.He watches it every day. He loves the theme song. My Cousin loves the Barney Halloween Party and the Christmas Star videos the best. My Cousin is learning so much from Barney, counting and letters. And his favorite part of the show for him is when they sing "I love you" who ever is in the room with him, he'll give them a hug. Just seeing his face light up is so pleasing.
  • Can\'t beleive I liked that as a kid

    Well, I use to be Barney obsessed as a kid. I don\'t know why but as I grew older say like 4 or 5, I then found Barney as nothing but a very boring show where nobody really learns anything. All I remember though is making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and what not. Barney just didn\'t bring anything original or anything that separates it amongst the other kid shows. The show was just talk and talk and seemed to lack any good story. I prefer children watching shows such as Sesame Street, so they can actually learn something and not fall asleep.
  • I would rather do dish then watch barney

    When ever I go baby sitting one boy has to watch barney otherwess he will be crying and want his mom and they only have two videos. Yesterday when I was baby sitting they whated to watch barney all of them and not just the one boy so when they were watching it the did the dishes. I can't stand watching barney. Will yes at one time we all like Barney but why can't it be one of the other shows that kids don't like after a while or Barney just stop airing selling videos. Barney is a show for younger kids and when every one who grows up will not like it all at one time so we have to let kids like it now and not like when they are older.
  • it makes dinosaurs look stupid

    it makes dinosaurs look completely idiotic, reason num.1 the dinosaur costumes are ugly, reason num.2 barney acts really stupid reason num.3 barney plays and sings with people when a real T-rex would kill and eat them "i love u u love me where a happy family"? that is something a dinosaur would never say.
  • Oh my god, this show is STILL ON?!

    Eeew. Just, eew. I can't believe this show hasn't ended yet! My cousin (who is now 14) used to be obsessed with this show. It was sort of creepy.

    I'm pretty fasinated with all the hate speeches people are writing..

    I swear, this show gave me nightmares one time when I was 4. It was about how he broke into my house and some some stuff I can't remember. All I can remember is that I couldn't sleep for days. I thought he was going to come after me and rob me and kill my family.

    Okay, okay, okay, okay, so maybe I'm exagerrating in that paragraph above. But come on! BARNEY IS CREEPY!
  • This is the worst show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This show is so stupid about some weird stuff animal that comes to life and talks to kids! It's so f* stupid that I wanted to kill Barney right now!!!! He like...whenever I change it to that channel and I see the show on, my sister's all like 'O.O! Barney's on!' It's sooo stupid. Also he has friends just like him! That's crazy! The kids also play along with it too! I could never see a kid that would want to go up there on tv and dance with Barney....Well on tv they did because it was a show! Well, this is the most f* show I've ever heard.
  • it is lame!

    right, dont expect to read anything good about this! i last loved this when i was 4 then when i was 5 it became VERY lame not even my 3 year old cousin lewis likes this show! it is one of the worst things i have ever seen! in my charts it (bad ones that is) it would be no.3! if i ever saw who created this crap i would have a few words for him! please post your comments on what you think! i will respect your opinion as i am a simple critic! you can also let me know if you watch it
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