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  • this show is one of the most impressing learning experience for children. open their imagination. give them fun but at the same time teach basics and keep them intertained.

    great show i am surprised that it scored only 4.0 seems many young people do not know it well, but iam sure that they have some experience with it. all its episodes were very objectives, giving a new experience for children and keep them thinking and open their imagination. my children used to love it and think of Barney as one of their friends who they loved for years. gave them many stories and songs would have been forgotten if it was not for this show. will be a suitable show for all times and all children around the world .
  • Under appreciated!!! Definitely!

    I actually disagree with all the negative feedback this show has gotten. I never really watched this show as a kid because I was a bit too old, but I remember the kid my grandma was babysitting at the time. HE LOVED this show! This show has a positive message for kids, even though now, teens wouldn't be caught dead watching something as simple and innocent as this show, but I can remember when they were kids smiling and laughing along with the purple friend! If you like this show, I recommend blues clues, the doodlebops and or dora the explorer along with mickey and friends! How about rollie pollie ollie?

    ...Everone thinks they are funny writing bad reviews about this show, but this actually made them laugh and entertained them as children!
  • Ugh.

    Yay. We all live in a happy land where everyone shares and dinosaurs are not only alive but help children develope manners and ways to live! I Love Everyone happy happy happy happy! No kids. That's not how the world works. Quite honestly this show really is completely unrealistic and sets children up for dissappointment later on in life when they find out that the world is cruel and harsh. I don't know why they chose a dinosaur to be the one teaching children. I would be terrified! If that was real all that would be left of the children on that show would be bones. 3 dinosaurs would rip those kids apart! I gave this show a 3.3 because I guess it's alright. I mean it gives kids false hope about the real world but it does teach manners and all that stuff. Maybe if the spokesperson wasn't a purple freaking dinosaur this show would have gotten a higher rating.
  • Please, read my topic saying Warning: this was made for fun as a part of the title. Please check and give feedback, that was part one. It sets a trend to kill!

    It had no educantiol value, dinosaurs and other creatures run around sing songs that make you want to commit suicide and I heard this show even gets lots of anti- media, such as something called jihad aganist barney,and Newgrounds movies. It even had real media cristism! This show is on it's last leg with no educationl value and hear this! I heard they show barney starting fires and using stoves! please ban this show.
  • My eyes worst nightmare!!!!!!!

    I can`t beileve that this show was created and most of all, I can`t beileve that I liked the show before when I was little. This show is a complete disaster and why this show lasted for almost 14 years? Its just about kids singing like idiots and a guy in a dinosaur suit making a fool of himself. This show can wipe the human mind of a child quickly. All they do is share and stuff that I dont even want to see. I thought this show would be cancel a long time ago. Now my fear lives on. Please lord help me!
  • sucks show be cancelled

    This show is so childish the theme song is just like Yankee Doodel. Since 1992 Barney, Baby Bop, and B.J. have brought smiles to our faces with their non-stop adventures, stories, games, friends and, of course, the Barney Bag. Normally focusing on younger audiences, Barney teaches respect, courtesy, manners and many other essentials in life. Most children in the age group normally consisting of 2-8 watch Barney. Many of us have grown out of Barney but there are generations still to come who will enjoy Barney.
  • Once there was a children's show that went well but later on, it went down and dirty.

    I once watched the show when I was young and loved it. Everything including the Barney Bag,the funny moments and Baby Bop & BJ making an appearance every time you hear her voice or his whistle.

    Years later, it gets better. New kids, new surprises, new adventures and new stories.But when it comes to the new millenium, it gets lower than Gary Barlow bunjee-jumping on his 29th birthday.It's not the producers' fault. It's the stupid writers.One minute they sing a tune one or two minutes later, they sing another song! And to top it off, the scripts are almost they have been writen by a four-year-old.

    Early episodes are brilliant but when the show passes the year 2000 mark, this is an unreccomended show for young ones
  • one simple word.....BORING!

    Ok why did I even bother watching this show? Why is even it still on? This show is getting too old.It would also give mixed messages to the people who are watching the show.An purple dinosaur doing many imagination stuff and things.Ya know what more boring the songs as well.I think this show should cancel.I used to watch Barney when I was liked 8 years old.Now I had grown out of it.It is ok for preschoolers to liked it.But still I think it is boring and something that waste my time watching on tv.When I could watch something more better.I hate to be in anyone shoes who are older and is still watching this show.
  • The worse kids show next to teletubbies.

    I mean for crying out loud its about a dinosaur teaching little kids! I\'m wondering how much the guy is paid to wear that suit(if there is a guy). I mean really there are other shows better than this like Arthur or Sesame Street. I\'m wondering when they are going to cancel this because the show makes me sick. Whoever created this must be broke now for paying the kids 100 dollars to go on. I\'d like to see them get an actual adult who\'s willing to sing and dance in front of a lot of people. There are good kid shows out there but this isn\'t it
  • A great show for children

    I think Barney is a great show! My two year old Cousin just loves it.He watches it every day. He loves the theme song. My Cousin loves the Barney Halloween Party and the Christmas Star videos the best. My Cousin is learning so much from Barney, counting and letters. And his favorite part of the show for him is when they sing "I love you" who ever is in the room with him, he'll give them a hug. Just seeing his face light up is so pleasing.
  • Can\'t beleive I liked that as a kid

    Well, I use to be Barney obsessed as a kid. I don\'t know why but as I grew older say like 4 or 5, I then found Barney as nothing but a very boring show where nobody really learns anything. All I remember though is making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and what not. Barney just didn\'t bring anything original or anything that separates it amongst the other kid shows. The show was just talk and talk and seemed to lack any good story. I prefer children watching shows such as Sesame Street, so they can actually learn something and not fall asleep.
  • I would rather do dish then watch barney

    When ever I go baby sitting one boy has to watch barney otherwess he will be crying and want his mom and they only have two videos. Yesterday when I was baby sitting they whated to watch barney all of them and not just the one boy so when they were watching it the did the dishes. I can't stand watching barney. Will yes at one time we all like Barney but why can't it be one of the other shows that kids don't like after a while or Barney just stop airing selling videos. Barney is a show for younger kids and when every one who grows up will not like it all at one time so we have to let kids like it now and not like when they are older.
  • it makes dinosaurs look stupid

    it makes dinosaurs look completely idiotic, reason num.1 the dinosaur costumes are ugly, reason num.2 barney acts really stupid reason num.3 barney plays and sings with people when a real T-rex would kill and eat them "i love u u love me where a happy family"? that is something a dinosaur would never say.
  • Oh my god, this show is STILL ON?!

    Eeew. Just, eew. I can't believe this show hasn't ended yet! My cousin (who is now 14) used to be obsessed with this show. It was sort of creepy.

    I'm pretty fasinated with all the hate speeches people are writing..

    I swear, this show gave me nightmares one time when I was 4. It was about how he broke into my house and some some stuff I can't remember. All I can remember is that I couldn't sleep for days. I thought he was going to come after me and rob me and kill my family.

    Okay, okay, okay, okay, so maybe I'm exagerrating in that paragraph above. But come on! BARNEY IS CREEPY!
  • This is the worst show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This show is so stupid about some weird stuff animal that comes to life and talks to kids! It's so f* stupid that I wanted to kill Barney right now!!!! He like...whenever I change it to that channel and I see the show on, my sister's all like 'O.O! Barney's on!' It's sooo stupid. Also he has friends just like him! That's crazy! The kids also play along with it too! I could never see a kid that would want to go up there on tv and dance with Barney....Well on tv they did because it was a show! Well, this is the most f* show I've ever heard.
  • it is lame!

    right, dont expect to read anything good about this! i last loved this when i was 4 then when i was 5 it became VERY lame not even my 3 year old cousin lewis likes this show! it is one of the worst things i have ever seen! in my charts it (bad ones that is) it would be no.3! if i ever saw who created this crap i would have a few words for him! please post your comments on what you think! i will respect your opinion as i am a simple critic! you can also let me know if you watch it
  • Everyone knows the show and wil lrate it poor because it is so immature for older people, but in sake and in a childs view, here is what I came up with...

    Everyone knows the show and wil lrate it poor because it is so immature for older people, but in sake and in a childs view, here is what I came up with...
    It's terrible for me to watch at my age, but for a younin, it's mindless fun. They can stare at hours as Barney sings his little song and dances around. Little kids can get hooked and you can do other stuff if your a parent... but I don't promote that.
    It has simple things kids might find appealing or enjoy and I think its a good show for children. Personally, children real young should not be watching Tv, instead, do other stuff, but if they must, this is fine, for it will teach them to eat fruits and veggies and share. It's important to share this review with you. :)
  • I must confess that I still watch it once in a while. This show was on when I was growing up.

    I think it encourges kids to imagine, to dream, to learn. I also enjoyed the singing. The music was always cheerful. When i had a bad day at my Elementary school that show would cheer me up. So quit dissing it. If you don't like than don't watch it okay. What is wrong with being young at heart?
  • This is the worse show in Television history! I\\\\\\\'m not letting my kids watch this lame show.

    i used to watch this show when I was 1 year and I still wonder what the hell was wrong with me! The show is so gay that I almost went to hell from this show. I bet nobody watches this show anymore because it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s so gay. Good thing i\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m not retarded anymore because I would still like this show if I was retarded.
  • That wasn\'t that funny, and it seems to me that artist couldn\'t hold back their extreme jealousy over the success of Barney and Friends.

    That wasn\'t that funny, and it seems to me that artist couldn\'t hold back their extreme jealousy over the success of Barney and Friends. Man I wish south park would get back to its roots of coming up with original funny content than playing politics every show. I mean so what if family guy rips people off, everyone rips someone off, somewhere along the line, south park even admitted this in one of my favorite episodeS.
  • Hey, for all those people writing things about saying its retarded, and not to because its a kids show, need to see what its doing to the kids.

    Hey, have you ever had a kid actin retarded after watchin hour after hour, day after day, week after week, and month after month of Barney? Cuz I have and my kid was just jumpin around gigglin about everything and never listened to me and just kept singin, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"I love you, you love me\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" and he was never doin good in school because the teacher kept sayin \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Your son yells,\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'I want to watch Barney\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\', in class all the time. So I finally blocked the channel from him. And after time past, he paid attention in school, listen to my wife and I and we have been happy with him ever since. So for all the people givin Barney and Friends bad revievs, keep doin it, and for all the people sayin not to do it cuz it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s a kids show and they shouldn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t care cuz their kids watch it, watch how your kids behave and you might actually believe the people on their reviews.
  • It's sad how many people write hate speeches about this show.

    I used to watch this when I was little, and I loved it. I still watch it from time-to-time just to go back in time to when I was 6.
    Barney is a nice dinosaur who encourages people to use their imaginations to change an ordinary thing to extreordinary. You can look up at the clouds and see ordinary clouds, but when you see them with your imagination, they could turn out to be anything at all.
    He also teaches people to care for each other. The hugging and the kissing on the cheek is a cute way to show people you love them, and just telling them you love them.
    Barney is such a cute show.
  • I\\\'d rather Watch baby looney tunes!

    This show is a bunch of crap! They outta take it off air right now! It\\\'s about an evil dinasoar who has S*x with babies. Barney\\\'s an evil guy! I was crying when I first saw him on TV. not to mention he does magic. BLACK MAGIC!!!!!!!! Black magic is Evil Barney\\\'s a flithy Pagan! Every night he sacifices a child to satan!!! Don\\\'t watch barney! He\\\'ll Pound on all your Puppies and Kill all your Kittens!!!!!
  • I can't take it anymore!!!

    The show is about a giant purple dinosaur that comes from our imagination. This is like the worst show on televison. I don't understand one thing about this show. Just some kids talking on thin air because a plushie toy comes to real life. This show is bad! Take it off the air.
  • A goofy kids program with silly singing and silly acting.

    A goofy kids program with silly singing and silly acting. This one does not even come close to Seasame Street or Electirc Company. Much more about entertaining kids with goofy antics rather than teaching them things. The actors on the show were many and included Pia Manalo Role: Min, John David Bennett III Role: Shawn, Susannah Wetzel Role: Julie, Becky Swonke Role: Amy, Selena Gomez
    Role: Gionna, Adrianne Kangas
    Role: Linda, Brian Eppes
    Role: Michael, Michael Krost Role: Juan, Lauren King
    Role: Kathy, Sara Hickman
    Role: Kristen,
    Kurt Dykhuizen
    Role: Jason,
    Hope Cervantes
    Role: Tosha, Nathan Regan
    Role: Kenneth,
    Demi Lovato
    Role: Angela,
    Zachary Soza
    Role: Mario,
    Corey Lopez
    Role: Carlos,
    Lucien Douglas
    Role: Chip,
    Jeanne Cairns
    Role: Amy,
    Alex Wilson (III)
    Role: Scott,
    Makayla Crawford
    Role: Kami,
    Bob West
    Role: Barney,
    Chase Gallatin
    Role: Stephen,
    Rickey Carter
    Role: Derek,
    Angel Velasco
    Role: Robert,
    Austin Ball
    Role: Jeff,
    Monte Black
    Role: Curtis,
    Mera Baker
    Role: Keesha,
    Lana Whittington
    Role: Jill,
    Leah Gloria
    Role: Luci,
    Jessica Zucha
    Role: Tina,
    Dean Wendt
    Role: Barney,
    Kayla Levels
    Role: Whitney,
    David Joyner
    Role: Barney (Costume Body),
    Katherine Pully
    Role: Beth and Jeff Ayres
    Role: Baby Bop.
  • What??? I mean at the beggining of the show when it's the song they say "Barney is a dinosoar from our imagination." so that means the kids are talking to air. to nothing!

    Ya this show does not make any sence. I mean barney is sapposed to be a T.rex so would'nt barney eats the kids. And barney is from there imagination. so they would be talking to air. so i think one day there going to make an episode where the kids get put into the looney bin. a place for crazy people. because again they are talking to NOTHING!
  • Its good show for little kids. Its a baby show, whats wrong with you people? Rating it horrible? Its a baby show!

    I dont understand that people`s review this is horrible. What the heck! Its a baby show! If you are little kid. You would love it. But when you grow up, you think its dumb. Even doodlebops is worser than this! My eyes! my eyes! my eyes!!!Anyway, all baby show is dumb so the little kids can laugh and watch them because to little children, its easy for them to understand.
  • My kids watch this show everyday.

    I myself watched this show as a child. I loved it. I don't think I learned anything important, but I did learn a lot of songs that I still rememeber until this day. All of kids have watched this show, although my 5 year old has outgrown it. He hates that show now. He still remember that songs though.
    I miss the old kids. Everytime I look at the show, I see new kids. When I was watching, the kids were like our friends. We knew them by name. Now the only poeple we know are Baby Bop, BJ, and Barney. We will see how long this show will drag on.
  • Very very good show for little kids! Shoot I was a HUGE Barney fan back in the day!

    Barney and friends is about a dinosaur and his friends that teach little kids the importance of manner, and everyday essentials.

    Even though I don't like it now, I still give it a high score for being probably the best thing for me when I was a toddler. I learned alot from him. And I think because of him, I'm such a good, kind person now at 16. I don't drink, do drugs, have sex(at least not till I'm married), etc.

    I was there when the orignal gang was around, ya know Michel, Tina, Derk, etc. so I'm practically old school.

    Props up for Barney and hope that he is still around for my kids!
  • This is a good show for KIDS

    What is up with all the bashing and the immature comments? This show is for kids and none of you have to watch it you know. The great thing about this show is it teaches kids to be nice to eachother, work as teams, and solve problems and stuff. Its not supposed to be all violence and appealing for teens and adults. My cousins love this show and they'll become better people when they grow up from watching this show. All of you bashers may think this show is for retards, but it is really for kids. So what does it matter what any of you think, just change the channel.
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