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Sunday 10:00 AM on PBS Premiered Apr 06, 1992 Between Seasons


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  • Barney the Best

    I have a 2 year old and she watches nothing else but Barney. I am glad she hates spongebob as there is nothing educational about it. Barney is the best.
  • A show that I still love

    I grow up watching Barney I still like to watch the old cast of barney and friends the ones with tina lucy shawn dareck michael kathy because that was one Barney was great!
  • Barney was (and is) a good show and you know it!

    Some of you guys are really hyper critial of Barney. Everybody grew up with him and he will out live us all before he's cancelled. Barney has taught kids not only about imagination and creativity, but about manners, (which most of us DON'T have sometimes)love (which EVERYBODY needs) and other basic life lessons. Although I don't understand the fact that Baby-Bop was taller than Barney in the oringinal seasons and BJ was not to be found, and the songs can get annoying, Barney is one of the classic shows, right up there with Seaseme Street.
  • The Infamous Purple D'Saur!

    He is a legend to me. I learn so much watching this academic show. He is funny, simple, and just a cool character that's hard to follow!
  • The show is about a imaginary purple dinosaur that has adventures with the other characters who come to the park to play. They learn life lessons, discuss problems, and tend to have a wonderful time (singing, dancing, etc). A great show for any child.

    Barney is a great show that teaches children many life lessons that some parents today don't feel are very important or are too lazy to teach their children themselves. I love watching Barney with my 20 month old daughter....when we are not out exploring & playing. We sing, dance, learn, and have fun together. This season has Barney traveling with the children all over the world to teach them about differences & diversity (as well as discovery). Shows like Barney help making learning fun and encourage children to be kind, respectful, and helpful. I actually find myself humming some of the songs and it makes me happy knowing that my daughter enjoys them too.
  • This show is good for teaching you manner's , repect and how to sing songs . And how to imagion or pretend . Do you know that Barney has a FaceBook and his own websight that is

    This show is a classic show that should personaly stay on the air for gorations and I love watching this show on my youtbe acount. And I like to sing along to the song's which are easy and toally cool and amazing and fun to do . Alot of youtuber's have acount's dedicated to Barney, Or many Barney characters . I have one dedicated to "BabyBop" I think this show should win an award for best T.V. show catrigorey for best learning show and for kid's with special need's and how to care and aprocate life as a child.
  • I don't agree with anyone who says this show sucks.

    Barney & Friends, you know stars the famous purple dino himself and his friends BJ and BabyBop. What? I was just stating the obvious. Even though Barney first appeared in the Barney and the Backyard Gang videos, B&F is what made Barney so popular in 1993 and on. Even when younger kids liked the show, there were people who dispise it, who are called "Barney Haters." I personally hate those people. Anyway, Barney(the character, not this show) has survived about 18 years now and is not slowing down. The show has been around 13 years and people still watch it. Also, the show has made people make websited for the dino and friends, such as my message board Barney HQ. Barney rules forever!
  • Used to love it

    I grew up with Barney and I think that it's a great programme for little kids to watch.

    It gives out a good message in a fun way. It teaches kids to be good and has a great influence on them. But it does it in a way that children are going to remember. Songs, games, and fun are Barney all over.

    Barney is great for children to watch because there are so many rubbish programmes on TV at the moment that these kids are watching with inappropriate content or just patronising unbelievable stuff that is closing their imaginations, which is a big problem.

    Great show for small children and it cheers me up when I'm ill!!!
  • This was my favorite show when I was a kid, I still watch it even now sometimes.

    I have and always will love this show. My favorites are Barney, Baby Bop, B.J., Riff, Michael, Amy, Luci, Adam, Derek, Jason(from Backyard Gang series), Tina, Min, Tosha, Kathy, Shawn, Jason, David, Julie, Carlos, Kenneth, and Juan. I only named the older cast, because they rocked. Not that today's kids aren't good, I just like the older ones better. I can't even name a quarter of those kids. The 4 dinos are great as well, even though Riff was only there since 2006. I grew up watching this television show. This is also the first show I would ever sit still and watch. All in all, a wonderful show.
  • In my personal opinion, Barney is a very fun, educational show for young children.

    When I was very small, I would watch Barney every day, until I was 7. It teaches sharing, manners, and teaches young children to love. Before my mother passed away, which was when I was 1, she would rock me to sleep singing Barney's 'I love you, you love me' song. I have great memories of this show. I hate seeing good ol' Barney being flamed by some immature people. The reason they sing is because little kids are entertained by it. If you choose to flame a perfectly innocent little childrens show, then you are a rude, immature person. I just get so sensitive on this subject because my mother loved it, and she is well, gone. Thank you to everyone who reads this...without flaming me.
  • I must confess that I still watch it once in a while. This show was on when I was growing up.

    I think it encourges kids to imagine, to dream, to learn. I also enjoyed the singing. The music was always cheerful. When i had a bad day at my Elementary school that show would cheer me up. So quit dissing it. If you don't like than don't watch it okay. What is wrong with being young at heart?
  • It's sad how many people write hate speeches about this show.

    I used to watch this when I was little, and I loved it. I still watch it from time-to-time just to go back in time to when I was 6.
    Barney is a nice dinosaur who encourages people to use their imaginations to change an ordinary thing to extreordinary. You can look up at the clouds and see ordinary clouds, but when you see them with your imagination, they could turn out to be anything at all.
    He also teaches people to care for each other. The hugging and the kissing on the cheek is a cute way to show people you love them, and just telling them you love them.
    Barney is such a cute show.
  • There is no reason why anyone should hate this show...

    It's about a purple dinosaur that comes to life if you use your imagination. I mostly liked him until these new episodes came, which were not as good as the first three seasons. Anyway, back in the 90s, I thought the kids were great, but there were some "scary" elements I couldn't see (mostly in the 1st season). Currently, I only have one Barney videotape left, as though all the others were sold away to other little kids. And if I could, I'd probably be on TV with Barney myself. That would be a great choice. But either way, keep Barney on the air and never ever remove it off PBS!
  • A great show for children

    I think Barney is a great show! My two year old Cousin just loves it.He watches it every day. He loves the theme song. My Cousin loves the Barney Halloween Party and the Christmas Star videos the best. My Cousin is learning so much from Barney, counting and letters. And his favorite part of the show for him is when they sing "I love you" who ever is in the room with him, he'll give them a hug. Just seeing his face light up is so pleasing.
  • Great for kids. Loved by all.

    You people are rating this on how much YOU like it, but what you should be thinking is what it is like to the audience that is supposed to watch it! Little kids! It is very educational, fun, and funny for littles kids from 1-8! I used to watch Barney, and love it. The kids think he is real, and really learn alot. Now, I watch it with my baby sister (12 months old, as of 2006), and it is her favorite show. She learned her first words from it, and dances to it. It has become a show that some people are embarassed to admit that they watch, because its a baby show, but if you are reading this, I am sure that you watched it and loved it as a kid, and probably still do. Especially you people that rated it bad, or wrote a bad review for it. Thank You.
  • Barney & Friends is a children's television show produced in the United States, mainly aimed at preschoolers. Barney conveys learning through jumping around singing children's songs with a friendly, optimistic attitude.

    Barney and friends contains a great deal of age-appropriate educational material and its also what a model of what preschool television should be.

    character info Barney T. Dinosaur (or simply just Barney) is a two hundred million year old purple tyrannosaurus rex, who comes to life through a child's imagination. He is best known for his friendly, optimistic (and even generous) personality and his positive attitude. His theme song is the "Barney Theme Song" (or "Barney is a Dinosaur"). His other well known song is "I Love You," which has been parodied by many people. Barney likes most kinds of food, but his favorite is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, assumingly with Pumpernickel bread, which is his favorite bread. According to Barney's Campfire Sing-Along, veggies are also a favorite of his.


    BARNEY & FRIENDS is a well-loved veteran in children's television.

    Younger children will love Barney's colorful musical world. Every episode is filled with song and dance, and Barney really encourages little ones to get up and boogie along. Barney and his friends also love crafting and will likely inspire your child's creative side. Among all the fun, each episode is based on a pro-social theme such as respect, teamwork, and courtesy for others.
  • Barney & Friends has been around for many many years. Its a children's show that has songs, dances, activities, and fun things to keep children entertained FOR HOURS.

    I cannot help but say, this show has saved my rear on many occassions. When you have a fussy 2 year old who is constantly holding onto your leg, Barney comes to the rescue every time. Anytime I need to get dinner started, and my daughter wants to know what I am doing, I put Barney on, and I am free for at least an hour. Besides the convenience of having free time, she's learned a lot of things from the show. This show and a few other's has helped my 2 year old preemie daughter learn her alphabet, count to 20, her shapes, colors, and hold full conversations with grown adults. I cannot thank PBS Sprout enough for keeping this show around as long as it has.
  • great show

    i watched this show when i was 2.But when i grew older i forgot about this great show and i watched other cartoons.i made a bad mistake,i dont really watch this show now but my little 5 year old brother does.i watch this show a little bit now.barney ya rule
  • barney's put on weight!!! no way!!

    ok i will try to be a nice guy on this review but i might get a little grumpy

    OK, after this show first premired on PBS on April 6, 1992, the network started to lose it's educational value when they air kids shows. I mean seriously, what the heck does this show teach kids, absolutly NOTHING, i mean like seriously, even barney the man/dinosaure himself is gettin fat and old and losing his unique dinosaruic touch

    on a more positive note, i would like to say that my favorite characters are Barney, Baby Bop, B.J., Riff, Michael, Amy, Luci, Adam, Derek, Jason, and they really get me goin on a hard day
  • LOL! Its Barney :]

    Barney. I've met him in florida, Universal studios. Also at pontins. I know he's not actually real! I used to watch this ALL the time when I was little, I even had a talking Barney toy. I cant really remember what happened in it as I havnt watched it in ages but I know as much as i liked it! :] I dont see why alot of people hate it, They probably dont have a reason! But it is a kids programme so its not somthing they'd be watching now! If its as good as what it used to be then id give it a good score :]
  • This is a good show for KIDS

    What is up with all the bashing and the immature comments? This show is for kids and none of you have to watch it you know. The great thing about this show is it teaches kids to be nice to eachother, work as teams, and solve problems and stuff. Its not supposed to be all violence and appealing for teens and adults. My cousins love this show and they'll become better people when they grow up from watching this show. All of you bashers may think this show is for retards, but it is really for kids. So what does it matter what any of you think, just change the channel.
  • I alaywas watched this show when i was a kid and loved it but i wouldnt dare watch that boring and stupid crap now.

    I alaywas watched this show when i was a kid and loved it but i wouldnt dare watch that boring and stupid crap now.. What is it REALLY teachin kids? to talk to their barney toy at home hoping it would turn huge and start talkin? It's time to move on...
  • i luuuvvv barney

    barney is hella sexy
  • When I was young I always use to watch this. I thought it was a cool show. But other kids wolud make fun of it. I still watched and loved it. I'm not ashamed either. Barney was great!

    This show was a good one for me. I use to watch all time. I loved the early episodes. What turned me off is that they always changed the characters. I can understand that because times change. I absolutly loved the songs. I still remeber them. Remeber the Barney bag? I thought that was the best. Doing all those arts and crafts looked so fun. Barney is a true kids show and not only educational but entertaining too.
  • People are quick to give Barney a hard time

    When I was growing up, I loved to watch Barney. It had fun storylines, characters, and most of all; songs. When your young and you watch those shows, they seem to be the best shows in the world. The older you get, the more that it seems corny and boring. Thats why older people tend to hate the show so much. But think of it this way. To younger kids this is a fun and educational show. Not intended for adults, but for preschoolers. Of course you don't like the same thing as a preschooler would. Classic Barney is the best.
  • Its good show for little kids. Its a baby show, whats wrong with you people? Rating it horrible? Its a baby show!

    I dont understand that people`s review this is horrible. What the heck! Its a baby show! If you are little kid. You would love it. But when you grow up, you think its dumb. Even doodlebops is worser than this! My eyes! my eyes! my eyes!!!Anyway, all baby show is dumb so the little kids can laugh and watch them because to little children, its easy for them to understand.
  • Is this a real show? or a Plot to take over the world.

    I find everyone in the show to be very, very, very, very, very EVIL. They get paid, and paid and you know paid some MORRRRrrrrrrrRRRRRrreee. Barney is cool NOT. Okay this may sound weird but Barney is evil. Simply put. Now Barney is drooling the minds of children of allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ages and planning to use that so kids can become evil to like their idol barney so we are pretty much doomed and FD screwed. You see Barney forced me to give him a good rating mark on because when I watched the show for the first time it already forced me to do good things for him for 2 days. That's my review
  • not that bad

    I think the show is good for children they learn on the show, but it's also entertaining for the children. They can sing along and things like that. They do so many different activities. This show does what they do in day care and preschool. Some things is done in kindergarten. So your saying that the education of our young children today isn't good because it's similar
  • Barney is cool

    Barney is cool
  • Considering this show is for children.....

    This is good good show. Its made for children not for you people. Of course your not gonna like this show, of course your gonna think this is boring. It isnt freakin made for you. If you want to get the ratings low, cancell all the kids shows so the kids will have nothing joyfull to watch is cruel. Cut this show some slack give it a break, and most importantly; let the kids have some joy. I admit personally I wouldn't like this show, but however, I'm taking this from a kids perspective. Several kids enjoy this show and desereves to give kids joy.
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