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Barney and Friends

Weekdays 10:00 AM on PBS Premiered Apr 01, 1992 In Season


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  • This dinosaur needs to be extinct

    Whether we want to admit it or not, as children we all saw Barney the Dinosaur. The show was about a group of kids who are taught by a dinosaur about respect, manners, and other essentials of life to kids. For me though this dinosaur is just downright creepy, even when I was a kid. That voice and the smile he constantly has gives me the chills and I am sure it has given kids nightmares. Also the show teaches the stupidest things like strangers are friends we don't know. Last time I checked we learned to never talk to strangers or if they do talk to us just run away from them to your parent. Also why is everything that is sad usually resolved by singing happily. I hate to tell you this Barney but it doesn't work like that at all. Not everything can be resolved by singing at all. Imagine if Barney was at the sinking of the Titanic and he tried to cheer everyone up with a happy song. The survivors would just chuck him overboard into the water. The show also seems to tell everyone that everyone in the world is happy and no one is a jerk at all. Way to go Barney. Just wait until the kids get a dose of reality and see what the world is really like. I would love to see Barney explain that to the kids. There were some educational values to it like not cheating, respect for others, and so on. So at least this show has some educational effort, but most of the show lacks it most of the time. I also have to ask one thing. Where is the teacher of the school? I don't think the teacher ever makes an appearance on this show at all. Is he/she on permanent vacation? Are dinosaurs the teachers in this universe? My brain is melting over how stupid this show is. While this show does have little educational value to it, there is virtually no redeeming qualities to Barney at all. To think that this show has been on for 19 years as well. This dinosaur has long prolonged the inevitable and should have been extinct long ago. If you are a parent keep your kids away from this dinosaur, he is creepy and scares kids.
  • this show is so stupid, I am surprised it isn`t cancelled.

    I got a question. Why is this show still on? It has been running since 1992, and almost everyone here absolutely hates Barney. I find the show boring, insufficient, and an insult to the name of t.v. Staring at a blank television screen is more entertaining than this. I used to like this show. Boy, I was a big idiot (I was also only ages 1-4). If I ever see Barney in person, I am going to smack him in the face. Hard! Super hard! With a metal baseball bat! I think Barney is a terrible show. If you hate the show too, press the green thumbs up at the bottom right hand corner. If you disagree, press the red thumbs down right next to it. I hate this show so much! I hate it when barney sings. He sings in every episode! All of the songs are annoying. Especially his "I love you, you love me". Here is a fun song for barney!!!! " I hate you, you hate me, lets all plot to kill barney. With a giant machine gun and blood on the floor, no more purple dinosaur" Like it? That is a song I like. Anyway, Avoid this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Die barney!!!!
  • People are quick to give Barney a hard time

    When I was growing up, I loved to watch Barney. It had fun storylines, characters, and most of all; songs. When your young and you watch those shows, they seem to be the best shows in the world. The older you get, the more that it seems corny and boring. Thats why older people tend to hate the show so much. But think of it this way. To younger kids this is a fun and educational show. Not intended for adults, but for preschoolers. Of course you don't like the same thing as a preschooler would. Classic Barney is the best.
  • I hate this show so much but i am not done. DO NOT CANCELL IT! WHy? Read to find out.

    Ok admin it everyone. We all watched this show a long long long time ago but we liked it didn't we? But we don't like it now. And you aren't sposed to like it now! This show is for little kids to enjoy. And it is good for little kids. Do you think that this show still airs cause it was made for you guys? No it was made for the little kids. I remeber when i was little hoping that they wont show those big kid shows i was really sad about that. And you guys are saying to cancell a show that makes little kids entertained? There are so many good shows for us and you are saying cancell one of the few good shows for little kids? My advice ignore the show and let the little kids have fun
  • I really dislike this show because....

    ....I dislike it because of the big mistake that Barney made when he stubbed his toe and swore on tv. I think thats what happened to him. But even if thats not what happened I still don't like it. Who ever heard of a purple dinosaur anyway? Plus his voice is really way to creepy. I wish that the show was never produced in the first place. I don't have much more to say about this creepy show so I'm telling you this to get passed one hundred words. I'm at eighty nine. Ninety three. Now ninety five. Now i'm passed it. Goodbye.
  • i agree with the other people who think barney is creepy!

    i wasnt really alowed to watch it growin up.

    newsflash: not everyone likes u! u dont give random people hugs,or u will get kidnapped!

    he is very creepy, and stupid. it taught a litlte bit of love, but still stupid
  • Barney is responsible for most of the problems involving kids in America today

    This purple demon is responsible for the most of the problems involving kids we have in America today, here's the problems and how

    CHILD ABDUCTION - Barney is telling us "A stranger is a friend you haven't met". That is basically telling them there are no bad people (I know they're little kids and they don't understand murderers, thieves, But all the other educational shows, books and even our parents have said "Never talk to strangers". So picture this - you're a two-year-old Barney viewer, you're at the playground in the sandbox and a man walks up to you and says "Hey you, you wanna come with me?" and you say "Yes, because you're a friend I haven't met". And your parents look up from a newspaper or magazine they were reading and see you getting into the man's car. And the parents run up to the car but they make it there too late. You've been kidnapped.

    OBESITY - The only food they eat on the show is junk food. This is teaching kids that the only kind of food in the world you can eat is sugary foods. And our parents have always said that junk food is bad for us. So when we're one or two, our minds are completely open. And when we see those kids on Barney eating nothing but junk, we think that's the only kind of food in the world. So, later in life when you've eaten nothing but sugar in your life so far, you become overweight, obese, or maybe even have diabetes.

    KIDS STEALING AND CHEATING - According to Barney, cheating is "creative thinking". So cheating on tests by writing the answers on your arm is "creative"? Our parents have always told us that cheating is wrong. Also according to Barney, stealing is "okay as long as the person you stole from doesn't know it's gone". Don't even get me started on this. STEALING IS OKAY?!!! So say you're a one-year-old Barney viewer with a mind completely open and you hear Barney say that. Years later, you're in a video game store and you find a game that you really want but you don't have enough money for it. Then you think "Wait a minute, didn't someone tell me as a baby stealing is okay?". So you shoplift the video game and you get caught and arrested. What you would you say? "The purple dinosaur made me do it"?.

    ADULT/CHILDREN RELATIONSHIPS - Revert you back to the previous quote "A stranger is a friend you haven't met". Also Barney is also teaching children that they should love everyone and give everyone a big kiss on the cheek. So picture this - you're a two-year-old Barney viewer and you're at the playground in the sandbox and a man walks up to you and you stand up and give him a kiss on the cheek, after that the man gets a strange (you know what I mean) look on his face and asks you if you would like to go with him and well, I think you can see where I'm going from here.

    So what the heck was PBS thinking when then greenlit this for a series? Another issue is that the purple dinosaur is mega creepy with the smile and voice and will give your child nightmares. So if there are any parents of youngsters or expectant parents reading this, I strongly recommend putting on something actually educational such as Sesame Street. And if could give negative numbers as their ratings, this would get a negative -1000.
  • very upset

    Okay today on the episode of Barney Baby Bop said that she doesn't eat food the same color as me so now my child said he wasn't going to eat greens anymore so please make sure that you know what they are saying before you put it on tv. I am one upset mom right now
  • WTF?

    I Know that this is a pregrade small children's show, But I Never standed this show in my Life (Neither when I Was Younger). But Please tell me, How did this show last this long, That's impossible. I Mean a show that is a quadrillion (Actually ''Gogolplex'') times Better was cancelled after a year, and this garbage keeps on airing. This show really needs to get canceled an it is high time that the dinousaors get extinct after almost 20 years of this trash on TV. But what type of shamefull Trash is this. Also something that really distracted me is that annoying yellow dinaousaur.
  • No wonder everyone hates Barney.

    The fat purple dinosaur sucks. It sucked on--April Fool's Day too, and it sucks still today. Is it even on anymore? I used to tear off one of the eyes on a plush Barney doll I had...I must have unconsciously voiced my opinion about him. The big purple-chemical colored bozo has cheerfully brainwashed our children for years about stuff they could have learned on their own. I felt 1 degree dumber than I should have, watching this piece of garbage. The songs are annoying, the morals reek of parental control, and the children look way too happy to be around a fat purple Tyrannosaurus Rex--don't they eat meat? Perhaps that's why the kids disappear every season... other words: watch something else. Between the Lions, maybe?
  • baaaaah

  • It's sad how many people write hate speeches about this show.

    I used to watch this when I was little, and I loved it. I still watch it from time-to-time just to go back in time to when I was 6.
    Barney is a nice dinosaur who encourages people to use their imaginations to change an ordinary thing to extreordinary. You can look up at the clouds and see ordinary clouds, but when you see them with your imagination, they could turn out to be anything at all.
    He also teaches people to care for each other. The hugging and the kissing on the cheek is a cute way to show people you love them, and just telling them you love them.
    Barney is such a cute show.
  • AAAAAH!!! My eyes and ears!

    This is the worst show ever known to mankind. Apparently this show is suppose to be educational. How? What is this show supposed to teach All Barny is teaching kids is to be happy and nothing much else. Barney thinks that everyone on the world is happy and nobody is a jerk, while he is wrong on so many levels. There are cruel, harsh and cold people out there, some people are even mean-spirited for no reason. He also says that everyone you meet is your friend and strangers don't exist, while strangers do exist, the people who were not familiar with are best to be labeled as strangers, and believe me Barney, there are thousands of people out there who you surely wouldn't want to become friends with due to their mean spirit. The songs are so annoying and childish, and they repeat them in every episode especially the "I Love You" song. Barney is annoying and a really bad influence for kids. The show also has a huge lack of logic. For example, how can a dinosaur play with kids at a playground? Aren't dinosaurs extinct? Shouldn't these kids be in school, or are they ditching it? Rally bad influence for kids. Don't show Barney to your children, he will give them nightmares. Luckily, he never scared me as a kid, but I still fear for parent's children out there watching this.
  • This is NOT a useful kids show

    You see, the 2000 show Franklin was a good kid show. Why is this not being said about Barney? Barney seems to act like one of those way overprotective parents who over censors stuff. I know kids very young should not learn about major problems in life but they should also learn life can be uneasy at times. At least in Franklin, they admitted that there are problems in life but Barney just shakes it off, denies it and sings ear bleeding songs to cover up the problems of life. I dont feel sad to hear that this show got cancelled. PBS should have tried to make this show more real life like in a PG way.
  • WTF is this?

    Shit his songs are just as bad as Justin Bieber songs. At least I can take Justin's songs seriously! Yes I hate his songs too. Not only that, at least I don't hear little kids singing with justin Bieber. Barney is a cruddy dinosaur that needs to die. His songs are god awful. Barney is always happy and never be sad. Which is fucking creepy. He makes kids talk to strangers. I wish I never liked that show. People who never watched that show or liking this show are fucking lucky!
  • Barney is stupid!

    Barney is the stupidest show ever. Barney is so ***ed.
  • I hated it even when I was little

    How could anybody stand such a stupid show? Glad it got canceled! Bob west got this show canceled for saying a curse word. Thank you Bob West! This show totally sucked!!!
  • This show should be illegal


    Dora The Explorer is now known as the worst educational show of all time. However,looking back in the 90's,there was another show that seemed like the prodessor,and it's still around. And this show is called Barney and Friends. This show is about a purple dinosaur named Barney who teaches kids life lessons. Now the first problem I have is the fact how the dinosaurs look. Barney is just downright creepy,so is BJ(that sounds wrong),Baby Bop and that Orange dinosaur. This show also has terrible lessons that teach kids the wrong things. For example,a stranger is a friend we don't know. I did my research,and I thought we had to avoid strangers as kids. Way to go,Barney. Another lesson is how there are no jerks in the world. Seriously Barney? I want to see the look on a child's face when they get bullied. But the worst part about this show are the stinkin musical numbers. I mean,they are repetitive,and most of them are stupid,especially the idiotic "I love you,you love me" song. And what's worse is the fact that despite this show sucks,it's still on the air. Why? This show has gotten negative reception,and yet PBS Kids still continues to air it. Overall,PBS Kids,please cancel this. It's nothing more than a terrible educational show that teaches kids wrong things,and it's the prodessor of Dora.

  • Such a baby show

    I hate this show. Only watched it once. My brother taugh me a poen about barney that I used to sing everytime barney came on. Here it is... I hate you. You hate me. Let's get together and kill Barney. With a fork and a knife and two by four. No more purple dinosuar. The End
    My cousins are 4 and 6 and they think barney's a babie show.
    they always have. Here is another poem
    I hate you, you hate me,
    We're a disfunctional family.
    Then a shot rang out and Barney hit the floor,
    No more purple dinosaur The End Here is another one
    I hate you
    You hate me
    We're a dysfunctional family
    With a punch and a kick Barney's on the floor
    No more purple dinosaur\ The End here is another one
    I hate you
    You hate me
    Lets get togther and kill Bareny...
    With a great big slap
    and A shot from me to you
    wont you say you help me too The End Here is another one....
    I hate you You hate me Let's all plot to kill Barney When he slips on the wax and falls to the floor, No more purple dinosaur! The End

    So as you can see I Hate Barney
  • This is sugar-coated garbage.

    I don't know why I watched this when I was a kid. Honestly, what was wrong with me? Looking at this show now, it just as gotten even worse, if that is at all possible. I have to say this show isn't at all educational and the basics of the show doesn't really have any educational value to kids. It may be decent entertainment for kids with the colorful dinosaurs, but other than that, there isn't much else to be entertained with. I have to say they have come up with new songs that are worse than the older ones. Overall, I can't stand this show. Thank you.
  • Why is this trash still on?

    I hate this show, it makes kids think the world is nice and friendy, no it's not. And they almost raise kids, for you. That is the parents job, not some dumbass dino. I think this show was made just for lazy Moms and Dads who just plop their kids in front of the tv and say let him raise the brats. So they will leave us alone. Well I think it's time to boycot the show.
  • BARNIE. Barney and Friends is a Great show, but a lot of People think it sucks.

    This is about a Six-Inch Purple Dinosaur Plushie, That comes to life as a Guy in a Six-Foot Costume, at Kindergarten. He then helps kids Social Skills and How to be Creative. I\'m not sure if Barney talks down to kids or anything, he is Educatonal. It is funny with stuff like the Popcorn song and stuff. Barney is a Good show, he teaches life lessons.

    Barnie\'s Great Adventure is good too. :)
  • I'm sorry but I personally do not like Barney.

    Ugh , okay , I think this show interests kids a lot , but I would not like my children watching Barney , Barney doesn't teach any realities of life , i know that kids are too young to know about "real life" but Barney makes it seems like life is " peachy keen".

    Barney does teach children positive things like for example,, sharing, friendliness , and caring but barney is way too annoying!

    "Clean up , clean up everybody everywhere. Clean up, clean up everybody do your
    share." I mean come on , cleaning is good but that song just get stuck in my head! He is brainwashing me , Barney has to go!
  • Would be a fine kids show if they just got rid of the guy in the dinosaur suit.

    This is a reasonable enough kids show. The kids seem to be somewhat tallented, the over acting is apparently required in childrens shows. The thing that drags the program down is Barney. If Barney was not on the show, it wouldn't be that bad. He appears and it is like nails on a black board. Actually watching barney is more like nails on sand paper or something. Imagine the nails scratching and being pealed off, leaving bloody stumps behind.

    I feel sorry for the kids on this show. They might have gotten a great start on an acting career, but instead they will never be taken seriously because they were on this rediculous show.

    People in dinosaur suits should not sing.
  • This show is terrible! But at least its a little better than Teletubbies.

    Ok, first of all, I hate this show and I'd love it to get cancelled, but it is for children and its there for their enjoyment. At least this doesn't completely rot your brain,like the Teletubbies does, even though this sucks too! Barney is a pretty stupid character, mind you! His voice is AWFUL! The whole thing was meant for the little kids, so that's the reason I gave it a 1.3 instead of a 0.1. Still a crappy show though...
  • I'd smack this dinosaur with my guitar if he comes to my home.

    This guy is absolutely annoying and stupid in anyways that you can think off.

    Plot: A dinosaur named Barney, always misleads the children in the wrong way along with his other dinosaur friends.

    Characters: What is worst in this show? Barney itself. I bet that giant cloth is up to no good, his other dinosaur friends are innocent and seems good though. I don't like Barney's design. It has a look that it stares creepily, more deeper. And that smile is just evil. Barney could fit into a death metal band or post-death metal album. Plus he sucks at singing, it sounds like a fly buzzing around. I hate flies. The kids and the other dinosaurs, are okay. Barney is just..... disturbing for be in a kids show.

    Educational value: Barney misleads the children to talk anyone that you don't even know. Singing can make everyone happy really fast. Or being a plain sheep, thinking the world is always happy, or no bad people around. Thanks Barney, you made the children more weak by your stupidity. You're more dangerous than Lumpy. Lumpy only kills couple of things by his stupidity, while you making danger in children's lives worldwide.

    Overall: -2.1. This dinosaur, would be great for me if he joins a death metal band. I bet he will do good there.
  • Stupidest, most pointless, most hated, most incoherent, most unpopular, most unwanted, most uncool, and worst educational show ever.


    Who came up with this idea that an unintelligent, indecent, brianless dinosaur who incoherently plays with kids and uneducationally not teaching them. I wish this show is cancelled. It is probably cancelled now. Since, I don't watch this show anymore, at least people can have quite a TV time. It ruined the 90's and 00's and the nowadays, it is probably still airing. Stupid dinosaur thinks he can air his unpopular show all the time!!!!!!!!! They need to take it OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! I'm so sick of this show brainwashing me to death! I wish it was cancelled! Alot of teenagers and adults hate this show! Because it has a lack of educational value! STUPID SHOW!

  • I can't see why this show has been running this long.

    This is one of the worst preschool shows ever. I'm not saying that because I'm not in the target audience, it's just not something for small children to take to heart.

    The morals are awful. A stranger is a friend you haven't met yet? It's okay to touch dangerous stinging insects? It's okay to put a plastic bag over your head? No! In fact, I remember one episode where this girl is sad because her cat died or something. How does Barney tell her to cope? By singing happily with everyone else. Terrible. Here's another one. One kid wants to sing and dance, one kid wants to color, and the other one wants to read a story. Now, do the kids go off and do what they wanted by themselves? No. They have to all take turns. Oy vey...

    What do we learn? That everyone in the world is happy and that no one is mean on this planet. *shakes head*

    1 out of 10. This is a terrible example of children's television.
  • you shall die barney!

    I am 12 now and before my brain grew to normal size I used to watch barney.Please shoot this show and put it out of its misery.Although I like the kill barney song.I hate you you hate me lets get together and shoot barney. with a big shotgun and he is on the run no more purple dinosaur.Keep it away from your kids if you have any.barney will posses your children and make you watch barney.
  • (Shoots Himself)

    Whoever Thought Of A Show Which Has No Educational Value And Is So Retarted, Should Be Shot 5 Times In The Chest, Have Himself Tied To The Back Of A City Bus And Let His Dead Body Be Dragged!

    Sure I Was A Fan When I Was Like In Diapers! But That Was A Very Long Time Ago, And Personally Nobody Cares! The Actor/Voice Of Barney Is A Freakin' Mental Person, The Kids Are Given 1,000 Dollars To Star In Absolute Crap, And The Actors Who Play Barney, B.J, And The Other Dino. Are Thinking "Who The Hell Wrote This Show? I'm Getting Paid 150,000 A Year Dressing Up As A Freakin' Dinosaur That Gets Made Fun All The Time!

    For God Sakes! PBS or Whatever The Hell Your Called. Cancel This Show Once And For All! Put The Show Out Of It's Suicidal Misery And Just Kill It!
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